Tuesday, May 30, 2017

IML Piss Party

Chicago—May, 2017

… I go piss, change into my jock and cover it with the flight suit.  It’s time for me to hit the road. 

When I turn back to the sling, I see that Tod has expertly entered Marco with his left hand and is working ever deeper.

I tell them to have fun and go down stairs to wait for the porn star I’m taking to the piss party….

I stand outside the building.  Pretty soon, I see him approaching from the host hotel.  It’s the porn star.  (He was at last year’s piss party—back then I called him the Hot One.  He loved our play together and the write up of the event.  He even allowed me to tell my readers his name, but as the post was already published, I left it the way I wrote it.  Now I will—he’s Milan Gamiani, once part of the Lucas stable.  I wrote him an email and asked if he was coming in for IML and if so, I’d be happy to drive him up to the piss party.)  And here he is.  He looks great.

We get the car out of parking and head to the northside.  

We go in.  Milan has to find the manager and give him a signed picture he’d promised him last year.  I go back and strip down to my dirtiest jock and yellow trimmed harness.  I start to really chug the water.  I don’t feel hydrated at all.

Guys are flooding in.  Yeah, I guess I do mean that.  Piss is flying the moment these early arrivals are taking off their clothes.

“Hello,” says a voice with a trace of a continental accent.  “May I suck that magnificent cock?” 

I turn.  It’s an attractive man of middle years in white and blue Neoprene.  I’m pretty sure I have talked to him on Recon.  I sit and let him kneel between my splayed legs.  He gives me a magnificent blow job.  Tons of varied suction.  Extremely wet.  And not a trace of teeth.  I urge him to do my balls, too.  He does—leaving them wet and slippery.  My free hand, for the right one is holding my water bottle to my mouth, touches the back of his neck and guides him up the length of my shaft and he takes me down to the root in an easy movement.

We break.

I find the Palm Spring Bears who still have an apartment here in Chicago.  I drink a little piss from the bottom.  I stand up and piss in a thin little stream on his cock.  I kneel and lick it off.    We talk about my visiting PS. 

We separate.

I meet a newbie friend of a regular.  I do the gay man’s handshake of taking his dick into my mouth—and vice versa.

I finally get a good piss stream going onto two pigs splashing in the wading pool of piss.

More head from the man in Neoprene.  I find out he’s from the Netherlands.  Now I know I spoke to him on Recon.

Rod, one half of the hosts of the New Year’s Eve Party finds me.  We hug and suck each other’s dick. 
I piss on two guys kissing each other.

I find the gorgeous boy from LA I have fucked at the last two IML piss parties.  He is topping a young guy—shoving his uncut cock up him.  I smile and move on.

I finally find Milan sitting by the coat check.  He has knees pads on once again; I go over to him and make him put them to use.  He sucks my cock expertly.  It’s been a good day for excellent head.  I pull him up and off my super wet dick.

“Bend over.”  I point at the ledge he’s been sitting on.  We are out front, not hidden by the screens at all.  We attract a small crowd as I kneel and begin tonguing that jockstrapped ass.  He moans into the crook of his arm, where his head rests.  I get him as wet as possible.  I stand up and slap his ass with my hard cock.

“Damn,” says some man to the side of me.  “Fuck him with that thing.”

I spit once more onto his hole.  I push in.  Just the head.  I watch him tense.  And relax.  I slide into him.  To the hilt.  In one stroke.  I fuck.  My hips sound loud since his ass is wet.  I pull-out and make them wetter—I piss all over his beautiful ass.  I go right back in.  He groans and mumbles.  A piss party regular is standing right near his face jerking to our fuck.

“Put it in his mouth,” I tell him.

He does.  Milan sucks it willingly.  Hungrily.  He is such a hot pig.  I keep fucking.

I nod to the man in his mouth and point to his ass.  He nods back and comes around to me.  I step aside and let him go up Milan’s hole.  It takes just a few strokes and he busts a load.  He pulls out and lets me kneel to taste his deposit.  I do.   Thick and creamy.  Mixing with my piss as it leaks down his crack.

I spend a long time there.  Felching and tonguing.  And fucking in the remains.

Beer Can of Friday night pushes near us, waiting for me to let him in.  I make way, thinking I better leave some load in Milan if he’s going to take that thickest of dicks….


Once I start fucking I can’t stop.  I bend a hot middle aged man over a barrel.  His mouth is dirty.  Which makes me fuck him harder.

I fuck Rod.  Beer Can takes over there, too.

More Dutch head.

I fuck a man I can’t see the face of, who is just offering ass in the back, dark corner.

I see Tod.  He tells me he left Marco very satisfied.  And Marco was so horned he fucked a load into Tod.  This makes me grin.

I finally sit down.  I want some piss to drink, but I’ve had nothing but the quick splash from the PS bottom early on.  I sip my water instead as I watch a man get piss sprayed on him from three sides.


I turn.  It’s the LA boy.  Damn.  He’s is likely in his mid 30’s, but in this light he looks barely 20.  Latino.  His hair is jet black.  The chest tattoo is big and intricate and highlights his chest in all the right places.  There is some other ink I don’t remember, perhaps it’s new.  He comes around and kneels in front of me.  He takes me in his mouth.  My dick looks enormous near his small frame.  He sucks.  Tenderly.  He makes love to this Daddy cock.

“Daddy, do you remember how you fucked me last year?” 

Before I can answer, he sits on my spit covered dick.  He slides down it.  He fucks himself until his legs get tired.  I have him stand and lean against the screen.  I fuck him some more.  He moans out his pleasure.

He rides me again. 

Suddenly his ass contracts.  I’m fucking the cum out of him.  I let him choose when to get off me.  He grinds a couple of times more down on me and stands up.  I clean his cock, every bit as tenderly as he sucked mine.  He hugs me.  I tell him I have a group of Daddies coming to my room tomorrow.  They would all love to use him.  We promise to find the other online to set it up…

I see Milan getting sucked by a very pretty young man. 

I decide I need to get off.

I find the man I fucked on the barrel.  “You want a load?”

“Are you joking?  I want you to drip out of me all the way home.”

And he leads me back to the barrel…


  1. This was an incredible group of piss loving men. This is the stuff "wet" dreams are made of.

    1. We are always a fun group, I think, but it is always great to have piss lovers from all over join us in getting wet!