Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Professor Introduces Me to Matt Stevens

Chicago—May, 2016

“We’re meeting at that leather bar where you attend the piss party.”


“Yes,” the Professor nodded as I concentrated on the traffic.  We were approaching Chicago and the volume had picked up.  “We’ll check into the motel, clean up and head over there for a drink about nine.”

I silently wondered why but just nodded back to him.

We did just as he outlined.  We checked in. I set up the sling between the two beds.  I ate some dinner while the Professor was in the shower.  We headed the few blocks to the leather bar.  Being early May, it was still light out as we entered—making the bar seem even darker.  We moved down to where the bar curved into the wall. The Professor ordered two scotch on the rocks from the rather hunky bartender.

My companion looked slightly nervous.  Maybe more full of anticipation than nerves—and not knowing for sure what would happen.  I glanced at my phone.  It was just after nine.  When I looked up, there was one of my favorite actors in porn:  Matt Stevens.  He walked confidently over to us.  

He called the Professor by name and shook his hand—a handshake that turned into a semi hug.  Another scotch arrived for Matt as the Professor introduced us.  I felt slightly tongue tied telling Matt how much I enjoyed his video work.  “I love men who are versatile,” I told him truthfully.  “I love watching them express both sides of their sexuality.”

He thanked me—and looked at the bulge in my 501’s.
We drank up and chatted.

As we finished the scotch, the Professor looked inquiringly at Matt.

Matt nodded.  He placed his right hand on the Professor’s ass and his left on my thickening mound and said he could think of nothing he’d rather do than head back to our motel and fuck…

Our clothes are off the minute we walk in the door.  Matt’s body is hard.  His chest is even hairier than it often appears in his videos.  The Professor has stripped to his jock.  He is on his knees in front of Matt.  I kneel behind this manly man and let my tongue trail down his ass crack.  I’m not there long for there’s a knock at the door.

I open it as the other men move to the bed.  It’s Cade.  He’s the occasional porn actor whose hole I enjoyed so much on the last trip I took with the Professor.  Cade is late 20’s and sturdily built, his reddish blond hair cropped tight to his head.  He and Matt greet each other—they seem to be old friends.  Cade strips down as Matt straddles the Professor’s head, pumping his dick into the Professor’s mouth.

Cade tosses his clothes in the corner behind the door.  He kneels in front of me, taking me in his mouth.  I have been achingly hard from the moment I’ve seen his jock framed ass.  I let him suck me, getting me good and wet. 

“Let’s use the sling.”  I start to help him with the stirrups, but he’s an old hand at slings.  He has his ankles in place without any help.  I kneel down and let my tongue get re-acquainted with his talented hole.

Matt is now fucking the Professor. The sound of Matt’s hips slamming home on the Professor’s ass is turning me on.  I smear the extra dollop of pre-cum over the head of my dick.  I stand up and slowly enter Cade.  I slowly work my large head past his tight ring.

“Damn, I’d forgotten just how big you are,” Cade grunts out.

I let him relax.  In moments, I can feel his hole flower open.

“Now fuck me hard, stud.”

I do as instructed.

A knock.

I pull out and open the door.  A very good looking (in that old Hollywood leading man way) is there.  Tall, slim and built.  And loud.

“Hey,” he brays.  “Is this the place?”

I tell him, several decibels lower, that it is.  He comes in.  Matt and the Professor have stopped to greet the new arrival.  Cade is even out of the sling.  The Loud One strips down, jumps on the bed just left by the Professor and gets on all fours.  “Who’s first to fuck me?” he demands.  Matt does.  The Professor and Cade play around a little.  I watch Matt work the hole—and occasionally lick Matt’s crack on the back stroke.

Matt pulls out.  The Professor shows off his top side with a turn up the Loud One, too.  The Loud One then remembers why he’s here and fucks the Professor briefly.  Cade takes a turn on the Loud One.  LO gets off all over the sheets.  I don’t let that stop me.  I scoop up some of his load, smear it on my dick and fuck LO myself.  I get him off again.

And he won’t shut up.  He is talking constantly as we try to play in various configurations.  Cade whispers to me that he’s sure the guy is high.  We finally ask him to leave.  He does, quite cheerfully, and still at full outdoor voice.


Things have settled down.  I have drilled Cade back in the sling.  And Matt has fucked the Professor on both beds.

We switch around.  Cade helps the Professor into the sling.  He fucks him for a bit.  He pulls out and starts fingering the Professor’s hole.  Soon the Prof is on his way to taking Cade’s small hand.  A first.

“I want your dick,” Matt tells me.

“And I want your hole.”  I pat the edge of the bed near the window.  “Right here on the edge so I can eat you out first.”  He kneels in place.  I love the taste of his hole.  And how hairy it is.   I use my tongue to leave him sopping.  I stand.  But Matt tightens right back down.

“Sit on my face,” I tell him.  I lie down.  Matt straddles me and slowly lowers that famous ass onto my open mouth.  I stop jerking, not sure if I can hold off.  Not touching my dick makes my orgasm recede.  Matt grinds down on my face.  He cuts off my air for a long moment.  He knows it—and lets me breathe again just in time. 

His hole is juicy now.  Matt stands up, announcing he wants to ride my cock.  He turns around to face me and settles down on my cock.  His hole is relaxed and clinging to the flesh of my dick.  He takes me easily when he’s in charge.  I let him fuck himself at his own rhythm.  I reach out and with the tip of my index finger remove the large drop of pre-cum.  I bring it up to my mouth.  Matt sees what I’m doing and bends over to kiss me—and taste his pre-jizz.  He’s a great kisser.  Still attached mouth to mouth, I find his cock again, now smash between our stomachs and smear my wet finger across the head.  I stick it into his mouth.  He breaks the kiss and suckles me—then spits a large gob of precum and spittle into my mouth.  We fuck with renewed vigor.

Matt pulls off me to rest his legs.  I bend him over, standing up, and re-enter him.  This surprises him—he likes to be in charge.  But he lets me fuck him.  Harder.  Ball slapping hard.

The Professor is in heaven having his hole stretched. 

But it’s late.  None of us get off—and no one seems to care.  They shower, using the extra towels we have brought, and dress.  It feels like Cade and Matt may well go home together. 

I still wonder if Matt fisted Cade after our two hours of hot sex...

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  1. The Professor wrote me:

    Matt Stevens really is a magnificent specimen of our gender! It felt wonderful while he fucked me, looking into those intense eyes and relishing that awesome body--a couple of hours of heaven on earth!

    Wonderful write up! Just as hot as I remember, and I love the "Loud One" designation, for that's precisely what he was! Thanks for sharing!