Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It Had to Happen

Near home—June, 2016

I did manage to get away a few times, even with my hectic summer work schedule.  I just couldn’t go very far—as that would leave no play time.  The bookstore was my typical haunt for the summer. 

I am in the gay cinema.  It’s a slow night.  I have been there for an hour and seen only three men.  Two had no interest in me—the third sits next to me now.  He’s older than me, though likely not by much.  His grey hair is buzzed short.  His face is tanned.  A fat, dick is sticking out of his walking shorts.  His shirt is unbuttoned.  He is stroking his not quite fully hard cock. 

His eyes are riveted to my crotch.  I am hard.  So hard it hurts.  I am stroking to the bareback movie on the screen.  It’s made by one of those third tier studios, but the action is hot.  We seem to be the only people around.  He reaches for my cock.  I let him stroke me.  He has the softest hand.  But any kind of hand would feel good right now, I’m so sex starved.

I slip to my knees to harden him up.  He actually goes softer in my mouth.  Ah, one of those men.  I sit back down and slide my hand down the back of his shorts.  I find he’s commando.  I also find his ass crack.  The moment my middle finger touches his hole he hardens right up.  Yup, I thought so—a full on bottom.

He leans forward, allowing me easier access to his hole.  I slip a finger into him.  Two.  He’s prepped and ready for dick.  I add a third finger.  Easily.  I work them into him in a circular pattern.  He leans forward.  In no time I have all four of my fingers in him. 

“Fuck me,” he whispers.  “Fuck me with that big raw dick.”

I stand up.  My pants drop around the tops of my combat boots.  I unbutton my shirt and get it out of the way.  I don’t rim him, I just put pressure on his shoulders—and he leans into the side wall, presenting me with his wide open hole.

I slip in.  He feels great.  He has tightened down on me.  We are fucking full throttle.  He is groaning into the arm that is supporting him against the wall.

The door opens.  In walks a man from my company.  He looks briefly at me—and my rampant raw cock savaging this man’s ass hole.  I watch his face as he realizes it’s me.  He’s out the door the moment he figures it out.


The man knows I’m gay—and I know he is, too.

But he’s never seen me all but naked. 

Never seen my dick. 

Certainly never seen me barebacking a random stranger in a porn theatre.

I keep fucking.

“I’m going to shoot,” I tell the guy.  The long work imposed celibacy has shortened my fuse dramatically. 

“Not in me,” he yelps and pulls off me.

I end up coating his ass cheeks with the first shot and the dirty linoleum with the rest.



  1. So what happened with the co-worker????

    1. In a word—nothing. He never brought it up and I found no need to talk about it either. He gave me no knowing winks, gratuitous smirks or indulged in any veiled innuendos.

      I know he’s partnered—but I haven’t a clue how they handle (or don’t) any play outside of their relationship. So perhaps my knowing he was at a sex venue was something he didn’t want to discuss.

      I have a rule to never fuck around with the men I employ. I know I’ve missed some great ass this way—but in the long run it works for me.

    2. I don't fuck with guys at my company either... Or so I thought. After I quit, I had found out that I've been fucking with a guy that worked at the same company as I used to. Luckily we worked on different floors.

    3. We are small enough that there would be no hiding it...

  2. I have fucked two former employees after I left the company.