Thursday, July 4, 2013

April Piss Party

Chicago—April, 2013

 It was the second Saturday of April.  That meant it was time for another of the large piss parties in Chicago.  Ryan agreed to go with me.  He wrote about his adventures in his blog, Spreading My Legs.  I started drinking my Gator-Aide as soon as we crossed the state line.  I wanted to be ready to piss.  Once there, I stripped off in a hurry.  My bladder was full—and there were plenty of men already there who wanted it…

 “Do you want my piss?” 
It’s barely a question.  I know the answer.  He’s an older sub, naked but for some flip-flops, who has been a willing receptacle every time we meet.  He falls to his knees.  His hands go instinctively behind his back.  His mouth ovals—waiting to be fed. 

“Head down.”  He complies, looking at the grey concrete floor.  I start to piss.  My first stream hits the crown of his shaved head and cascades down his back and into his ass crack.  I let it play across his head for a moment, then bring his chin up with my left hand.  His jaw drops.  I direct the hot, pale stream right into his mouth.  The look of bliss that widens across his face is almost worth the trip right there.  He swallows hungrily, gurgling appreciatively.  I direct the flow at one nipple, then the other, finally giving him the last of the load down his throat.  I stick my half swollen dick into his mouth.  He suckles the last remaining drops out of my cock.  I pat his head, telling him “Good boy.”
I fill my water bottle from the huge cooler sitting on the bar.  The crowd is swelling early today.  I see two of my favorite bottoms handing over their clothes at the coat check.  Ryan is busy with David and David’s new boyfriend Chad, so I go into the dark, back corner.  I sit on the ledge, sip my water and idly play with myself as I watch the projected porn on the back wall.  In no time, a series of guys ask to suck my cock.  I let them.  Some are good, one is average, and one I have to pull off my cock and direct him to my balls so that I won’t cum.  I have to tell each man that I don’t have any more piss yet.

The younger of the two bottoms I saw arriving finds me.  We chat for a bit.  He is on the far side of thirty, with reddish blond hair, an adorable smile and a butt that can milk a cock like few others.  He bends over to suck my dick, leaving it good and wet.  He turns away from me and slowly sits on my cock.  I reach beneath him and twist my balls.  The pain stalls my cumming.  I should be good for the four hours of the party now.  He rides me and is extremely vocal with his enjoyment.  One of the regulars comes over and hoses us down.  Piss is dripping from the bottom’s chest and semi hard cock.  Another guy I don’t recognize follows suit.  His stream goes entirely on the bottom’s lengthening dick. 
I have to piss.  I tell the bottom to get off me, and lean over.  He does, spreading his cheeks for me.  I shower him with my second piss load.  The moment I am done, I kneel and lick off the piss that is clinging to the hairs of his ass crack.  I plunge my tongue deep into him.  I want to taste his ass and the drooling residue of my cock.   I rise up to re-enter.  He surprises me by standing up, turning around and kissing me, so he can taste it all too.

I do the second bottom (a larger, exquisitely hairy man) bent over one of the oil drums that serve as tables in the bar.   We fuck hard, rocking the drum as I plow into him.  A guy I can’t really see pisses right on my cock as I’m fucking—so I’m pumping his piss up the hole.  The moment he stops, someone else does the same from the other side.  My guy is moaning.  He gets louder each time he feels hot piss splash onto his ass.  Soon I pull out.  I kneel and taste this twice covered hole.  My cock gets harder yet, as I lick and swallow.  I stand up and deliver another round of piss all over his ass and hairy back.
In the back corner, I see Ryan with David and Chad.  I go over.  Ryan is up Chad’s beautiful, young ass.  Ryan tells me that Chad loves older guys.  I can’t wait to work my way up him.  Ryan pulls out.  I try to push in.  Chad is amazingly tight.  I work in patiently.  The poppers come out for Chad.  I slip home.  I fuck slowly, but finally Chad asks me for a break, promising more of his ass later.  I hope it happens…

I drink.  Water and piss.

I piss.  A lot.  I’m hydrated enough that I’m pissing every 15 minutes or so.
I do get to fuck Chad again.  Ryan is right there to clean my cock.

Late in the evening, I drink a huge piss load from cute Chad.
I don’t get off at the party, for I hear the plan is to go home with David and Chad.

David lives in a great condo with an incredible view of Lake Michigan.  When Ryan and I arrive, Chad is spread-eagled on the bed.  While at first unresponsive, the three of us wake him up with our tongues and cock.

I get to fuck all three guys, twisting into some rather acrobatic positions.  But we know just how to make sure everyone is involved—cock in ass or mouth, tongue in the ass of the guy fucking, the sucker getting filled from both ends…..
Then it goes bad.  Chad is no longer clean…and we are exhausted. 

We all shower and Ryan and I fall into a welcome sleep in the spare room, arms and legs wrapped around each other. 
I don’t get off all night. 

And I don’t care.  Not when the sex is that good…


  1. Wow. I am so amazed that an event like this exists. I would so love to experience it. You just blow me away - you are totally connected to your sexual core. Shine on... - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I feel very fortunate that I live close to one of the few cities that still hosts a piss party. They were never 'easy' to find, but they have ceased to exist (or gone very underground) in many cities.

  2. Ahhh the memories! It was a great time and I enjoy going to the piss parties with you. Just got home from Chicago myself. I spent the night with David and Chad again and this time Chad bred my hole and then gave me some piss in my ass as well. Hot time!!

    1. That made my cock twitch---I'd have loved to felch that...

      We should go to the next piss party in August.