Monday, May 15, 2017

Nine Man Orgy—No, Make That Eight.

Grand Rapids—March, 2017

I try not to write similar content back to back.  That usually works, for that’s how I live my life, too.  If I have just sucked cock at the bookstore, I’m ready to breed ass the next time I want sex.  If I’ve been doing lots of one on ones, than I go looking for three or more.  Fisting a lot?  Well, then it’s time for some piss play.  Or I just make a date with Derrick and Jacob where I can have the whole smorgasbord. 

But that’s not how it worked out in March.  My very next hook up after the seven man orgy was more of the same. I went back up north, and met with the same group, but this time it was a nine man orgy.

The sling is up.  The leather covered bed is in place in the middle of the room.  We’ve stripped out of as many clothes as we feel like.  (Most leave on a jock or a piece of designer underwear.)  As a matter of fact the only man totally naked is the guy on his knees.  We circle around him.  He’s new to us all, it seems.  “I want cock,” he mumbles, pulling the Cub’s cock out of a blue jock.  “I want cock in both my holes.”  He begins to suck the Cub. 

Other cocks come out, including my own.  We jerk them to hardness as we watch.  The sucker is fairly good looking, slim, and a dirty blond.  He is also likely 10 + years younger than most of us.  And he’s new meat.  We all want to use him.  We watch as the Sucker’s hands go to the guy’s dicks on either side of the Cub.  He jerks them to full hardness as he makes sloppy sex noises in his mouth.
The Cub gently pulls the Sucker off his dick and pushes him to the dick on his left.  It’s the Trucker, who’s now face fucking the Sucker.  Then the host.  Then me.  He makes it all around the circle.  Eight dicks have been in his mouth in the first eight minutes.  When he is about to complete the circle, by sucking the Cub, I make the move.  I pull him up and tell him to get on the bed.  “All fours.  Ass by the edge.”  I kneel and am the first to taste his ass. The Cub kneels next to me.  I pull back from poking the Sucker’s wet ass with my tongue and go into a kiss with the Cub.  When we come up for air, I let him take a turn rimming the new hole.  The Sucker’s mouth is full, as it should be.  It’s full with the top who loves me to sit on my face.  I watch him pull out and make way for another.

“You gonna fuck him?” the Cub asks.

“You first.  Open him up for me.”

The Cub stands.  He grabs some to the coconut flavored lube that the host makes and smears it on his dick.  He jabs into the Sucker’s ass.

The Sucker grunts around the new dick in his mouth.  He pulls off it for a second.  “Fuck me.  Drop a load in my ass.”  The Cub plows him.  Hard.  He pulls out.  I bend and take the Cub’s dick in my mouth.  I grunt my enjoyment, and push into the vacant hole.


“You knew it was a big dick.  Now take it.”

“Yes, Sir.  The next thing he tries to say is lost as yet another cock goes into his mouth.

I fuck him.  Fast and deep.

The Cub cleans my dick.  I move out of the way for the Trucker.

The host is next.

Then the top who loves my rimming.

Every man in the room is versatile enough to fuck him.  There is always a second man in his mouth and another waiting, stroking, to go in one hole or the other.

He is living every bottom’s fantasy.

After about 20 minutes of fevered sex—other men want to be fucked.  The bed becomes alive with couples sucking and fucking—often flipping for that partner, or moving to the next man. 

The Sucker looks confused.

I pull him up and get him into the sling.  “Stirrups?” 

He shakes his head and keeps them on the chains.

I spend a long time eating his ass.  He has the precum of 8 men in there.  It’s a heady mixture.  I slurp it out noisily.

“Nobody shot their load in me,” he moans, as he grinds his ass against my face.

“It’s early.  These guys take their time.”

“I came here to get loaded.”

I stand up and slap his ass.  “Then be the best ass here and you will be.”

I push my cock in.

I fuck him.  He refuses to look at me.  He can’t keep his eyes off the men on the bed, where they are all so intertwined it’s hard to tell who’s doing what to who.

I fuck him harder, trying to get him to focus on me for minute.

“I need a break.”

I let him up.  He goes to the bed—to insert himself in the dog pile. 

I go refill my water bottle downstairs.  And take a piss.

I hear feet on the steps.  I come out—it’s the sucker getting dressed.

“Leaving already?”

He just nods his head.

“I thought you wanted to be loaded…”

He grunts as he ties his sneaker.

“That’s not going to happen with this group for another couple of hours.”

He moves to the door.  He turns and says “I came here for tops.  Not a bunch of bottoms.”

And he’s gone.

It’s my turn to shake my head.  Now, I’m glad he’s gone.  I have no time for selfish, cum dump bottoms—especially when sharing is something at which this group seems to excel.   

I go back up stairs.

I eat ass.

I fuck.

I play with every man one way or another.

And I’m thrilled that the cum doesn’t start to shoot for another two hours.


  1. This was actually laughable. The sucker obviously only wanted a quick pump and dump and planned on being home in a half hour . Boy did he miss out on a great opportunity. 8 guys versatile enough that they all were willing to fuck him. He was damn lucky. Bet he's the only one that went home with blue balls!
    This sounded exactly like the perfect group that I'd love to play in.

    1. Just what I was thinking! Silly bottom. Hours of fun vs. a quick bit of thrusting? I know what I'd choose :)

    2. I kept wondering--who goes to a sex party and really expects to be the only bottom???!!???

  2. silly young thing...after a group of guys has been rutting around in each other's holes for awhile, the loads he would have gotten would only have been that much bigger...

    1. So true. The loads I shoot after 3 or four hours of continuous play are immense.