Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Final Group Fuck--a fitting way to say goodbye to my ex-military man

Near home—April, 2013

He was going home.  My hot butted, ex-military guy, Clark, was leaving town at the end of the month for his home down South.  We had one weekend left to play.  We decided to go back to the bookstore/lounge/playspace.  It proved to be our best visit yet.

 The sexual energy is palpable from the moment we enter the darkened lounge.  The sling is still up, but unoccupied.  There are several men in the play cubicle.  Two guys are getting sucked by two men on the floor.  They stop the moment we round the corner.  I unbutton and push Clark to the floor.  I am in his mouth and getting hard.  The other men go back to sucking the dick in front of them.  One of the men reaches toward the chest of the other man getting sucked and gives his nipples a twist through the fabric of his t-shirt.
Clark is getting me very hard.  A shadow of a man appears beside us.  Even in the dark you can see he’s built.  He unzips, digs his cock out and begins stroking as he watches us.  I push Clark over to the new cock.  He doesn’t need much encouragement to start deep throating the newcomer.  I can see him a little better now—dark blond hair, maybe late 30’s, the chest showing hours of work at the gym through the cheap cotton fabric of his tee.  And this newcomer’s cock is definitely bigger than average.  I find that out first hand as I kneel beside Clark.  We trade his hot, wet meat back and forth. 

I am deep throating the guy.  Clark takes the opportunity to stand up and get out of his jeans.  The moment he has tossed his underwear on the floor, he pushes his bare ass towards the man.  The guy plays with Clarks’ butt for a moment, then he concentrates on the blowjob.  I stop sucking and pull Clark’s ass towards me.  I spit on his hole and then tongue it for a moment.
“Fuck me.”

I stand and get my big cock up him with no problem.  The newcomer is really stroking hard as he watches me plow Clark.  I turn Clark’s body slightly so the guy can get a better angle.  I look down at my swollen cock entering into the perfect cleft formed by Clark’s ass.  The guy reaches towards me and touches my nuts.  His hand travels back and feels for my hole.  I bat his hand away playfully.  He reaches back, more insistently, and tries to work his index finger into me.  I pull away.
“Fuck him.  Not me.”

Clark grabs my shoulders and again presents his ass to the stranger.  This time, with his cock hard and dripping, he manhandles it into Clark.  He fucks him hard.  I brace myself against the wall, so as not to be knocked backwards with his thrusts. 
“Shit that’s good.”  The man is fucking harder and faster.   “I need to pull out.”  Thrust. Thrust.  “Or I’ll cum.”  Thrust. Thrust. “You want this cum?”

Clark doesn’t answer, but I am sure he’s squeezing his ass down on the man with all his might.
“Shit.”  I can just see the guy’s face contort in the half-light.  His body is jerking.  Clark milks him, then spins around to clean his cock and give me the loaded ass.  I drop to my knees and start reaming his ass out with my tongue.  I can only guess that the guy’s sensitive dick is being swabbed down by Clark’s tongue.

“Shit.”  The guy pulls out of Clark’s mouth and watches me eat his load from Clark’s ass.  “You guys are real pigs.”  He stuffs his cock back in his pants and leaves.

Clark has a cigarette. 

When he gets back he finds me sprawled on the fuck block, letting a slightly stocky Cub lick my nuts while the Cub’s boyfriend (thin, nicely defined, olive skinned and with jet black hair in all the right places) is taking my cock effortlessly to the root.  Clark jumps right in.  He crawls on the floor to get to the Cub’s thick cock.  Soon he’s on the Boyfriend’s longer, thinner dick. 
Then all four of us trade blow jobs.  A fifth guy joins.  He’s my age, a tall thin mostly top guy I recognize from the hook up sites.  He’s an avid cock sucker.  I really want to eat his ass, but I never quite get the chance. 

The other three go smoke.
“I saw your ad,” the tall guy says as we move out of the play area and sit by the never used fuckbench.  “Do you remember?  We met a long time ago at a motel party.”  I nod a ‘yes’ but I don’t remember.  “I really want to fuck your boy.”

“Good.”  I smile.  “He should be right back.”
But he’s not.

I’m sure he’s found something good.  Eventually the Cub comes to  find us.  “Come on.  We know the owners.  He lets us play back here.  He leads the way into a room with a large ‘Do Not Enter’ sign.  It’s an office.  And there, hunkered over in a chair is Clark getting plowed by the Boyfriend.  Clark beams. 
The Cub tells me how hot Clark’s ass is. 

I agree.

The boyfriend pulls out and asks me to fuck him.
I don’t hesitate to get my cock out.  The BF gets down on all fours on the stained rug.  I eat his hole.  It’s very hairy.  I am now dripping precum.  The Cub moves around to put his cock in his Boyfriend’s mouth. 

“Use lots of lube.”  I do.  I have to work to get in him, but it’s worth it.  His ass is super tight.  I have to work for every inch.  I look over.  Clark has the tall, thin top up his butt.  I watch them plow for a moment, then I concentrate on getting the last three inches up my man.   I’m home.  I hold for about a count of ten.  I begin a slow fuck rhythm.
“You are one big mother fucker.”  I ramp up the speed.  “Fuck yes!  Give it to me.”  Then he goes back to sucking.

The tall, thin top starts panting.  He drops a load up Clark.  He won’t let anyone clean his cock—though we are all willing.  I stop fucking and eat some out of Clark’s ass.  Then fuck in it for a moment.  Then the Boyfriend fucks Clark.  I clean some load off his cock with my tongue.  Then the Cub takes a turn.  Clark licks him clean as I go back to fucking the Boyfriend.
“Give me your load, you fucker.”  I am close.  I look over at Clark sucking the Cub. 

And I shoot.  I make more noise than I should in this office off the retail area, but none of us care at this moment.
I pull out and just sit down, hard, on the carpet.  The Boyfriend gets up.  He runs to the Cub.  It’s obviously a ritual for them.  The Cub gets on his knees.  I assume he’s going to felch my load, but I’m wrong.  The boyfriend, barely able to contain himself, jerks off all over the head and face of the Cub.  Clark rises and joins him, shooting a huge load on the Cub’ face and open mouth.

Names and phone numbers are exchanged.
Clark and I head home—sated.

“Maybe you can come visit.”  We are parked outside his motel. 

I nod. 
Then he tells me all the reasons why a visit to his place would be hard.

I think about kissing him goodbye, but the moment passes.
Maybe we’ll meet again.

Some year. 
He’s up and out of the car.  A quick wave, then he concentrates on the cigarette in his mouth, not on me.

 I start to wave but he’s turned to shelter the match from the wind, so I stop myself. 
I sigh.  Then grin.  And pull out of the lot and head home.


  1. In an odd way, as much as I'm turned on by the bookstore/lounge events, what sealed the deal was the parking lot moment. Completely authentic and slaps me into those moments where I realize the chemistry is unquestionable and you seem to be cut from the same cloth... But it dangles without fully ending.

    1. Wouldn't it be nice if life were all cut and dried? Or maybe not...

      We were two men who met and had a great connection as our needs complimented the each other. But he wasn't the love of my life....(though he'd make a damn fine room mate---bringing me home a load in his ass to do with as I wanted...)

  2. Hot story! Can't wait till I am whored out like that at that bookstore with you!!