Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Suite Full of Cum Dumps

Chicago—May, 2017

Derrick, Jacob and I went out for Thai.  They had been playing for hours before I joined them.  They were tired.   We kissed in front of my hotel, said good night and they continued on home.  I had to decide what I was doing for the evening.  I had a load for someone in this city.  Of course I hopped online.  I noted the usual parade of cum dumps on BBRT.  There were some excellent choices, but by now every reader should know I am not going to do a five minute fuck and give them what they want.

Then it happened.  This hot, hot 30 something—a man I’ve talked to over the last two IML’s, but not met —got on line and invited me over.  It went like the perfect hook up should; it was all decided in five exchanges.  I went off to the south tower of the host hotel and waited far too long for an elevator.  Only one was working, but I eventually got to the 14th floor.  His room was right there.  I knocked.  And again.  Once more.   Five times in total.  No answer.  I muttered under my breath and pulled out an index card.  I had written the info of a cum dump as a precaution, sure that I wouldn’t have to use it.  He was in the other tower.  Of course.  But he was a sure thing—a man I knew from many leather weekends and CumUnions.  I made it down the one working elevator.  I picked my way through the masses of men in the lobby…

The elevators are backed up like crazy for the north tower—25 guys deep or so.  I decide to take the stairs.  Eleven flights of them.  Ouch.  But I do it.  Over a water leak.  Past crumbling plaster littering the steps.  This hotel is literally falling apart.  I follow signs to his room number.  I smile.  He has the same suite as last year.  A sign “The Cumdumps” is scrawled on a piece of paper and stuck behind the number plate. 

I go in.  He’s alone—and ass up.  I first fucked him at a Cum Union years ago.  He was wearing cowboy boots to that event—and that’s what I christened him in the blog.  I see no reason to change it now—though he is wearing socks and a jock.  He smiles.  I unzip my flight suit which is covering my chaps and harness.  I get my dick out and kneel to taste his hole.  Not surprisingly—it’s wet.  I grunt in appreciation.

“What’s your loads count?” I ask.

“Forty –five yesterday.”

I eat hungrily—even knowing those loads are long gone.

I stand up.  His hole is long and open.  A true ass cunt.  I push in.  He grunts.  The man beneath me is in his early 50’s.  There is great contrast in watching my very white dick going into his darker colored ass.  I redouble by fucking tempo at the thought of it.  Though this man loves the load—he also wants a good fuck.

I pause to eat him out again.  I have pulled some cum out of him and I make a meal of it.

A visitor arrives.  A younger Black man.  He unzips and sticks his very average dick in Cowboy Boot’s mouth as I go back to fucking.  When I offer him ass—he zips up and leaves.


I am still fucking when his roommate arrives.  He is thirty something, a perfectly coiffed Latino who has just flown in from Florida.   He looks approvingly at my big dick fucking into Cowboy Boots and goes into the bathroom to clean out.

By the time he gets out of the bathroom, we now have another friend of CB offering his ass.  The third man, also Latino, is even younger than the guy from Florida—a very boy next door kind of guy.  Three distinct looks and three asses that feel totally different.  And suddenly the energy in the room changes.  We’ve been rather relaxed.  Now the room is filling and all asses are pressed into service…


The men I remember: 

A thirty something, hairy chested Ginger.  He comes in just before the explosion of lust—when the new arrival is locked in the bathroom.  He shares CB with me.  He fires almost instantly when he goes from Cowboy Boot’s mouth to his ass.  He loves my cleaning his cock.  He really loves watching me felch his load.  He stays hard as I fuck in it.  He takes a second turn, fucking in the remains of his own jizz.  I clean him up again.  He excuses himself as he has to piss and can’t get into the suite’s bathroom.  I tell him to use my mouth.  I never tire of watching the look of shock turn to pleasure as a newbie let loose piss in a man’s mouth for the first time.  He can’t stop thanking me…

An older top I know from the piss party.  He tries all three holes and shoots the first load in the guy from Florida.

A thirty something Arab.  Incredibly hairy with a long, thin cock.  It’s just the two of us fucking all three men.  When he gets to the Floridian and starts fucking in load—it’s all over.  He shoots big.  And reluctantly lets me clean his dick.

A young, tall, 9 inch Black guy.  He loves making eye contact across the bed as we fuck.  We sample all holes.

The Beer Can walks in.  He was in both the porn shoots I did at past IML’s.  His cock is average length but so thick no one can really take in their mouth without scraping him to death.  But the right holes love him.


Now we are in serious fuck mode.  Me, Beer Can and the thin 9 inch, Black guy.  We go round the bed.  We trade off on all three.  Every ass is getting seriously dicked down.  None of the tops are even close to shooting.

We let other others in—including a hot blond who loves to clean dick as much as I do.  He wants me to fuck him, but I remind him this isn’t his party.

I am up the Youngest.  Beer Can has finally pulled out of the guy from Florida.  The Black pushes in.  He’s close.  We are side by side and I can see it in his face.  He shoots the third load into the guy from Florida.  He pants hard, pulls out and grabs me by the neck to pull me down to lick him clean.  He can’t take it, he’s so sensitive.  He pushes me into the dripping mess he left in the Latino hole.  I lick and swallow and jerk.

This is it.  Finally.  I stand up and fire the fourth load into the hole I have just licked clean of excess cum.


  1. Sign me up for all of that at IML.

    1. I find it interesting in how it has changed oer the years from full on sex parties to cum dumps.

    2. I do wonder what has changed. I do understand the mind set of just laying there being fucked by as many men as possible. But I want so much more. Maybe it has something to do with modern day porn. So many cum dump scenarios and that's what people fantasize about now? I don't know.

    3. I have said the same thing--that Treasure Island has changed how men fantasize. But why you think a guy should stick his dick in you 4 times and load you is still beyond me. Revel in the fuck--the load is a bonus.

    4. Amen! A-lots-of-men! When I first started getting fucked, I remember being amazed that it was the best thing I'd ever felt in my entire life. Cum is great, but I'd rather get fucked for hours and feel my body and nerves sing with the pleasure. Glad you had a good time at IML this year!

    5. AC, I know you feel the same way I do!

      I had a great IML--and I'm just halfway through the write-ups!