Saturday, August 27, 2016

Jacob's New Skill

West Michigan—June, 2016

After I had the romp with the porn stars in Chicago, IML happened.  You probably have read about the many men I plundered during that long weekend.    Here is a link to the first entry in case you didn’t.  And here is the post where we shot some video of my dick working a cum whore’s hole

When I came home, I was still horned.  Having had sex constantly with all those leather men made me want to keep doing more of the same.  I went to the bookstore when I got home.  After all the hot men in Chicago, I should have known better than to go to the home of mostly aging married men.  But I went.  And it was a bust.  I could not muster much enthusiasm for any of the men there.

My next meet erased all that.  I was invited to Derrick and Jacob’s playroom.  We compared notes about our IML experiences as Derrick and I sat on an upstairs couch.   Jacob made himself comfortable on the floor between us—one arm on Derrick’s thigh, one on mine.  Derrick played idly with the back of my neck.  I could reach down and tousle Jacob’s hair as we talked about the men we’d met.  I sipped tea and they drank some sort of Japanese beer.

Soon there was a hand on the mound in my jeans.  We talked a little more, but Derrick’s hand was more insistent.

“We should go downstairs,” he told us.  “This beer has really made me need to piss.”

I hurriedly ditched my clothes.  Jacob helped zip me into my chaps.  Moments later I was on my knees in front of Derrick, Jacob’s eyes riveted to his Master’s cock…

Derrick places his big hand on my shoulder.  “Give me a second.”

I do.  I am careful to not let my lips or eager tongue touch him.  I pull my semi-hard cock out of the pouch of my jock.

Derrick makes some sort of mental adjustment.  His cock rests on my lower lip which I’ve curved over my bottom set of teeth.  I stay motionless. 

A moment.

Derrick sighs.  And the piss begins to flow.  A small sputter.  Then a nice steady flow.  The piss is sweet.  The recycled Japanese beer is excellent.  My cock begins to lengthen with each second of liquid cascading down my throat.  I am rampant before the stream begins to grow weaker.

It finally shuts off.  I lick the last drop from Derrick’s piss slit.  I don’t stop sucking him until he’s as hard as I am.

“Damn, I want to do that,” sighs Jacob taking a swig from his beer.

“Which?”  I ask.  “Feed me or drink it?”

“Both.  But I really want to feed you—look at how much it excites you.”

I don’t press it.  But the seed is planted.

“Come here,” I tell Jacob.  “Help me with this dick.”

Jacob kneels across from me.  We take turns—one of us on Derrick’s cock, the other on his balls—moving back and forth.  When Jacob has it all in his mouth for the third time, I bend and suck Jacob’s PA’ed cock for a moment.  But I want his ass.  I tug at his hips enough for him to get on all fours, never letting Derrick’s cock out of his mouth.

I dive into his butt, face first.  It’s a rather awkward angle, but I don’t care.  I want to taste him, wet him down with my tongue and fuck him.  I don’t spend a long time rimming.  I poke my tongue deeply several times and spit twice, right into his hole.  I move around and my cock head is ready for entry.

“Fuck my boy,” Derrick says from above us.

I work my cock into him.  The head pops in.  It makes Jacob gasp.  He stops sucking for a few seconds before taking Derrick back into his mouth.  I press forward.  Slowly.  Never letting up.  Inching into his wet, tight hole. I grind the last inch into him.

“Fuck,” Jacob says around Derrick’s cock.  At least I think that’s what he said.  Hard to tell with all that dick in his mouth.

I pull halfway out.  I push in.  I pull three quarters  of the way out.  I push back in.  I begin long dicking him on every stroke.  Jacob stops sucking and Derrick holds onto him.

“Damn,” hisses Jacob.  “You are…”  I stroke in and out. “Pounding me.”  I stroke in and out.  “Fuck!”

“Take his ass,” chimes in Derrick.

I keep fucking.

“Stop.  Stop for a second,” pleads Jacob.  “I really need to piss.”

I slow down and pull out.  “Good.”

Jacob scrambles up and starts for the door and the bathroom.

“Where are you going?”  I am still on my knees.  “Right here.”


“You said you wanted to…”

“I do.  I just don’t know…”

“Try it.” Derrick tells him.

Jacob comes back and stands in front of me.  His dick is anything but hard.  The PA is heavy on my tongue.  Derrick holds him from behind.  And the piss starts to come.

“Oh, my God…” hisses Jacob.  “It feels so good.” 

I have ovaled my mouth around him.  My tongue is massaging the underside of his dick. 

It’s a huge load.  I take every drop.  I look up at the hot cub.  His eyes are shining.  He loves it. 

I finally pull off him.  “Thank you,” I tell him.  “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Derrick’s squeezes his partner. “Good boy,” he whispers in his ear.

“I can’t believe I did that.”  Jacob is all smiles now.

I nod.

“And I can’t wait to feed you again.”

It’s my turn to be all smiles…

For the record…there was lots of use of the new rimseat.  I took turns on both their asses in the sling.  Derrick got the load.

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  1. Jacob sent me the following on one of the hook up sites:

    "I read the post. Loved it!!! I read it to Derrick while lying in bed last night, and we both got hard! One-handed reading...."