Thursday, September 22, 2016

While the Wife's Away

The Town Next to Mine—August, 2016

After my rest area recognition, I went home, ate dinner and got ready for the party.  It was being hosted by Cam, the top man who usually tosses these gatherings in various local motels.  His wife has been gone for most of the summer and he has the house to himself.  I tossed some lube in my gym bag, my wrist band—as if no one would know I’m a top—and a towel.  I set off on a dark, starless night.  I had no idea who would be there—or how many men had been invited.

I find his house easily.  It seems very dark, but that may be for the neighbor’s benefit.  I know to just walk in the side door.  I do.  No one is around.  There is porn playing on the living room television. I see lube on an end table.  I look into the bedroom where we play when we aren’t in the living room.  No one.  I put down my bag and look around.  Is there a basement I don’t know about?  I don’t see a logical door.  I go back out into the kitchen.  A door there is ajar—opposite the door I entered.  I open it.  Three naked men are outside in the enclosed yard.  All drinking out of huge plastic cups and idly feeling up their own dicks as one of them smokes a cigarette. 

Cam waves a welcome.  He tells me to go in and strip down.  He soon joins me in the living room as I strip off my jeans and shows me another way to join them outside—as the door I used is in full view of a neighbor.  I go out the preferred way, dressed in my jock, through the garage.  I know the other top—he is the thin ginger man, about my age, who has appeared in these pages.  I don’t know the bottom—he’s a new favorite of Cam’s.  He’s in his early 50’s, with dark blond hair cut quite short.  He carries his extra weight fairly well.  And he has a hairy chest.  Nice.

But they are much more interested in their drinks right now than sex.  I chat a bit, then go in and look at the 1990’s porn on the television.  Did I really find this hot back then?  There is very little true passion—and a lot of perfectly coiffed, immovable hair.

The tall thin top joins me.  He’s ready to fuck, too.  We sit side my side and try to stroke to the porn.  Soon his mouth is on me.  When he comes up for air, I go down on him.  He oozes some pre-cum into my mouth. 

I pull off him.  “Let me eat your ass.”

He loves this.  He kneels on the sofa, supporting his himself holding on the back.  He juts out his bony butt at me.  I find his hole with my tongue.  He groans.  I eat and stroke myself happily.

“Sit on my face.”  I lie down on the floor, a pillow under my head.  He happily sits down, keeping his full weight off me.  I tongue his deeply.  He presses down.  He cuts off my air.  I tap his thighs to tell him to get up so I can breathe. 

No response.

I do it again.

Still no response and now I really can’t breathe.  I twist my head and catch a breath.  I push him up.  He reacts like he’s been asleep.  Odd.  I get up as the others come in.

“There’s another bottom coming,” Cam tells us.  He names a name I don’t know.

“I’m not going to fuck him,” the tall thin top tells us.  “I don’t even want to be in the same room with him.”

He grabs the current bottom and all but drags him into the bedroom.  Cam and I look at each other as we hear sounds of frenzied fucking in the bedroom.  Just as we are about to go join them, we hear the sounds of the tall thin top ejaculating.

He is dressed and gone in moments. 

I go into the bedroom.  “Let me taste his load in your ass.”

“Oh, yeah—Cam told me you liked to do that.  Go for it.  Eat me out.”

I hunker down behind the man still on all fours.  He’s dripping—full of seed.  My tongue snakes out.  I clean up all the spillage.  Then I start drilling deeper into his hole.  I add my cock to really open his hole.  When I pull it out, this makes a gush of seed rush out and I lean down to catch it on my tongue.
This is the first time in weeks I have done anything like this…it’s too much. 

I blow my load all over the bed. 


The new bottom arrives.  He looks like an out of shape Harley guy.  They talk about the quick departure of the other top.  It’s too gossipy for me.  But as I dress, they also talk about how earlier that night the top had had a mini black-out while fucking—like he just checked out for a few moments. 

I think back to his unresponsive, heaviness on my face. 

I wonder…


  1. Hmm... I wonder what kind of black out are they taking about...

    1. I'm curious too, and hope they actually talked to him about it. They were concerned he would be in denial.