Saturday, May 27, 2017

IML Friday: Inches Above His Face

Chicago--May, 2017

I should never have written that I was going to get my hands warm with Marco before we left for IML.  It jinxed it.  Instead of arriving at 6:00pm, he couldn’t leave his house, 4 hours away, until that time.  With a food break, he didn’t get to me until 11:00 at night.  He was willing—but we both figured that after a clean out for fisting, we wouldn’t be starting for at least another hour.  It was more logical to pack the sling than play in it.  So we did

And then I couldn’t sleep.  I was up after just a couple of hours of deep rest.  I continued packing downstairs, letting Marco sleep upstairs.  I napped in a chair for another couple of hours—and drove into Chicago with just those 4.5 hours of sleep—NOT how I wanted to start a weekend of sex.

After our cramped room at the Travel Lodge last year, I sprang for an upgrade this time.  Still at the same hotel, we now had a two room suite.  We got the sling up, got our vendor mart pass and did a quick breeze through the stalls.  As Marco went to get registered for his fisting event in the evening, I went back to the room and napped.  When I woke up, I tried to connect with the men who throughout the week before had told me they wanted to play at IML.  Not one was online.  But Jacob was.  He asked if I’d had sex.

FP:  I haven’t played yet….I did not sleep well last night.

J:   Hope you get some good sleep tonight.

FP:  I’ve already napped and am checking on my options among those men who wanted to play early in the week—and now are mysteriously nowhere around.

J:  Ugh.  It’s a problem.

FP:  But there are always options.

J:  Yes!  There are lots of us bottoms around…

FP:  Well, that is one way of putting it…

J:  Do you want to come over?  Scott from CLAW is here.

FP:  I could…

J:  Blackstone Room xxxx.

FP:  I’m putting on my boots now!

The Blackstone is half a block south of the host hotel (and ours).  I walk there easily in the rain that is now slowing to a drizzle.  It’s a beautiful, ornate hotel.  I smile at the teenagers in the lobby who are obviously going off to prom.  I go up, find their room easily and knock.

Jacob answers.  He’s rampant and his PA bounces enticingly.  We hug.

Scott is on the far bed.  They have covered it with a black play sheet.  The cub is on his back, legs in the air, wearing a hood that leaves only his mouth free.  And he is getting royally fucked by Derrick.

I strip off the flight suit revealing my dirty jock, wristband and harness.  Jacob guides me to Scott’s mouth.  I get up on the bed, straddle his face and feed him my soft cock.

“You remember that cock from CLAW, right?”  Jacob tells him.

Scott grunts around my hardening dick, but whether it’s a yea or nay you can’t tell as I begin to swell and fill his throat.  I pull out so he can breathe—and slap his face with my dick now at full hardness.  I push it back into his mouth after he catches his breath.

“You want to fuck him?”  Derrick asks.

I slide off the bed.  Jacob gets up and puts his balls in Scott’s mouth and grabs Scott’s legs, pulling them back.   Derrick slides out of his ass.  I suck him for a moment, then tongue the fucked out hole.  I can tell he’s been here while; his hole is puffy and abused.  I stand up and slide in.  Scott groans around Jacob’s balls in his mouth.

“There’s the big one,” Jacob tells him.  “Fuck him good,” he adds to me.

I fuck with long, deep strokes.  Slowly.   Deliberately.  Derrick moves around behind me.  He twists my nipples as he grinds his swollen cock against my moving ass. 

I take a break.

Derrick fucks him.

Jacob fucks him.

Jacob bends over.  I get a taste of his hole and my dick slides into Jacob…

For the next 2 hours, I trade holes.

Sometimes I fuck Scott, now unhooded.

Sometimes I fuck Jacob.

I eat Derrick’s hole out.

I go back to Scott’s mouth as his hole is ravished by a big silicone toy.


Derrick is lying on the bed.  Scott is sucking his cock.  Jacob is feeding his dick head to Derrick.  I get behind Jacob and eat his ass.  (This is exactly how we all love to play.  Each of us know instinctively where to fill in to compliment the action.) 

“Get on all fours,” I tell Jacob.  “No, right over his face.”  Jacob moves so Derrick can tongue his balls and watch my cock enter his boy just inches above him.  I push into the hole, my big dick drooling.  Derrick groans.  He licks harder, his eyes riveted to the fuck.  He pulls off Jacob’s balls and licks my shaft on the out stroke.  Yes!  That is exactly what I wanted.  Derrick is moaning and slobbering all over my shaft.  I am fucking most of that spit right into his boy.  It makes his hole super wet.  Now his hot tongue is on my balls.  Derrick nuzzles them on each backstroke.  I think about cumming.  I certainly could—but I’m in no hurry.

Then Jacob pulls off me to kiss his partner, I move to fuck Scott.  Jacob sits on Derrick’s face…

And so it goes until Scott decides he should really get back to his understanding boyfriend.

The three of us go out for a late supper…


  1. What a comfortable fuck. It truly does make a difference when you know your partners so well. How I would have loved being in Derrick's position tasting your cock and balls while you fucked Jacob's hole and then tasting that hole of his. Mouthwatering......just thinking about it makes me hard.

    1. As we walked to dinner, Derrick said something similar--about how great it was to have a reliable fuck bud. Who knew how to read the situation and go for it.

      I took it as a huge compliment.