Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Playroom--Porn

I like porn. 

I have always liked porn. 
Perhaps because when I was young it was so hard to get. 

I remember my partner and I daring to go into the one (at the time) dirty bookstore in the Ann Arbor area and purchasing one reel of the Al Parker flick Inches in Super 8.  (At least I always had good taste….). 
And then the thrill when my brother dubbed A Matter of Size for us on a VHS tape.

Well, today, I still like to have porn playing in the playroom.  I try to match the movie to the activities happening that session.  If I am hosting a gangbang any of the Treasure Island releases will work nicely.  If I am doing a piss scene, out come the Dick Wadd videos (usually either Pigs at the Troff or Pigs at the Zone).  If it is a leather-ish group than there are few titles hotter than Hole Hunters from HDK.  If it is a rather vanilla young man, I have some things from SX video that will suffice—though often those boys tell me to put in something kinkier.
We don’t sit and watch it.  It is mostly background noise—a great chorus of rutting men to fuck to.  Something for the guys to watch in anticipation as I change into my gear. I will occasionally notice something happening on screen and decide to incorporate it into the play.

When I was in upstate New York this winter, bookstores were everywhere.  This one chain, seemed to cater to all sorts of pervy variations.  There were flicks for any and every taste.  I was clicking through the offerings in a booth and suddenly hit an incredibly hot piss scene.  It was pretty obvious that the performers were European.  I watched with that pleasure of recognition mingled with surprise.  This was just how I played---hose him down, fuck his mouth until he begs for me up his ass--raw.  The next scene was an incredibly hot top fucking three bottoms, in quick rotation then adding a fist.  The next was with more piss and a toy….
I had to find out what and who I was watching.  Well, it was Open Season from Wurstfilm.  Fucking hot and pervy Germans playing exactly like I like to do.  That film and the perhaps even hotter Perverts series (also from Wurstfilm) are the best new porn I’ve seen in a long time.

You’ll find one of them on my wide screen lap top in my playroom as I type this…


  1. Honestly, I am typically WAY to busy to pay any attention to what's playing on the vid screen. If I do notice, it's a bad sign (as in, something is not up to snuff). I like vintage '70's porn to be playing when I host. The dudes are real, not shaved, pumped up, etc. Joe Gage is my go to man. But usually I only watch it while waiting for my trick to show up. As for it playing in the background at someone else's house, when they host? I don't mind it, but I'd rather have some kick ass music. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  2. I would hope you are too busy to pay attention to any porn playing. Music works for me in the abstract--but finding the right music for me is hard. For instance, I can't have things with lyrics I know. I like early church music, if I'm doing a sub scene, but many of my subs find it odd. Most current music, for me, doesn't belong in the playroom. Which is why I go with the grunts and groans on the video to mingle with the grunts and groans and sighs my partner(s) and I are creating.