Monday, May 29, 2017

Blogging and Cleaning Dripping Dick

Chicago—May, 2017

Saturday was rather overcast here in Chicago.  It didn’t help me sleep in, though.  Marco and I had breakfast .  I came back to write a post and hydrate for the afternoon piss party, while he went off to the host hotel.  A couple cups of teas later, I finished up writing about the cum dumps.  Just as I hit publish, Marco came back to the room….with a handsome man in tow…

He’s mid 40’s, likely 5’10” and as thin as myself.  His hair is cropped really close except for a tuft at his hairline that, as I soon learn, likes to stand up like a mini Mohawk when he’s eating ass.

“This is Tod.”

We exchange nods. 

“So you’re the blogger?”

My ‘fame’ precedes me.

“Wait…” I can see Tod making the connection.  He turns to Marco, “It was you who were late driving in…”

We all laugh and agree.

The boys strip down.  The sling is right by the desk where I’ve been typing.  Marco jumps in.  Tod is hung thick, with a generous seven inches and a tapered head that is already poking into Marco’s extremely furry crack.

“You know,” I tell him, “if you fuck him in front of me like this, I will insist on tasting his ass on your cock.”

“Yeah,” he grins.  “I  know.”

Tod begins a high energy, chain rattling fuck.  I sit and watch, even though  it’s almost time for me to leave for the piss party.  Marco is self lubing like crazy.  The wet squishing sound of the piston strokes of Tod’s cock, make mine plump up in my jeans. 

He pulls out. 

I slip to my knees and he feeds me his dick.  Tod lets me relish the taste.  I pull off and lick his balls—which pull up into him with the stimulation.

“Put it back in him,” I tell Tod.

He does and fucks some more.

Then he falls to his knees and eats the mass of ass lube he has helped create.

I so want to kiss him.  Now.

His cock pushes back into Marco for more fucking.

This time I kneel and lick at his cute butt which is pumping away.

Again I’m used to clean his dick.  I swallow every drop I can. 

I sit back on my haunches.  Tod reaches for the Crisco and begins slathering up his hands.

I go piss, change into my jock and cover it with the flight suit.  It’s time for me to hit the road. 

When I turn back to the sling, I see that Tod has expertly entered Marco with his left hand and is working ever deeper.

I tell them to have fun and go down stairs to wait for the porn star I’m taking to the piss party….


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    1. I would like to have stayed...but I got more. Stay tuned!