Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Playroom--A Fuckbench for You

When I bought my fuckbench last April, and posted a picture of it, I received a very polite email from a gentleman I had never met.  He was in the process of drawing up plans for a wooden fuckbench.  He didn’t really want to create a website to disseminate the instructions, but thought my blog might be the place.  Would I be interested in seeing his work?

Well, of course I would.
When I opened the attachments, there were meticulous designs for three different benches. The instructions were clear.  The illustrations were great and really clarified the construction.  They look similar to a sawhorse, with padded top bracing for the stomach and padded leg supports.

I agreed to send them to anyone interested in adding a piece of fuck furniture to their playspace—whether it’s a dungeon or the guest bedroom; the attic you have cleaned up for play or that spot behind the furnace that you were never quite sure what to do with…

 Here is a sample of the instructions:
Part Designation:
A1  Beam                    2x4  1 piece at 9 inches
A2  Beam                    2x4  1 piece at 20 inches
B  Legs                        2x4  4 pieces at 32 inches
C  Diagonal Bracing  2x2   4 pieces at 24 inches
D  Horizontal Brace    2x4 2 pieces at 25 inches
J   Arm Rest Support 2x4  2 pieces at 14 inches
K  Arm Rest Bracket 2x4  2 pieces at 20 inches
L  Hand Grasp            2 pieces of 1 inch diameter dowel at 10 inches
1.      Cut Beam (A).  A1 is 9 in. long and A2 is 20 in. long.
2.      Cut 4 legs (B).  Top of leg should be angled at 75o and bottom at 15o, both across the narrow side of the 2x4 board.  See Fig 1.  Height of bench is determined by the shorter distance between the beveled edges of the leg.  For each 1 inch change in bench height add or subtract 1 1/32 inches in leg length.  For each leg board, beginning slightly in from one end at a point “a” (Fig. 1), draw a line across the narrow side of the board at a 15o angle to a point “b” on the opposite edge. From point “b” measure along the length of the board the distance calculated to be the bench leg length to a point “c”.  From point “c”, draw a line across the narrow side of the board at 75o to a point “d” on the opposite edge.  Lines “ab’ and “cd” should be on the same edge of the board and inclined in opposite directions.  Cut the boards along these lines..........etc.


What I can’t show you are the drawings—Blogger won’t let me either cut and paste them, or upload them since they aren’t photos.  Trust me, they are great.

To be clear, he is not charging for these.  Nor am I.  Just send an email to me at and I will be happy to forward them to you.

We both believe that there is actually furniture that can make sex better. 

It’s time to get out your skill saw…




  1. I want to see. Try throwing them into powerpoint and save the slides as jpegs. Hope all is well. Have a great weekend. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I hadn't tried that way---but still no success. I could not isolate the graphic--so powerpoint wouldn't recognize it as a picture. Thanks for trying.

      You could just send me that email for them...I have a couple things I'd like to tell you in private anyway....