Thursday, July 18, 2013

Filling the Fluid Pig

My Playroom—May, 2013

“I’m an all purpose top into WS, bondage, FF with a portable sling.  I love to play one on one or in groups.  I love to eat a fully loaded ass.  I love to play in long (but chem free) sessions.  I love to play in leather with my cum and piss stained jock buried in your face.  And I love guys who know how to clean out so well, that they can give me back whatever I give them up their ass…”
Some of you likely recognize that as my BBRT profile.  It’s gotten me a lot of sex.  But I don’t often find a pig who is determined to give me everything back…


He’s visiting Michigan on business.  The Pig has made a point of staying in a town near me.  We have chatted and chatted.  Our pervs seem to be in total sync.  I have invited Harry from Chicago to fuck him, too.  But Harry watches it all…and really does nothing during the encounter.  He lies on the bed, stroking as I work the Pig over.  I may not mention Harry again.
The Pig is naked but for a red jock and white socks.  I am in my leathers at his request. He  is almost as tall as I am.  He certainly has more meat on his bones.  And a great pelt of fur covers his chest, legs with only slightly less on his ass.  He is maybe 10 years younger than I. 

“Suck my cock.”
He is on his knees instantly.  I am standing in front of the sling.  The pouch on my stained jock is swollen with my burgeoning cock.  The Pig inhales the aroma.  I have worn the most highly stained one I own.  It hasn’t been rinsed since the last piss party—it’s been sitting in a Ziploc bag for a man like the Pig.  He can’t enough of the scent.  He inhales deeply.  He licks at my balls through the fabric.  Finally I get them out of the pouch, so the Pig can suckle on them.  My cock sticks out of the side of the pouch.  I pull the Pig off my balls and guide him up to the dripping head of my cock.   He murmurs something—it might be “Fuck”—as he takes the cock head in his mouth.  He is gurgling happily as he swallows it down. 

He’s a great cock sucker.  I let him have his fill.  I pull him up.  We kiss hungrily.  I want to taste myself on his tongue.
“Get on the fuckbench.” 

He does.  It spreads his generous ass beautifully.  The framing by the red straps of his jock complete the picture.  I toss a towel under the bench.  And piss a short blast on his ass crack.
He grunts in surprise and pleasure.  I am right there, kneeling and licking his crack dry.  Then he gets wet again with my saliva. I love the taste of my pale piss mixed with the sweat of his ass crack.  The Pig looks over his shoulder at me.  “Can we move to the sling?”

We do.  I go back to eating his hole as soon as he’s comfortable.  I eat him out until my knees are tired.  I stand up and send an arc of piss out of my hard cock that hits his nipples.  I direct the stream down his torso until it’s covering his jock.
“Yes, Sir.  Fuck my hole.”

I lean in, giving his chest a quick lick, then my lubed cock is ready for his ass.  And his ass is ready for me.  I enter him easily.  He takes me to the hilt.  I fuck him hard—stopping only after I become winded.  My cock goes into his mouth—with his perfect clean out.  HE savors the taste of himself on my swollen meat.
We break. 

The Gatoraide comes out.
“I have piss, Sir.  You want it?”

I kneel.  He pulls a decent sized cock out of his jock and gets it into my mouth just as he starts to piss.  He’s prepped for me.  It’s hot and wet and diluted.  Perfect.  I swallow fast.  The Pig is just letting it all flow out.  And he has a huge load.  I begin swallowing faster and faster so as not to spill any on the tarp under the sling.  Finally, his piss runs down.  I swallow and begin to suck his cock.  He hardens, but he abruptly pulls himself out of my mouth and gets back in the sling.
I am up his ass instantly.  I revel in his silky canal.  And how he can milk my cock.  I slow my strokes until I am barely pumping into him.  I suddenly have a huge bladder full from all his piss coursing through me.  I hold, pull out slightly so only about 4 inches of me is still buried in him and let him have it.

“Fuck!” he groans out.  “Fill my fuck hole with your hot piss.”
I try not to give it all to him, but I have a hard time stopping.  As it slows, I fuck some deep into his guts.  He tells me he can feel it flow deep.  I pull out and kneel.  I lick around his hole, tasting my piss there.  

“Do you want it?”  He doesn’t wait for me to respond.  He pushes.  A blast of my piss comes shooting into my mouth.  It’s my turn to gasp.  And swallow.  Just as the first load is gone, he shoots a second load out of his ass.  Most goes into my mouth, but much of it lands in my beard.  After I swallow, I get up, lean across him and kiss him.  We explore each other’s mouths.   He licks the piss out of my beard.  I go back to rimming him.  He seems to have got the last of it out.
I fuck him until I’m on the verge of cumming.  I stop right on the edge and enjoy the feeling as it subsides.

“Get on the rimseat.”
I help him out of the sling and then crawl under the rimseat.  He sits gingerly, then takes a hit of poppers.  My tongue probes his well fucked butt.  Then gravity does its work.  There is still a huge load of piss up his hole.  It cascades out of him and down my throat.  I sputter and swallow.  His clean out is still good.  I have to swallow repeatedly and then dive into his butt with my tongue as deep as I can go.  His mouth is spewing obscenities as he tells me how hot it is for me to drink it straight from his ass. 

I rim more—his ass going from piss hole to fuck hole.
I tap the underside of his legs—the signal for him to get up.

“Sling.”  It’s all I can muster.
The Pig jumps in.  I begin to fuck him hard.  He takes his cock out of his wet jock and begins beating in time with my thrusts.  In no time he shoots a load into all that hair on his chest. 

I look at Harry.  He signals for me to go ahead and shoot.
So I give the Pig my cum up his pissed out hole.  Enough that it drips out onto the damp tarp. 

I kneel and clean him up. 
I stand, shaky and spent, but lean across the Pig for a great, fluid-swapping kiss.


  1. Wow. Sounds like you found the Pig of your dreams! Very hot session, and, as always, I appreciate you sharing it with us, SIR... your devoted following. Very happy for you. I no longer play unless I am 99.99% sure that I am clean enough to lick the dick that goes in my ass. If you're not clean... why bother? Thank you, SIR. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. He was fun...I think he'll come back. We were both very disappointed that Harry was in no mood to top.

      Clean is SO essential to me....and you have to clean deep if you take my cock--I open the second ring. I try to tell that to guys who play with me the first time--but many don't seem to understand...

  2. Oh, damn....this was so incredible on so many different levels. A true pig lovers dream. So many points I could easily expound on. I wouldn't know where to even begin.
    All I can say is that this was one of the most erotic encounter I've ever read. far more then any porn video because I know it was real!!!

    1. It was a fun/hot encounter. We played a few more times--and then he lost interest.