Sunday, April 29, 2012

CLAW--Day One-- Sex in the Warehouse

Cleveland--April, 2012

I know.  I haven't posted anything all the time I've been here. 

That would be because I'm having a great time. 

And my computer's hard drive crashed.

So here I am typing on my roommate's/fuck-bud's computer while he is doing his CLAW volunteer stint. 

I drove in Thursday.  I had not had sex for several days.  On purpose.   I took the back roads to Toledo, enjoying the bright day.  My horned state got the better of me.  I went out of my way to find the gloryhole bookstore there.  The place was packed with a lunchtime crowd.  I stepped into a booth.  Instantly, a thick cock came through the hole.  I dropped to my knees and within moments, I had a gut full of cum.  I got five more before I made myself get back on the road.  I'd only lost an hour...

I pull into the host hotel parking lot at just after 3pm--check in time.

The lobby is a sea of leather vests. 

I have a single room.  There is plenty of space for the sling and the rimseat (that I've packed in an unobtrusive large suitcase, with most of my playroom toys.)  I get it all set up before Mark arrives.  He has brought his laptap, after my SOS about losing mine the night before.  I get busy and send out all the invites for the Gangbang of Jayson.  It's a very large number, but I know we will have a large no-show rate with all the activities to choose with CLAW.

The boy I'm to work over in the early evening cancels.  He's been collared.  Good for him.  Bad for me.  I decide to just wait for the first Recon/Reflex Warehouse Party at 11:00pm tonight.

I am in my chaps, harness, wristbands--all covered with my flight suit to get me decently out the door of the hotel.  I arrive at Flex at about 11:30pm and go in the special back door entrance.  How appropriate.  We are in the upper floor (over the Mean Bull bar) of the warehouse wing of the building, not the bathhouse proper.  They have made improvements this year.  The partitions are now good fabric curtains--gone are the plastic ones that made you feel like you were fucking inside a garbage bag.  There are several slings, crosses, a fuck bench, a WS horse trough, a glory hole area.  The crosses are empty.  The 25 guys there are milling not doing much.  Yet.

I slip out of my coverall and check it in.  I have to piss.  I use the empty trough--the only option--no pigs in it yet.  A leather daddy needs to relieve himself.  I offer my mouth.  He's thrilled.  It is a copious load--hot and sweet.  When it's finally done, he's instantly hard in my mouth.  I give him some thank you head.  Reluctantly he pulls out, promising me all the piss he can generate during the evening.

The crowd has swelled.  It's a good 50 strong now.  And play has started.  Especially in the gloryhole area.  My cock, fully erect from the piss drinking is stuck through one of the holes.  I get great annonymous head--no idea who, but a really good mouth for big dicks.

And so it goes.  I create a circuit for myself....WS area--cover the young pig who can't get enough piss on him--through the still vacant sling enclosures, to the GH area.  This time I fellate a leather daddy--burly and bulging with a cock to fit his body type--veiny and thick.  No one is trying to get off--it's all about edging.

I see a shape in the dim light stop to watch us.  It is a clean cut blond--jeans and leather vest--with the kind of haircut that looks like he lives in a suit and tie.  He gropes himself.  Then his hand is replaced with the kneading fingers of the leather man.  Jeans are undone.  A nice, thin seven incher is revealed.  The leather guy works it with his fist, and eventually pushes me over to service it.  I take it easily to the root.  The blond sighs and fucks my face.

Soon, I need to stand.  The blond's eyes widen as he sees what I was stroking.  He is down on his knees in an instant--bobbing his head, taking first one and then the other of us. 

Others arrive. 

Partners change. 

I make the circuit:  Piss.  Ass eat a young man in the sling who doesn't want cock.  Get my dick sucked.  Take piss.  Fuck a slinged up cub.  Get my dick sucked.  Repeat.

Hours later.

The blond has found me.

"I want you to fuck me."


He indicates one of the gloryhole booths.  But they are filled, though the crowd is thinning.

"Let's use a sling." 

He isn't sure about being so exposed--but the siren call of my bare cock up his butt is strong.  I get him in the one in the back corner.  I immediately kneel and taste his ass.  He gives a sharp intake of breath.

"Eat me.  Eat me good."

I do.  It's a hairy hole.  Tight and tasty.  I can't get enough.  Neither can he.  He reaches down and spreads his cheeks.  I delve deeper.  My cock drools.  I go up and suck his cock for a second to collect the precum.  I swirl it around my tongue and push it deep into his hole. 

I'm ready.  I rise and insert. 

He exhales rapidly.  "Holy shit."

I stay put.  I wait.

"Fuck me.  Batter my hole."

I do, long quick strokes.  Chains rattle.  But no one disturbs us.  He is beating himself hard and fast.  I hope I can get off before he does. 

I fuck.  He strokes.  We shoot.   All but at the same time.  His pretty face twists into a grimace of pleasure. 

"That was awesome." 

I lean in and kiss him. 

I pull my cock out.

And my five day load floods out onto the concrete floor.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sex in the Morning

Chicago--April, 2012

I stayed over at Warren’s the night after the 5 way where my nipples were awoken.  We had left the sling up and the towels and tarp under it.  I had brought my toys--they had had a work out after the other three left, when Warren and I got each other off.  I slept on the couch--getting a few hours of totally relaxing sleep, with my leather blindfold in place.

The sun is up and slanting through the shade-less windows over looking Lake Michigan, but it's pitch black under my blindfold.  I feel something on my crotch.  I raise a corner of the mask, squinting at the light in the room.  It’s the black cat.  He nuzzles at my hand.  Urging me to pet him.  I do.  Almost instantly he leaps off the bed.  I put the blindfold back down and nestle back into the pillow.  Almost instantly I feel pressure on my crotch again.  I reach down.  It’s Warren.  His hand is groping me.  I raise the blindfold.

“Good morning,” he smiles.

I sigh a happy sigh.  He has me hard under the blanket.

“Ass or coffee?”  he asks.


“And then ass?”

He moves away to pour the coffee into mammoth mugs.  He brings me mine as I sit up.  I sip.  Ambrosia.  Warren has nothing on but a skimpy work out shirt and sweats.  I can see his heavy cock swinging underneath the material.  My cock is raging.

I hate morning sex.  Usually.  But today feels right.

We sip.  We compare notes about the three guys from last night.

As we finish the first cup, he says,  “I’m getting in the shower.  I want your fist again.”

I pour a second cup, grin at the cat and take a healthy swallow.  Warren is out of the shower in no time and in the sling.  I sink to my knees and get lost eating out his freshly cleaned hole.  The hair in his crack is long.  It’s soon matted with my saliva.  I am rampant.  I want this man so much.   I stroke my cock as I lick.  Just a hint of lube.  I rise.  I’m up him in one easy, long stroke.

He sighs.   His face lights up as I start to move inside him.  Slow. Slow. Fast.
Slow. Faster.  And then I’m  ramming him.
“Fuck--give it to me.”

I keep it up.  My balls slap his ass.  Hard.

Eventually I slow.  I reach for my egg headed dildo.  I pull out, grease it up and slip it into his twitching ass.  He grunts at the stretch of the egg.  I don’t give him much time to adjust before I add my cock.

“Here, Man.  Feel that stretch.” My cock slides down the shaft of the toy.  He feels so tight now.  I fuck a long time.

Soon I’m working the biggest toy I own up him--sort of a Christmas tree shape of butt plugs.  He took it last night. He hit’s the poppers and the first two thirds slide right in.  I can see him will himself to relax.

And Warren’s hole flowers open and takes it to the hilt.  I turn  it slightly in place for a moment, then carefully work it out.  My hand is greased.  I cone the fingers  together and enter his hole.  His sphincter grips my wrist.  I give it a half turn, then slip out.  I grease my left and slip it in.  Repeat.  Right then left.  Left then right.  A four finger lateral stretch--pulling him left and right.  I add four more fingers.  And pull to the sides again.

I slip my cock back in.  He’s opening up easily.

“Fuck, yeah,” he grunts.  “Both.”

I pull my cock out.  My right hand goes in.  Easily.  I feel the snap of his hole around my wrist again.  I turn my hand so it’s vertical in his ass.  My cock presses against my palm.  I press forward.  My cock glides in.  My hand closes around it.

He looks up at me.  He grins.  Then he looks up at the mirror above him.

“Jerk off in my ass.”

I’m already doing it.  He uncaps his bottle, and feeds me poppers.  I am rushing and slowly jerking my cock deep in his guts.  The mind fuck is incredible.  The feel is every bit as hot.  I’m close.  It’s building.  My knees are going weak.  I’m gonna flood his ass any moment.

And I’m there.

“Fuck!”  I shoot.  At least four blasts into him.  Warren reaches for his cock.  He shoots, never getting fully hard.  I slowly pull out; cock and then fist.  I lean forward, feeling his cum cement us together.  Warren holds me for a moment.

“Quick showers,” he laughs.  “I’m ravenous.”
In no time we are walking to his favorite diner for my first breakfast of April.


CLAW countdown:

When I next post, I’ll be in Cleveland.

In less than 48 hours Jayson will be well on his way to being filled.

(Jayson writes about CLAW today, as well.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Planning a Breeding

When Jayson and I began talking about some sort of event at CLAW, we weren’t sure what we would do.  For awhile, I guessed we would simply show up at one of the Recon/Reflex parties.  We’d have slings available.  We’d have a fuckbench ready for us.  We’d have a water sports area.  And we’d have a lot of men.

But as we talked, we realized we needed more control.  So I am hosting it in my hotel room with my roommate, who is known as Mark in these pages.  We’ll still have a sling (though they aren’t Jayson’s favorite), a tub for WS and, most importantly for me, my rimseat for an occasional sampling of his well bred hole…

I asked Jayson to send me a few pics for when I posted the invite.  Being the overachiever that he is, he sent me something like 35 or 40.  So of course I’m sharing them with you...

Two days until I’m at CLAW

Three days until I’m buried there.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Working the Unknown

Chicago,  March, 2012

On the last day of  March, Warren asked me back to his place to meet some of his fuck-buds.  I had just played with him during and after the piss party--just two weeks ago.  I rarely play with anyone again so fast.  It says everything about this sexy man--and the sex we’d had--that I agreed.  There were five of us there.  We took turns fucking and fisting.  Once again I was the only non-versatile guy, so I had my choice of ass.   I could write about all that, but I’m not going to…it would read much like the last time there.  Instead I want to concentrate on about fifteen minutes in the evening.  The others were fucking at the sling.  I was flopped on the bed.  I’d just pulled out of the rounded black ass who was in the sling.  I put my arm over my eyes, to block it all out for a second.  Warren crawled up next to me…

Out of nowhere he kisses me.  Warm and insistent.  It’s Warren.  I can tell.  The taste of his mouth, the tenderness and passion in his lips and tongue.  My mouth opens wider--letting him ravage me with his tongue.  His fingers find my left nipple.  He gives it a slight tug and twist.  My body squirms closer to him.

“Do you like your nipples played with?”  he whispers in my ear.

I confess I do, but that guys rarely play with them since they don’t look like they like attention.

“Stay there.”  I do. There is nowhere I’d rather be at that moment.  I keep my eyes shut.   I hear him rummaging in a bedside drawer.  Soon he’s back.  His strong, masseur hands run over my chest.  He’s put gloves on.  Gloves of the thinnest leather.

“I put my Police Examination gloves on,” he tells me.  His fingers dust over both nipples.  Then he raises my left arm and puts it above my head, and settles my right fore arm back over my eyes.

“Here.”  My mouth is open.  A finger dips in. The thin leather tastes incredible.  Then the wet leather touches my right nipple.  The better connected one. The tiniest jolt runs through me.  Just a touch.  No, twist or pinch.  He repeats with the other hand.  This time I suckle on his leathered finger before it moves to my left nip.  It circles on the surface of nipple.  The thumb starts adding pressure.

He’s squeezing now.  He hasn’t let up.  My cock is dripping.  Release.  The pain/pleasure burns for a second, but he’s rubbing it away.  He takes some of my precum, coats his leather clad  fingers and brings it up to my mouth. I clean his gloves.

And he repeats the pressure on the right.  And release.  And rub.  The right nip erects.

I feel Warren reposition.  His pit is covering my mouth.  His clean sweat is an acrid aphrodisiac.  I clean his pit.  Inch by inch.  I want that muscled arm to stay pressing down on my face.  But it’s soon replaced by his mouth.  I share the taste of Warren with him.  The kiss is long and sloppy.  His mouth finds my ear again.

He licks and then whispers:  “Don’t move.”  I’m not going anywhere.  “Now, taste this.”  It’s his glove again.  Two fingers.  “I just stuck them in my freshly fucked ass.  Taste yourself on them.”

I do.  I clean.  I swallow.  I want to roll over and fuck him so hard.  But I don’t move.  He kisses me again, tasting my used mouth.  He swabs me out.  And spits it back--deep in my throat.  “Swallow me,” he whispers.  I do.  My eyes, behind my hairy forearm, are moist.

Warren straddles me.  His deft, gloved hands are back on my nipples.  Rolling.  Pulling.  Teasing. Softly.  Then unexpectedly hard.  My cock jumps.  He’s back to light strokes.  And rolling the tiny cones.  The right is upright and hard.  I can feel the left slowly erecting--it feels huge to me.

Still straddling me, his hands never leaving my nipples, he works his way down my body until the tip of my cock can feel his ass.  Please.  Please sit on my cock.  I will him to do it…but I don’t want to break the moment by saying anything.  He has both nipples between fingers and thumb.  He applies pressure.  It’s hurting.  That good hurt we all know.  My cock starts leaking on his ass crack…

“Do you have any beer?”  The voice cuts through our private little world.   And the moment has passed.  Warren rolls off me to go help the helpless in the kitchen.  I blink as my arm comes off my eyes and rub my nipples.  I’m still in our own private world.  It was worth three hours in the car for those few moments with Warren.

But almost instantly, the thin, black guy comes out of the sling to sit on my face and his partner sucks my cock…

And it’s business as usual…


CLAW countdown:  

Three days until I’m in Cleveland.

Four days until I’m in this hot ass…..

(Ok, I can’t stop bragging….but don’t you want to see the rest of these hot pictures he sent me?????)

And a link to Jayson talking about it, too.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Gangbanging of Jayson Park

We've been talking and talking.  Since we met.  Sometimes on line.  Sometimes on the phone.  But it finally looks like it will be happening.  Jayson Park will be coming to CLAW.  More importantly, into my bed--for my (and many others) fucking and felching pleasure.

We’d talked about what we’d like to do.  This is the ad that he came up with (to be posted by me on BBRT) written in his distinctive style:

The Gangbanging of Jayson Park

Cum join me - your host, fucker & felcher - in the raw gangbanging of my fuck buddy's porn-tastic barebackin' ass!

Yeah, my pal Jayson Park and I want the cum-pany of a few (dozen!) good men of breeding to seed his hairy-holed bubble butt! (Don't stop there! Jayse hopes to gulp your goo and wash it down with your piss, too!)

Entry is by invite only; Room number on the day of event: Friday, April 27th; Hours: 8PM to Midnight.

So, all you jizz jockeys - get down to your socks (for Jayse's sake!), get your cocks up, cum get off! - and let's make CLAW Friday a nutbustin' nite to remember!

My cock thickens a little, every time I read that.  

Response has been good.  Will everyone show up who has said they will?  Of course not.  And will other bottoms quit asking for invites?  No.  Not at all.

But you can read the report from the host, load by load, right here….

And then again from Jayson's point of view on his great blog, Views from the Bottom.

(These photos were provided by Jayson.  None of them are of me.)

Friday, April 20, 2012


Near Home--March, 2012

I was supposed to head into Detroit to play with the Cum Hound and a versatile top who CH wanted me to meet (and fuck).  The session was cancelled just before I was to start the trek into the city.  I’d taken the day off from work.  The internet was silent, so I headed to the busier of the two closest Adult Bookstores.  This is the one with just one theatre (and an arcade I rarely venture into.)  It was Gay Day--all male movies all day. Not my favorite time to go--the crowds are often smaller since so many men in this area are closeted.  I needn’t have worried.

I am plastered against the back wall. I can see at least seven men sitting in the three rows of seats.   Two more are leaning against the side wall.  One of these I had almost hit as the door swung open.  The place is packed for a Tuesday afternoon.  My gut does that little jump.  This could me so good.

No one seems to be doing much.  I think the guy in the cocksucker’s seat (back row on the aisle) is playing with himself.  One of the guys on the wall is watching him more than the screen.  I can only see a bald head of the man sitting on the aisle.  The guy leaning against the wall is in construction gear:  heavy work boots, an open flannel shirt covering a smudged t-shirt.  He’ 40-ish.  Good arms.  Slight gut.  And he’s now kneading his crotch.  He moves toward the guy on the aisle.

I make my move.  I simply kneel.  The construction guy catches movement behind him--he turns and looks at me.  My jeans are open.  My jock pulled to one side. I am stroking my hardening dick, sitting back on my haunches and looking at his crotch.  He moves towards me--unzipping.

His fat, uncut cock is in my mouth.  I think others have turned to watch us, but I can’t be sure.  He tastes of a morning’s exertion--not foul, but slightly sweaty.  And I am now making him really sweat.  He groans as my tongue swirls over his leaking cock head.  He is barely hard.  And he grunts and shoots.  I can’t believe he came that fast.  I clean him up.  He pulls out of my mouth abruptly.  He leans against the wall, almost knocking down the hanging fire extinguisher.

I start to get up, but a business type from the front row is there.  Older, decent shape.  Very coat and tie.  He opens his suit pants.  His cock is absolutely regulation size and shape.  But he has no hesitation shoving it into my mouth--where he knows the construction guy just shot.  “Suck it.”  He grunts.  He holds the back of my head--and doesn’t let me do much.  He just fucks my face.  He shoots almost as fast.  Christ, do these men have no stamina?

I’ve moved.  I’m sitting in the front row.  I had to get off my knees.  The business man was followed almost immediately by a young Mexican with a PA--who shot in my mouth when I stuck my finger up his ass.  Then a guy I could truly call Daddy.  And there was one more I really can’t recall now, three weeks later. All came fast--they used my mouth for a quick release, mumbled their thanks, and left.

The crowd has thinned drastically.  The bald guy is still in the cocksucker’s seat.  There is one other guy, jerking like mad, hugging the cinder brick wall.  He shakes his head if I even glance in his direction.

The door buzzes.  Two men, mid-forties enter.  They stand against the wall--even with me.  I guess they are partners.  They watch the movie.  No, they are watching me stroke.  They unzip.  One walks over and sticks a short, thick cock in my face.  I take him to the root.  His boyfriend pushes my hand away and kneels between my splayed legs.  He’s good.  I let him suck.  I am finally getting to truly suck a cock, instead of just being a cum depository.

“Try this mouth,” the boyfriend tells the man between my legs.  The men switch off.  It’s too much for my cock sucker.  He puts his rather thin cock into my mouth--and shoots a big, thick load.  I swallow.  And start to lick him clean.  He pulls out with a yelp and leans, puffing against the wall.  His boyfriend, not nearly as good a cocksucker, stands up, then settles into the seat next to me.

“Suck me off.”

I kneel on the floor between his legs.  The spent boyfriend settles into my chair to watch.

After six all but instant loads down my throat, I finally have to work.  My tongue is constantly moving around his head.  Under it.  In the slit.  Then taking the full thickness to the root.  My left hand, kneads his balls.  He grunts in pleasure….so I pull off and lick his heavy, furry ball sack.  His BF is twisting nipples for me, revealing the chest I wish I had--trim, with a perfect hair pattern.

I finally leave his balls and go back to his cock.

“Jerk me into your mouth.”

My left hand goes up.  I do just that.  The BF is alternating running his hands over his chest and pinching the nipples.  There is a sudden grunt.  My mouth is flooded.  Again.  And I take my seventh load from my seventh cock.

I need to get off.


I stumble to my feet.  I just make it the man in the cocksucker’s seat and explode in his eager mouth.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Review--"Jayson's MAL Barebang"

“Let me send you a better email address,” wrote Jayson Park.  He did.  I was able to drop a note to the producer of Bad Seed Media and within days I got my promised copy of “Jayson’s MAL Barebang.”

For readers with long memories, this was the porn shoot I did in January, 2011 at my first MAL.  The vagaries of that shoot were detailed in my missives sent and published in “A Breeder’s Journal.”  The preview was posted a year later on the companies website, but I had not been sent my copy.  Well, I have it now.  And I’ve watched it.

“And!???” as my brother texted to me.

Well, there is no question, for my money, that Jayson is one of the best bareback bottoms in porn today.  I love watching him as much as I loved feeling him under me.  His level of commitment--a true love for all things sexual--shines through every moment.  He’s a true sexual athlete.  His warmth shines through.  And he’s a damn good kisser.

And me?  I have never been crazy to see or hear myself perform.  I so think it is a good document of how I play in the bedroom.   I perform well---but I can’t separate whether I find moments very hot on the video because they are--or am I just remembering how hot they were to me at the time?  Does it communicate to others?  I can’t tell---and never will be able to know for sure.  I’d always been told the camera adds ten pounds to you.  Oh, please!!  I wish it had.  Now, my cock at times surprises me at how large it looks, and then from another angle I’ll think “what’s the big deal?”  I will let the viewer decide….though the look on Jayson’s face each time it slips home might tell the story…

The group (that reduces to a three way very fast) takes up most of the running time of the DVD‘s hour and forty-five minutes.  There is an additional one-on-one scene with Jayson and a guy who arrived mid play at the end of the video--which, frankly, I haven’t watched yet.  (It’s very obvious in the video when he arrives--doors opening and closing--all our eyes swinging over to him.)

It was a two camera shoot--and we see everything we did from each perspective.  Sometimes I find that annoying in video--for me to re-live it, of course it’s great.  I think, especially at the top when there were five of us, it helps capture all the sex that was happening in the room. Even later, it’s one camera on Jayson’s ass and one on his face.  So it’s nice for me to see what was happening as I was fucking.

There are also moments I had totally forgotten about.  We took a break for Jayson to get some water, and all the tops congregated on the bed we were not supposed to fuck on---and there I am with the 20 something sitting on my face.  And Jayson joins us all, sucking my cock.

It’s truly a reality video:  doors opening, a phone ringing, the cameramen whispering, and no hiding some of the breaks we took.  Not a glossy fuck vid, by any means--but if you want to see committed sex pigs fucking--I think it works.  The Double Penetration of Jayson is HOT.  They kept in my felching my load--and the young man’s bigger one.  You see me eat them, slip back in to fuck a little more and then give my cock for Jasons hot hungry mouth to clean.

Those moments should get anyone aroused.

Link to the site (where we are still the preview.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ready for My Cock

Battle Creek--March, 2012

Dean, the handsome top who is exploring his bottom side with me, and I have a number of playmates in common. We were on line in late March, talking about how we wanted to double penetrate one particular boy at CLAW this year. Since Dean’s very involved in the leather world, we knew our play time there would be hard to find. We both realized we wanted some one on one time before the event. The next day I got in my car and drove to his laundry room/playroom… 

No leather today. I decide to just go with the jock and boots. Dean is waiting for me in the playroom. He’s not leathered either: running shoes, sport jock, a tee over his muscled torso. I squeeze his generous bulge. No chastity devise this time--he’s just happy to see me. The red light makes our complexions glow. I pull him toward me. We kiss--I don’t know if I have the words…It’s hungry. It’s wet. It’s all give and take. We hold on to each other tighter with each probe of the tongue. My left hand begins to knead the back of his neck. He sighs and works his tongue deeper into my mouth. We come up for air. He chuckles, I give him a crooked smile and we begin again.

We are both rampant under our jocks--without touching each other.

Eventually he is down on his knees. He inhales deeply. He loves the used jock I have on. I pull off his tee.  He pulls out my cock. He swallows it down. I watch the look of concentration on his handsome face turn to bliss as he takes me to the root. He gives attention to the head. The shaft. The balls. I pull him up for a sloppier, flavorful kiss.

I want to taste him. But I want his ass. He gets up on the homemade fuckbench. His cheeks are spread--the jock framing his full ass perfectly. I pause and look. I nuzzle the fur in his crack. My tongue slithers out. His response is both vocal and electric as it touches his hole. He bucks back against me, forcing me deeper, faster. I pull back, spit and work the saliva deeper into his hole. Dean is moaning, low in his register.

“I’m so ready for your cock.”

I stand up. I think he’s right. I tease his hole for a moment with my lubed and dripping dick head.

“Please, Sir.”

I start to inch it in. He arches his back in surprise. But he’s taking me easier than on either of the previous occasions. I don’t have to stop and open him with a toy. I slide almost home.

“You’ve been practicing,” I tell him.

“I wish,” he grunts. “I just want you so.”

And his hole opens. I slide home, my pubic bone pressing hard against his ass. I pause, my cock throbbing deep in him. I lean in. Dean twists his head around and we kiss. I start a slow pump. He moans into my mouth.

“Fuck me, Sir.”

I build the tempo. His ass is wetter by the second. The drag on the backstroke is incredible. He holds on to the legs of the fuck bench and urges me on: To fill him. To fuck him. To give it to him--like he gives it to all those boys: raw and deep.

I have to slow. I could unload right now. Way too soon. I pull out. Dean rises and we kiss again. Just as insistent, just as long and deep. We both need it, want it. I get him over to the sling. He’s settled in quickly. The mirror on the ceiling is huge. It shows us off to him in great detail. There is one behind the sling, too. I’m looking at myself about to enter this hot man.

Instead I lean forward and suck his cock. It’s leaking. I take his precum up to his mouth. We kiss. Sharing. Savoring.

Again, I’m on the verge of entering him, but instead I piss on his ass crack. I kneel and clean him up with my tongue. I rise and this time piss on his cock and balls. His hand reaches down, catches some of the pale liquid and tastes it--making appreciative noises. I lean forward and slurp it all down. Licking him clean until he’s squirming.

Now I have to enter him. I push. Gently. His hole opens and takes me in one long, continuous stroke. Dean’s eyes roll back in his head. I do a slight knee bend, changing the angle of my cock to hit his prostrate. This makes him babble. I stand up straight and slam it hard. The chains shake. They are so thick they can’t rattle easily. I pound his ass relentlessly.

I stop. We take a quick breather--getting him up to stretch.

Then back in. He reaches for his cock. I know the drill--time to end this and get him to work. He jerks as I slip into his hole. I am back to a hard fuck. In no time, it sends his jizz flying over his chest. I pull out and shoot--hard--on his balls, his hand and his softening cock. His hand goes up to his mouth as I fall forward, resting on his cummy chest.

We kiss. I taste my cum on his tongue. But mostly I taste him. I turn my head slightly and bury my face into his neck. His arms wrap around me. I stay there as long as I can:

Warm. Sweaty. Sticky.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Toy

My Playroom--March, 2012

Mason was one of those nice surprises that happen occasionally online.  I had BBRT on as I typed a blog entry.  I expected no more than to chat a little as I typed.  It was rather late to start playing--especially since I live at least an hour away from pretty much any city that is vaguely close to me.  But here was a dark, hot man I’d never seen online before, looking for all the specialty things I can dish out.  After just a few minutes discussion, he hopped in the car and arrived promptly.  We played for four hours.  He sucked my cock, I fucked him on the bed, in the sling, he rode me after getting his ass eaten on the rimseat.  I used every toy in my possession.  He took my fist.  He took my piss.  But there was one toy he couldn’t get enough of…I’ve mentioned it before, but here’s a little more about this dildo I love to use.

It was a Fort Troff special.  But it’s no longer in stock it seems.  Jet black, it stands about nine inches tall.  The head is a large goose egg.  It tapers down to a much thinner ribbed column.  There is a base, so it can stand upright if you are sitting on it, but in my playroom, it’s never been used that way.

Mason is in the sling, legs splayed.  He is dark and hairy, well worked out with a handsome face.  He has to be a big city boy just staying the night in the small town he listed.  I lay the dildo on his scrotum, so the egg is resting well above his drooling penis.  I deliberately pull on my black latex gloves.  We’ve been playing for two and a half hours at this point, my cock needs some recovery time.  His eyes never leave my hands.  He grins in anticipation.  I reach behind me for the big lube bottle.  I pour some into my left hand.  I grease the gloves.  I pick it up again, and, in full sight of him, let lube cascade down over the head of the dildo.  I toss the lube under the sling, pick up the dildo and use my greasy hands to get every inch of the toy covered.


He just grunts and closes his eyes.

“Open them,” I say.  “Look up into the mirror on the sling frame.”

He does.  He can clearly see the egg resting against his puffy hole.  I start a slow rotating motion and push slightly forward.  Even with all the play, his hole resists a moment--then gives up the fight.  He relaxes and the egg makes it relentless way into his guts.

“Fuck, that’s bigger than it looks,” he mutters to no one in particular.

“You ok?”

“Shove it, man.”

I don’t quite do that, but I keep the pressure going.  The column is rapidly disappearing.   In a less than a minute it’s up him.  I let it sit there.  Then I tap the base with my lubed fingers, making it bounce in just a little farther.

I wait.  Watching his face.

When he sighs, the back of my hand smacks it.  Hard.  This makes him jump. But in pleasure.  My cock stands up straighter as I see the hungry look on his face.

I lean in.  I speak deliberately.  “Open you eyes again.  And watch.”

He does.

I pull the base of the dildo down slightly with my left hand.  My cock fits right along the top of the column.  I am inching into his ass in a double fuck that always works.  My cock loves the feel of the ribs below me and his hot, now tight again, ass on all other sides.  I stop just as I reach the base of the egg. He is full.  Stretched.  He huffs some poppers.  His eyes flutter shut as he goes to his own fuck place.

I hold still.  Then begin to move. Incredibly slowly.  Inching out.   Inching almost all the way out.  I can just see the flare of my cock head.  I stop.  And it’s working slowly back in.

Mason’s eyes open.  “Yeah.  That’s it.”

I am back, next to the egg.


That’s all I need to hear.  I withdraw at a normal fuck pace.  Then in.  I increase the tempo.  Out. In. Out.

He takes a popper hit.

And Mason is bucking the whole sling forward to meet me now.  I am slamming his ass as if I were the only thing in it.

“Cream my hole, stud.  Give me that seed.”

For a second I wonder if I could.

Then I can’t help myself.  I’m flooding his guts.

“Fuck, give me your….”  His voice trails off as he realizes it’s not cum I’m shooting, but a huge piss load.
“Fill me, fucker.”

He huffs his Taiwan Blue and clenches down on my spewing cock, flooding his double stretched hole….

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Cum Hound Gets a Treat.

Detroit--March 2012

He wanted to meet in a sleazy motel.  It’s such a classy place that it truly posts an hourly rate on it’s marquee.  I’d agreed.  I could time it with a visit to my family on that side of the state.  In these pages, I’ve called him the Cum Hound, though I have only written about the time he cancelled on me after I’d made a cum harvest at the local bookstore.  Surprisingly, we had agreed to meet with no extra guys coming to seed him--as we usually played.  And I wasn’t bringing the remains of the frozen cum loads in the freezer--they’d never travel with the hot March temperatures.  But just before I left for the city, one of the guys who had often played with us in the past spoke to me on online.  I suggested he join us to shoot off a quick load.  He agreed and I jumped in the car…

I am running late.  Something I can’t abide.  But I found the motel, one in a long strip of low rate, short term establishments on the west side of the city proper.  I knock.  Cum Hound lets me in.  There’s enough furniture in this cramped motel room, I can’t set up the sling.  I just bring in my bag of toys and the rimseat.  He has straight porn playing off of the in-house cable--huge Black men ravishing petite women of all different races.  The latest TIM video is playing on his computer.  I do a quick set up.  Cum Hound is mid 40’s, tall, hairy, and partnered, but is allowed to play to get the things he can’t get at home.  I look at him.  He’s looking anxious.

“Rough.  That’s what you want, right?”

He nods.  “Just do anything you want to me, Sir.”

I give him a slightly crooked smile.  “You know me.  I don’t use force.  You’ll want to do what I tell you.”

He nods.

“Down.”  I point to the spot in front of me.  “Get me hard.”

I’ve stripped off my jeans, but put my boots back on.  My jock is rank.  So rank even I could barely stand it as I visited with my Dad earlier.

Cum Hound is on his knees, his face buried in the pouch.  He sighs as if I’ve just served him the most succulent supper.  His tongue is out and washing over my jock.

“Get it good and wet.  Lick my cock through the fabric.”

He is doing just that.  “Does Sir like my mouth?”

“Just lick my cock.”  I push him away from my pouch.  “Did I tell you to get my cock out yet?”

He shakes his head no.

“What?”  I ask.

“No, Sir.”

I pull him back into it.  My cock is getting very hard--stretching the fabric into grotesque shapes.  Finally I relent and let him get my cock out.  It springs free.  He takes me to the root. He gurgles happily as my cock stays deep in his throat and I press on the back of his head.

And hold it.

And hold it even more.

And at the last minute I let him come up for air.  He gasps.  And looks pleased, proud and hungry all at the same time.  I catch the long strands of spittle and smear them on his face.

“Now.”  I reach down and lift the seat of the rim chair.  “Under.”  He goes with out comment.   I let him take a hit of poppers before I put down the seat and straddle the chair.  “Eat my hole, boy.”  I sit.  Slowly.  I know just what he’s seeing.  My thin, hairy ass getting closer and closer.  I hear a small grunt of pleasure.  Then I settle down on the seat.  “Eat me.”  His tongue is all over my hole.  It’s my turn to take a hit.  Jungle Juice Platinum makes me very verbal.  I tell him what I want, how to do it, to go deeper, to be one of the few fags allowed to eat my ass.  This makes him moan and his lifeless cock drool.  He’s good at this.  I revel in something I rarely get from my boys.

But soon I need to fuck.  I haul him up, and push him to all fours on the bed.  A stinging smack with my left hand, a thwack of my hard cock on his crack.  I spit on his hole.  And enter.  Just as rough as he’s described in email after email.

“Fuck me, Sir.  Make that hole yours.”

I fuck until the sound of my hips on his upturned ass fill the room.  He is rasping for breath.  I pull out.  He’s dirty.  I bend and whisper the news in soft measured tones--telling him to go clean his hole properly.  He can’t stop apologizing, waits for me to finish at the chipped sink, then shuts the bathroom door.

There’s a knock at the front door.  I open it and get my f-bud in quietly.  I whisper to him I don’t want him to ever speak.  And to just follow my lead.  I cross to the bathroom and tell Cum Hound he is knock before he enters back into the room.

He cleans a long time.  I get some expert head.  And give some.  Eventually he knocks.  I grab my leather blindfold, walk into the bathroom and secure it.  I lead him out and get him back on all fours on the bed.

“I brought you a present.”  I motion my friend to stick his dick in his mouth.  “Suck my married friend’s cock. He’s wanted to try man sex.”  I stick my cock back up Cum Hound’s ass as he takes the huge helmet head of my friend‘s cock.  Cum Hound is in ecstasy.  I am pumping hard--forcing him to swallow more cock.  “Get it good and wet, it’s going in your ass.”  Cum Hound slobbers obediently.  “Do you want a condom--with a wife and all?”  I ask my friend--who is neither married nor has he used a condom in the last 10 years.  He grunts a no.  I lean across the back of Cum Hound and whisper in his ear.  “He’s gonna fuck you raw.”  I pull out and my friend moves around.  We get Cum Hound down a little lower.  My pal slides into him.  “How do you like the feel of man ass?  Good, right?”  I bring my cock to Cum Hound’s mouth.  “Open.  Clean your ass juice off me.”

Cum Hound can’t believe his good fortune.  I’m in his mouth, fresh from his ass and this supposedly straight man is pumping his guts.  My friend and I lean across Cum Hound and kiss.  He never knows.

But he’s dirty again.  In some frustration  I stick my cock in his dirty ass and piss.  “Hold it.”  The two tops wash--then I carefully guide Cum Hound back to the bathroom.  I remove the blindfold and tell him to knock when he’s ready.

I fuck my friend as we wait for Cum Hound.

Soon he’s ready.  I have arrived with some ankle restraints tied to either side of an 18” pipe.  I buckle the homemade spreader bar to the blindfolded Cum Hound’s ankles.  He’s on his back.  I can raise both his legs with one hand.  I slip back into his freshly cleaned hole.  “Sit on his face--I’m sure he’d like to eat straight ass.”  My f-bud does that, sealing his cheeks over Cum Hound’s face.  This is good.  It’s a totally hot fucking sight to see.

Soon we reverse.  My friend fucks as I sit on Cum Hound’s face and hold the spreader bar for him.

Then we reverse again.  I fuck Cum Hound hard.  Then get one more idea.  I gesture for my pal to stay seated on his face.  I let Cum Hound’s legs relax.

“Stay there.”  Cum Hound doesn’t move; he even  stops licking hole.  I come around and clamber up on the bed.  I push into my f-bud’s dripping, wet hole inches above Cum Hound mouth.  “He wants to try my cock.  Lick it as it goes up his ass.”

Cum Hound all but shoots right there.  His tongue is all over the underside of my cock as I plow into my friend.  Soon I’m close.  I get up and slip back into Cum Hound. “Take my load.  Fuckin’ take my load.”

And he does.  Noisily.  As noisily as I cum.

I ask if my friend wants to fuck in my load--and give him one.  He grunts something that sounds negative.  And tells me, after I’ve gotten Cum Hound to the bathroom and locked away, that he has another trick to go fuck.  I thank him and get him out the door before I let Cum Hound out of the bathroom.

“Sir, that was so hot.  Are you ever going to tell me who he was?”

I simply shake my head “no.”

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cumunion in Madison (Part Four) The Finale

Madison, WI--March, 2012

Immediately after the previous post.

“Here, Daddy,”  Karl grunts.  “I want you to fuck in this.”

And he shoots up his boyfriend’s hole.

“Eat it out,” Bob tells me.   “Then stick that big cock up me.”

I kneel and lick at Karl’s cock, his sweet cum covering it.  I look at the frothy ass he left behind.  I tentatively clean up the surrounding area of his hole.  Bob is moaning.  Then my tongue goes deep.  He’s loaded alright--he pushes out a huge load into my waiting mouth…

I swallow, after letting the cum slide over my tongue.  I dig deeper.  He pushes again.  I swallow more cum.  My cock is rock hard.  I stand up and slide into his waiting ass.  I watch his face as I slide it home.  I’m inching it in.  His eyes open wider with each millimeter I push.  Karl is at his side--holding his hand, stroking his chest.  Their eyes lock.  I hit bottom.  Karl leans over and kisses his partner.  I hold in place.  Karl pulls out of the kiss and looks at me.  “Fuck his ass.  Make him feel that cock.”

I pull almost all the way out.  I glide back in.  He’s open and ready. I increase the speed.  I am fucking.  Hard.  My hips smack his upturned ass.  The sound of my fucking reverberates throughout the room.  Three or four guys filter in to watch him take the pounding.  Bob is huffing Maximum Impact like crazy.  His mouth is slack.  He’s babbling obscenities.  All about my cock and his hole.  Karl is watching my cock piston into his partner.  His hand is working Bob’s nipples or holding the cloth to his partner’s mouth.  On the other side, Bob’s right nipple is being worked by a short Hispanic who is jacking himself furiously.

I slow a little.  I think I might fuck a load out of this constant cummer.  But the aerosol spray has kept him soft.  I let the Hispanic into Bob’s ass.  He fucks for a bit, then indicates I should take over again.  But on re-entry, I sense something is wrong.  Bob is no longer with me---he’s huffed enough M.I. that he feels woozy.

“I gotta take a break,” he mumbles.  Karl and I get him out of the sling and the two of them go off to the lounge area to sit and recover.

I watch them go--and realize I need to piss like a race horse.  I find the PA-ed Leather guy.  “You want my piss?”

He nods.  We head near the WS area.  I am so ready.  He kneels.  My piss fills his mouth.  Instantly.  He has to swallow fast.  And constantly.  I am filling his mouth to the point of overflowing.  But he never lets any spill out of his mouth.  When I am finally done, he stands and kisses me--sharing the light, heady scent of my watery piss.  I don’t see him again all night.

I play with random men.  All orally.  I think.

I end up near two hung tops, trading blowjobs.  They welcome me.  We trade off, each wanting two cock in our mouths.  It takes work.  We are big.  In fact, the younger one is longer, but thinner, than me.

It’s getting late.  The crowd is thinning fast.  I need to get off and go home, but the oral stuff is not gonna do it.  All the men I’ve fucked have taken off or are busy.  No one seems to be looking to get fucked.  Well, no one I really want to fuck.  Then he walks in--a new recruit.  He’s my age, nicely put together with his dark hair in a ponytail.  He heads to the  bathroom--likely to get rid of his trip to the bar before his arrival.  I go in, right behind him.  He’s standing over the bowl, cock out.

“Don’t waste it,” I tell him.

He just turns.  “Here.  Have at it.”

I kneel.  Oh, fuck, he’s ready and so am I.  His piss cascades out over my tongue.  He’s been drinking beer.  It’s sweet and light.  And endless.  My cock stands up--aching for release.  I stroke it as I swallow.  The piss eventually peters out.  I lick the last few drops from his cock head.  He looks down at my cock.

“I hope you are going to fuck me with that.”

I just nod.

We go into the dark area.  My Chicago f-bud Carlos is getting fucked.  He’s just slightly bent over, taking a nice dick from a guy I haven’t seen all night.  Ponytail leans on the chair back.  I enter him.  I fuck.  Rough and hard.  It’s about me.  The older of the oral tops comes around the corner, watching and stroking.  He’s told me he’s a felcher.  I hope to see him take my load out of Ponytail’s ass.

I slow a little and finally invite the oral top up Ponytail.  The moment he enters, Carlos’ top shouts out his cum.  He shoots, shuddering and holding on to Carlos’ hips.  I’m right there as he pulls out.  He watches in wonder as I clean his cock and dive into Carlos’ ass.  I lick him clean….and it triggers my orgasm.  I move back to Ponytail.  Just in time.  The oral top has pulled out--he knows what I need.

I insert.

I fuck.

Just a few more strokes.

I shoot my built up load from four and a half hours of play.

My knees buckle.  I have to hang on the back and hips of Ponytail.

The oral top is right there.  He wants to felch my load.  I grit my teeth and let him clean me off.  I get incredibly sensitive.  I lean against the shelves when he’s done and watch him dive into Ponytail’s ass.  They both groan as he eats the load I’ve shot up this last hot ass…

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Picture of an April Fool?

So sue me.

I missed an April 1st posting.

My hands were very busy.

There was just no way to type where they were, um, hidden.

I promise to finish up Cumunion.

Then,  maybe I'll talk about that...