Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Playroom--the Floor

My playroom is an upstairs bedroom.  It has a hardwood floor.  For years I’ve made sure I have covered it with a tarp and a drop cloth (as I like my piss play right there) to protect it.  But I haven’t done anything about protecting our knees.
One way or another, people are on their knees a lot in my playroom.  My boys almost invariably start by sucking my cock, kneeling on the hard floor.  I spend as much time, maybe more, on my knees as I eat the ass on display on the bed, sling or fuckbench.  I sometimes fuck them on the floor before we move to another place.  I have put up with it for several years—but when I got the new bench I finally did something about it.

That something was a padded mat.   I opted for a rubberized exercise mat that comes in 2 foot squares.  It has jigsaw shaped edges so I can add more to it as I see fit.  Right now, I have enough to go under both the sling and the fuckbench.  It sticks out far enough for me to be on it at the business end of the sling and bench.
I started by putting down a sheet of plastic to protect the wood in case any moisture ever found its way through the cracks of the join.  Then the mat was placed on top of that in a 6 by 8 foot area.  Eventually I will do the whole room.  I would definitely like it under the rimseat.  I still put down a tarp (thinner now) for the predominate piss area under the sling and a cotton sheet to catch any run off.
The first time I used it, I was amazed how much a simple half inch of cushion helped the knees.   

The boy of the moment liked it too.  I couldn’t get him off his knees—not that I tried too hard…

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