Sunday, June 29, 2014

Four Pigs

West Michigan—March, 2014

The night after the breeding at Bob’s, I’d agreed to meet my friend and f-bud Ryan at the home of a couple.  I knew Jack.  I had raped his hole in his semi cab quite a while ago.  Ryan had played with both Jack and Joey and encouraged me to come.  It was a terrific, varied night of sex with four sex pigs.

I packed the sling and rimseat.  I drove into the setting sun on a Mid-March Saturday.  I found their house near the Michigan west coast easily.  I had the fuck furniture set up in their living room as Ryan arrived.  Jack, who’s a little older than Joey, played in a jock.  Joey clumped down the stairs wearing a football jersey, shoulder pads, ass-less shorts and, making all the noise, cleats. Ryan stripped to his designer underwear, and I broke out my chaps on a special request from Joey.

Ryan has written a terrific play by play of the event with even more pictures.  I can’t compete with that.  I want to just mention a few moments that turned into highlights for me.

Getting Started:  Immediately, we are getting great head from the boys.  Jack is on his knees in front of me, his hands instinctively going behind his back in a gesture of service.  Joey is kneeling in front of Ryan on the couch.  I get Jack into the sling.  I slide into his experienced hole.  He clutches my cock expertly.  Ryan bends Joey over so he’s clutching the side sling as Ryan pushes into him.  And the boys kiss.  I immediately fuck Jack harder.  I love to see partners with each other.  They can’t get enough of the other’s mouth as the two different cocks pound into them.   

Jack pulls off me.  I step back to let him out of the sling.  I do the Pig Test.  I offer Joey my cock dripping with Jack’s ass juices.  There is not a moment of hesitation.  He devours my cock, cleaning every millimeter of it.  Joey passes the PT with flying colors.

Joey’s ass:  I thought Jack was talented—and he is—but his partner is incredible.  Ryan has been fucking him in the sling.  I take his place.  But I give him my tongue first.  His hole tastes of nothing but ass juice and precum.  When I stand up, I spit some in Joey’s mouth.  I insert.  It takes him a moment to adjust to my size.  I watch his face.  And one hit of poppers later, I can fuck him at full speed.  Slamming into his juicy, round butt.  And I do just that.  Now I can’t give him enough.  I pull out and Ryan is right there to fuck.
We alternate.  Jack is bent over kissing his boyfriend.  This makes me so hard, I all but pull Ryan out of Joey and slide back into his dripping hole.  I can hear Joey grunt into the open mouth of his boyfriend.  At that moment, I have to slow down or lose my load.  I slow down.

The Dildo:  I pull out the old reliable—the eggheaded dildo.  I grease it and slip it up into Joey.  He barely grunts as I push it in.  Not so when I add my cock.   It’s a stretch.  But one I know he can take.  He hits the poppers.  The magic happens.  His ass opens and takes the two invading objects.  I give a DP fuck he’ll remember.

The Rimseat:  I eat the well-fucked holes of both men.  Enough said.  I mean, look at my cock as I eat Jack’s ass…

Joey, piss giver:  Joey has to piss.  I don’t let him leave the room.  I take him carefully into my mouth.  I am careful to keep my over active tongue away from his cock head.  It takes a moment, but soon there is a dribble out of his cock.  It picks up and soon he is pissing a torrent down my throat.  It sputters out.  Now my tongue is all over his cock head and up his piss slit, collecting the last of the sweet piss drops.  Joey exhales—having held his breath for the duration of his piss.  “Finally,” he says.  “I have always wanted to feed a guy my piss.”

The first load:  I have unhooked the sling at the back and let it hang by just the front chains.  I have wrist cuffs on Joey.  I lead him to the middle of the frame and hook his wrists to the middle of the sling frame cross bars.  This arches his back and gives us a different feel.  I’m up him first.  Then Ryan.  Then me again.  Jack feeds Joey poppers and jerks his own dick.  I am truly pummeling Joey’s ass and he keeps telling me to do it harder.

From behind me I hear “Let me breed him.” 

I step out of the way and Jack pushes in his big cock.  Almost instantly he shoots deep into his boyfriend.  I clean Jack’s cock, felch some from around the edges of Joey’s hole and pound the rest of the load deeper…

More to come....

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