Monday, May 22, 2017

The Footballer Is In a Hurry

Near Home—March, 2017

A brief hug and I watch that slim, pale ass go out the door and down the stairs to the shower…”  That was my tag line after I fisted the cum out of Calvin.  As I age, whether I shoot or not is not always as important.  But it was that day.  I waved Calvin off, changed into old clothes and headed to the bookstore.

The parking lot is deserted.  I sigh, but go in anyway.  I’d still rather jerk off in public, with the chance of something happening, than sit alone in my house.  I check the straight side.  One man (who takes up room for two) sits on the couch.  I nod to him and go next door.  I am pleasantly surprised that they are showing bareback porn over here.  Of course, there is no one else in the room.  But I don’t care for the moment.  I am content with a recent condom-free Michael Lucas film.  I sit along the outside wall and get my dick into my hand. 


It’s thirty minutes later and a young Black man has come in.  He is seated against the back wall.  I have to turn to glance at him; to check his progress of getting his dick out.  So far he has groped himself through his baggy jeans and now has progressed to starting to unzip and slipping a couple of fingers into his fly.  He unzips all the way and is about to do the big reveal when the door buzzes open. 

A very handsome man enters.  He has a great build, just beginning to soften in his very late 30’s.  His blond hair is short.  I know that I know him.  The new guy crosses between us and sits in the corner between us.  He unzips and pulls a thick, elongated dick.  I know him now—it’s the self pronounced top on PrEP who I’ve fucked a couple of times.  I called him the Footballer—as he still shows all those hours of work on the field.  He is stroking and catching and trying to catch my eye.  I am sort of surprised.  During our fist two meets he didn’t want to do much in public.  He shakes that thick helmeted dick at me.  I get up and kneel in front of him.  I take his dripping prick into my mouth.

When I look up, I’m even more surprised.  The other guy has gotten up and is feeding the Footballer his long and thin cock.  We happily suck away.  Then we change.  The kid goes down on the Footballer and I finally get some oral attention.  Having my dick in his mouth again makes him squirm in the chair.  I know what’s coming before he does it.  The Footballer pulls my dick out of his mouth, pulls me down by the elbow and whispers in my ear.  “Fuck me.”  And he points in the direction of the booths we’ve used each time.

We do our selves up and leave the young guy—likely wondering what he did wrong to be left behind.  The Footballer finds a booth and beckons me in.  He strips out of his shoes, pants and underwear.  He kneels long enough to get my dick wet.  He stands up, bends over, holding on to the upholstered seating and presents me with his full, hairy ass.  It’s my turn to kneel and use my mouth.  I drill his tight pucker, (which doesn’t feel nearly as tight!  I think he is really getting into bottoming.) 

I stand up.  My dick is drooling and I tell him so.  I smear it on his hole.  I push.  I enter easily.

“Fuck me, man.  I’m so horny right now.”

I grunt as I bottom out into his ass.  He begins to grind back on me.  There seems to be no need for adjustment time.  I start plowing him.  I hear the poppers open.  The vapor fills the small, closed space.  He is pushing back to meet my every thrust.

And he cums.  All over the sticky linoleum floor.  His ass grips my cock—but it’s far too soon for me to shoot.

He asks for my phone number as he cleans up.  I remind him we did that last time.  But he doesn’t have it—though he is saved in mine.  He takes it again.

I pull myself together and go back to the gay theatre.  The Black guy is still there, stroking.

I suck his cock.  The long, thin shaft, with a slight downwards curve, fits perfectly in my throat. 
He gives me a load pretty quickly as he’s been stroking the entire time I’ve been gone.

He thanks me and leaves.

One of the regulars, a Latino comes in.  He feed me his dick.  He’s close too.  This time a thick load triggers my own load.  It’s my turn to shoot on the linoleum.

Short and sweet.

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  1. Nothing wrong with short and sweet! An ass to fuck and a couple of loads to swallow. Sounds like a good night to me.