Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Tale of Two Couples

Near Home—May, 2013

I don’t think I’ve described the changes that have happened to the adult bookstore which is closest to my home.  The straight theatre has been remodeled.  The three rows of theatre seats are gone.  There is now a long couch along the back wall and about seven swivel chairs looking up to the flat screen television.  At the same time the owners built a separate theatre that only shows all male movies.  It also has a long vinyl couch and about 10 swivel chairs (though there are never more than four guys at one time on the gay side).    You can buy admissions for either theatre singly or purchase a reduced price combo pass.
The management has also decided to let couples in for the price of one admission on Saturday.  This has resulted in more men than I can ever remember bringing wives or girlfriends to the theatre.  Some couples do nothing but watch the movie.  Maybe they have a hand where it might not be at the local Cineplex, but they do nothing more than an occasional feel.  Other couples come to show off for the other men there.  That vibe of “Look at my wife going down on me—don’t you wish it were you?” can ignite the room.  No one touches either of them as they give each other oral sex or hand jobs.  Only once have I seen straight exhibitionists fuck there.  But occasionally a couple arrives who are looking for others to play.  Such was the case this Saturday night…

The parking lot is packed when I arrive, but the cars still contain their occupants.  It can only mean one thing—someone has posted on Craig’s List that he is bringing a playful woman to the theatre tonight.  The men are hanging out in the parking lot, so as not to buy a ticket in case she chickens out.  But once she’s inside, they will stream into the place and pack it.  I take the last parking space, go in and buy the combo pass.  I piss (in the bathroom—not some guy’s mouth) and then sit for a moment in the near empty gay theatre.  The video is of very young men doing condomed porn.  It barely holds my interest.  But I hear the door of the straight theatre constantly buzzing to let men in.  The couple must have arrived.

I go next door.  Yup.  The place is packed.  At least 13 men of all types are standing around or sitting in the available seating.  A man and woman are on the big couch.  Right now they have their eyes glued to the television screen, their hands in their own laps.  They are both, perhaps, just past forty.  He is balding, with strong features and just beginning to pack on a few extra pounds.  She is the best looking woman I have ever seen come into the theatre.  Her hair is cut in a short page boy, her make up is more natural than made up.  She is wearing a short denim skirt with a wrap-around top.  Her long legs are crossed and encased in thick black tights.  Occasionally, they turn to each other and smile when something happens on the screen that they seem to like—like when the girl in the movie chokes on a thick cock.
I sit in the last available chair, pushed against the side wall.  I have as good a view of them as I do of the screen.  A brave man leaves the crowd by the door and sits next to the couple.  We all watch the screen or watch the couple watching the screen.  None of the men in the room have their cock out.  Not yet.  There is a tremendous amount of off-hand groping of growing bulges.  The sexual tension in the room is amazingly high.  We all wait for some sort of signal—not knowing for sure what it will be.

Fifteen minutes go by.  The woman glances at her husband.  He nods.  She stands up.  The wrap around top is undone and comes off revealing a black brassiere.  That comes off too.  Her husband reaches up and undoes her skirt.  All three articles are placed on the back of the sofa out of the way.  In nothing but her tights and high heels she sits back down.  14 men unzip or at least grab at their cock through the fabric of their trousers.  Her husband’s hand, his wedding ring glinting in the reflected light from the screen, idly reaches for her crotch.  He fondles her for a moment through the fabric of the tights, then she leans over and takes his exposed cock into her mouth.
I watch her suck.  She seems to be pleasing her man, though it’s a lot of manual stimulation with just the cock head in her mouth.  The guy who is sitting next to her, a man who looks like he does heavy manual labor from the pecs I can see outlined in his t-shirt, opens his trousers at the waist.  He is exposing a thicker piece of meat than her husband’s by quite a bit.

It looks like her husband is going to shoot.  You can hear his breath go ragged.  He stops her, pulling her off his dick.  “Suck him.”  He indicates the man on the couch.  She leans over him.  Again her husband reaches for her covered crotch and plays with her as she takes the stranger into her mouth.  It’s not his finest hour.  He shoots instantly.  She stops, spits and her husband takes out a wet wipe from his shirt pocket.  She cleans the hand that held the man’s penis.  The laborer pulls himself together and leaves. 
An older man sits in his place.  She is back on her husband.  As soon as he has sat down, she stops and waits for her husband to decide if it’s a cock she should suck.  He nods.  She turns and takes on the older man.

The room is now in full jacking mode.  One man across from me shoots at the same time as the new man cums in her mouth.  It’s the same routine—a spit and a wipe and back to her husband.

This time before she goes back down on him, her husband gets her off rapidly by just rubbing her clit through the nylon.  She cums noisily.  I wonder if that’s the end of the show.  No.  Another man, much younger than I, sits in the now vacant seat on the couch.  You can tell she really wants this one, but she waits for the nod.  It comes.  She sucks the short cock presented to her while the young man plays with her breasts.

Another man pushes over from the doorway.  He reaches for her crotch.  The husband slaps his hand away.  Hard.  “No one touches her there.  But me.”
The new man starts jerking off in front of her, hoping she will switch from the young man to him.  She pointedly ignores him.  He shoots on the floor in front of her and leaves.

And so it goes.  She takes on at least 8 of the men in the room.  Others cum from watching the men have sex with her while waiting for their turn.  A few don’t want any actual contact and get off in their chairs.  The husband gets her off at least twice more.  I watch and stroke, fascinated by the dynamic between the partners.
It’s now the four of us left in the room—the couple, the guy who shot in his chair early on and me.  The woman’s eyes are riveted to my cock.   She leans close to her husband’s ear.  She whispers—but loud enough to include me. “I want that big one.” 

The husband looks at me.  I consider.  I think about her technique.  Or rather, the lack of it.
 I shake my head.

She leans in and gets her husband off in seconds after all this play.  Then he rubs her mound one last time through the tights.  She cums—the noisiest yet.  They go. 

I check out the gay theatre.  No one.
I go back to the straight side.  The man in the chair is still there.  Two men are sitting on the sofa—as far apart as they can get.  One is maybe 25, blond, pale white skin with long bangs of the blond hair all but covering his eyes.  He’s thin.  On the other end of the couch is a man in his late 30’s.  His skin is as dark as the boy’s is pale.  He has a long, thick dick in his hand.  They watch me sit back in the same chair.  I haul out my meat.

So does the blond. 
We all watch a girl on the screen take on two men.

“You missed the show,” I tell the two newcomers.  “A man brought his wife and she blew most of the room.”  Their hands move a little faster over their cocks.  “She gone,” I continue, “but…”
I let it dangle—knowing that they get the fact I can help them with that.  The Black man spreads his legs invitingly.  I kneel between them.  The guy in the chair ignores us.  I deep throat the cock in front of me.  It makes my eyes water.  But I keep going.

The blond pulls me over to suck him.  I do.  His dick is thin and slightly bent.  He goes soft after a moment.  I look over.  The Black guy is softer now too.  I start to go back to him, when he stops me.  “We don’t want that.  We want to do you.”  He stands and pulls me up beside him.  The blond pulls my jeans down.
Jeez, they are partners.  I had no idea.  The black guy swallows my inflated cock.  The blond nuzzles into my ass crack with an active tongue.  I am turned by hands on my hips— now it’s the blond sucking me and the Black guy licking my ass.  I look down and they are both rock hard.

I get pushed down on the sofa.  The men are on either side of my splayed legs.  They take turns on my cock.  They are incredible.  They can both take me to the root, hold it, come up for air and swallow me again instantly. 
I eventually shoot in the Black man’s mouth.  I spasm and buck.  I watch as the men kiss and share my seed. 

I lean back, panting and exhausted.  I know I made the right choice to save my load for couple number two…


  1. Marvelous tale. That is quite the bookstore. They must have really relaxed laws re: public nudity where you live. How nice. Not so, here in Minnesota. Very uptight. The story had a great ending... and, apparently, so did you! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I don't know about the relaxed may be more likely that law enforcement is making a choice to keep the behavior in one place. Another town quite nearby closed a similar venue after word got out that it was pretty wide open. I just know I'll take advantage of it while I have it.

  2. Yet something more that you are enjoying that I would love to experience. But then.. where you're concerned, that covers soooo much! Woof. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque