Wednesday, May 3, 2017

CLAW: "Get in Here and Take Your Clothes Off"

Cleveland—April, 2017

Saturday morning and afternoon.  I woke earlier than I really wanted to wake.  But I was ravenous after all the sex the night before.  Marco (who had even less sleep) and I ate together.  We rested a little after—then I got my towel and attended the naked yoga class.  It was really good—for me and for the eyes.  The instructors were great (and hot as fuck).  A good morning.

I wrote the piece about Dustin.  I grabbed a sandwich and thought I would start the piece about the Master and his slave.  Marco arrived with a conquest.  I was invited to play, but I really wanted to give my cock some time off after three sessions—one of them very long—the day before.  I bowed out and decided I’d do the Vendor Mart again to give them some privacy.  I sent a text to Derrick and Jacob, wondering if they wanted to meet for coffee.  I got three numerals back—their room number.  I went up to the eighth floor of the host hotel, skipping all the Vendors.

Derrick opens the door.  Stark naked and erect.  “Get in here and take your clothes off.”

I walk in.  The room holds four naked men. Derrick and Jacob.  The roommate I met last year, Chris, and a man I don’t know.  The unknown cub is on top of Jacob.  Obviously Jacob’s dripping dick has just flopped out of the Cub’s ass.  Chris waves at me as Derrick starts to unbutton my jeans. Chris, my age, with a very white goatee, goes to the unknown man and sticks his dick in him.  They fuck as I undress.

“All three of us just unloaded in Scott,” Derrick tells us.  “You’ll have some good fucking in that.”

Moments ago I was worried I wouldn’t get hard.  The mere mention of three loads in a stranger’s ass makes my dick stand right up.  Scott is a hairier version of Jacob and likely about the same age.  His beard is the fullest in the room.  Chris pulls out of Scott and offers me the ass.  He proceeds to fuck Jacob as I kneel and stick my tongue into the new, and full, butt. 

“We’ve saved you the biggest for last,” Derrick tells him.

Scott groans in anticipation.  I give his ass one last lick and enter his creamy hole.  It’s my turn to groan.  He feels great.  I begin to fuck.


The next two hours are the hardest kind of sex to write up.  There was no linear progression.  There were four versatile, hairy men and me.  We fucked in every possible way.  I never got into Chris, though I saw him bottom for Derrick.  But cocks were constantly going from one hole to a mouth or the hole on the other bed.  And everyone wanted to kiss!

So a few things that stand out:

Jacob and Scott have just been fucking in missionary.  Scott is on top.  I watch his ass moving.  I can’t resist.  I plunge into him.  He holds still and lets my thrust into him be the thrust of him into Jacob, too.  I fuck him hard.  He pulls out of Jacob.  I pull out of Scott and stick it in Jacob’s ass. He yelps and hangs onto the man on top of him, groaning into his ear—telling him how full his ass feels.  I fuck him a few strokes.  I go back to Scott.   Back and forth as their mouths are plastered on each other.


Scott sitting on my face.  The cum has long been pulled from his hole by my cock and devoured.  He grinds his incredibly hairy hole down onto my tongue and takes a hit of poppers.  He babbles about how deep my tongue is until someone sticks their cock in his mouth.  I jerk in my own wet heaven.


I kneel in front of Chris and suck his cock.  He takes charge and fucks my face.


Jacob and Scott fuck again while I fuck Derrick on all fours with Chris lying on the other bed watching.  Suddenly I realize that Scott is working his mammoth paw up Jacob.  Derrick gets the camera and I go hold onto Jacob and whisper obscenities in his ear. He slowly takes it, with a lot more Elbow Grease.


Scott goes back to his understanding boyfriend. 

I am told a story.  Jacob had bid on half a dozen very large Square Peg toys.  They were being auctioned cheaper than usual as they had some sort of flaw in them.  And he won them.  “So last night,” Derrick tells me, “we got home from a sex party and Jacob had been very well fucked.   We held him down and made him take every one of the toys.  Well, except that small one” and he points to the smallest toy in the suitcase which is still thicker than anything in my collection.  “Choose one and make him take it.”

I select a two tiered butt plug.  It takes a lot of grease, but he takes the first half.    Then he easily takes my fist.  Twice.


We were now more hungry than horny. 

The four of us go off for Vietnamese soup.


  1. Ha Ha. So much for giving your cock a rest! But what red blooded male could resist joining in on a unexpected scene like this. Rest can come later. I stumbled upon this post just as I was going to bed last night. Suddenly, I wasn't so tired and my overstimulated mind took over. It may have been difficult to really write about with so much happening at once but you provided us with enough of so much that happened that my imagination took over as I lay in bed. Not only picturing the scene but finding myself in the midst of all the action.
    It certainly fueled my dreams and made a restless but extremely enjoyable night. These Claw encounters just keep getting better and better and here it's still early on saturday, with hopefully more to come. Can't wait for the next installment

    1. It was the last thing I thought I'd do that afternoon, but I'm sure glad I went over to the hotel...

  2. Love sliding into a freshly loaded, cummy cunt. I don't know how you didn't unload in him.

    1. I could have--but I seem to have almost too much control sometimes.