Sunday, May 7, 2017

CLAW: Massaging Away the Weekend (and other thoughts)

My Playroom—May, 2017

I drove home from CLAW more easily than I thought I might.  I dropped Marco where he had left his car and hit the toll-way home.  I was quite prepared to sleep in a rest area, but the miles flew by and I was home in very good time.

I parked in my drive and, with it raining extremely hard, I grabbed just my overnight bag and left everything else in the car. I went in and I was almost instantly asleep, lying on top of my bedspread, for a very long nap.  I awoke with a painful hard on from dreaming of my cock buried in Dustin, the sub from Friday.

That was all the sex I thought I wanted.  On Monday I did check into the hook up sites to tell guys I was back home. On the most vanilla site, I answered a query about my weekend with a man who wrote me from time to time.  I told him a little about CLAW—and how it had been so good, I was not going to use my cock for several days.  We wrote back that he’d really like to massage all my tired muscles and relax me.  Now, this caught my interest…

Doing the Sunday Naked Yoga class after next to no sleep, and then loading the car, had really left me tired and sore.  Leather men never travel light.  He told me he would really like to erase the tension of the weekend.  We agreed on an evening time and that there would be no sex.  He told me he loved to give massage and that was all he wanted.

He showed up right on time.  He proved to be a trim, late fifties gentleman, with a salt and pepper beard.  He was short and compact.  I stripped naked in the play room and lay on the single bed there.  At first he just removed his shirt, but was soon down to just his shorts.  He kept saying he was not trained in massage, but he was great.  He almost put me to sleep as he kneaded and rubbed the coconut oil over my tired muscles.  Back, butt, feet—he got them all.  I had just enough energy to roll over.  I don’t think he was counting on doing my front, but there I was waiting for him.

Of course he got my dick plumped as he tried to massage around it.  Eventually he jacked me to full hardness.  He took me into his mouth.  I idly fondled his pucker through the fabric of his underwear.  Soon they came off and he was astride my chest to get a better angle on my cock and my tongue now massaged his hole. 

But we went no farther.  I don’t think I could have shot.  Neither of us really wanted to undo all his handiwork.  He thanked me and left.  I showered.  And slept.  And felt fabulous the next morning.


One of the things I haven’t mentioned was that Boy Fillmore, the Dick Wadd porn star, had written me on BBRT before the weekend.  He had questions about CLAW, having never been there.  We chatted a little online and I promised to say hello at the Dick Wadd Vendor table.  Was I secretly hoping he’d get in my sling?  Of course.  While that didn’t happen, we had a fun chat in person when I toured the Vendor Mart.  He is taller than I thought—and every bit as hairy (and piggy) as I hoped…


Derrick sent me pictures.

This is the moment Scott is working his fist into Jacob.  I wish you could see the expression on Jacob’s face as he is taken over the moon…


I needed my days off from writing.  But I will now go back and pick up where I left off with my remaining March and April exploits.  I will interrupt things again in just 2 weeks time.  That is when Marco and I head to IML and I will go back to on the spot coverage.


  1. Thank you for the CLAW Chronicles! Very entertaining! But I think my favorite part of the whole series is the account of the masseur. What a delightful surprise for you (and us!). I'm looking forward to your account of IML.

    Paul, PS

    1. Thanks. I love CLAW. And the coda with the masseur was great change.

      I guess I should post more pictures. The number of hits for this post have doubled!