Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Best Asses at the Bookstore

Near Home—July, 2016

My last trip to the bookstore in July…

My eyes are riveted to the scene going on behind me.  I am sitting in the gay cinema.  My friend (who loves to eat my hole and fuck anyone younger than himself) is in the back corner.  The cute Latino bottom has just walked through the door.  When he sees who is in the corner, he stays right there, feigning an interest in the video.  My friend moves forward and hugs the Latino, grinding his fully clothed pelvis against the fully clothed ass of the cute one.

I take a swig of water.  It refreshes the taste of the three loads I’ve swallowed so far tonight.  I take another swig to cleanse my palette.  I want to be ready for what’s happening behind me.  My friend has reached around and is unbuttoning the waist band of the Latino’s shorts.  Now the zipper.  They slip to his calves.  The designer briefs are light colored and contrast beautifully with the darker skin of the wearer.  My friend grinds his pelvis against the ass in front of him.  He then turns the Latino around and pulls him into a kiss, pelvis grinding against newly exposed pelvis.

My friend steps back.  He undoes his jeans.  His seven inches spring out.  He’s commando tonight and hard.  He bends the boy in front of him onto his cock.  The Latino sucks and groans contentedly.
Then it comes.  The signal I was hoping for.  My friend crooks his finger and beckons me to join.  He points to the mound of underwear-covered Latino ass.  I get up and kneel behind the boy.  I peel the underwear off his ass.  He barely registers that I’m there before going back to sucking.  I spread his cheeks and my tongue touches his hole.  He moans around the cock in his mouth.

“Eat him out,” hisses my buddy.  “Get him wet for our dicks.”

I don’t need much encouragement.  I burrow into his lightly haired hole.  It flowers open.  My tongue goes deeper, licking the exposed pinkness.  The boy grinds back against me.  I hear his sloppy blowjob becoming more frenzied.  I lube my dick as I eat.

I stand up.  I spit in my palm and add it to the lube on my dick.  My friend reaches down and spreads the boy’s ass so he can watch me split him open.  I line up, my cock dripping.  I push in.  He takes the head with the first push.

“He’s too big to be first,” the boy whispers to my buddy.

“Shut up and take it, I’ve watched you take him before.”

I inch in.  The boy is distracted by the talking—and takes me to the root easily.

“I’m in.”

The boy grins and goes back to sucking.  And I start fucking. His ass is the perfect size and shape for my hips to make continual slapping noises.  The sound excites us all.

I slow down and pull out.  The boy turns and takes me in his mouth.  God, I love men who know and trust their clean out.  My buddy is up him and pumping.  Driving hard into the upturned butt.  I love the boy’s mouth—something I can never get enough of at this place.

I really want my buddy to blow first.  I think both the guys would get off on me felching the load.  And adding my own.

My Buddy pulls out.  “Your turn.” 

The Latino obediently spins around.  I enter him.  His hole has really loosened to accommodate us.  I start a new round of ass slapping fucking.

And the door buzzes.

The Latino tries to pull away.  We try to keep him in place, but we can’t. We are all standing side by side as the door opens and a nondescript man walks in.

The Latino pulls up his pants and bolts.  My friend follows with a “I’ll get him back.”

But he doesn’t.  I don’t see either again.


I stay in the gay cinema.  Idly jerking.  The door opens.  I don’t bother to turn to see who it is.

“Put that beautiful dick back in my hole.”

I turn.  It’s the Footballer—the top who’s on PrEP.  He looks hotter than last time, if that’s possible.  I follow him to one of the booths we shouldn’t be in.

“Fuck me good,” he whispers.  “I loved taking your load home last time.”

He drops his pants and bends.  I eat this seccond hot hole.  This one hairy and muscular.

I want to fuck.  I can’t wait to get up him.

I push in.

“Fuck me hard,” he pants.  “No mercy.”

I do.

I get off deep inside this hot fuckin’ top.  I stay in place while he jerks himself off.  I love how his ass clenches around my spent dick as he spews all over the floor.