Tuesday, November 26, 2013

David Does the Piss Party

Chicago—October, 2013

It was a busy weekend.  Friday night had been the house party I wrote about on my last two posts.  Saturday morning I woke up with a raging hard on.  My cock knew where I was headed.  I was bound for Chicago and the monthly piss party. 
I picked up Ryan at his home by mid-afternoon.  We compared notes about the men we’d fucked and bred the night before.  As we drove, we sipped Gatorade, and I heard about a couple of his favorite tricks who he had not yet written up for ‘Spreading My Legs.’  I told him about Juan stopping by for his breeding, promising Ryan he’d love the pictures.

We arrived with just enough time to spare to find free street parking—no easy job in Chicago.  We went in, undressed and the wetness began…

 I am refilling my empty Gatorade bottle at one of the two big coolers which sit on either end of the bar.  I am at the one closest to the video screen—and the back corner.  I see a younger guy with a hot, hairy chest, and a neatly trimmed beard sitting on the lone bar stool in the corner.  The cub gets up as I approach.  He has a nice mound in the white jock that clings to his slightly swollen cock.  We say hello and he falls to his knees.  I let him suck me for a bit.  I’m not getting as hard as I should.  I need to piss.  I pull out and let him have some in his open mouth.  He groans.  I let my stream play on his hairy chest.  He leans back on his heels, reveling in the warm liquid clinging to all that hair.  His hands come up and he massages some into his chest.  I aim a little lower.  The large cock, sticking out of the mounded pouch, gets drenched.  I let it play over his jock.  For the next four hours, it will no longer be white.
I finish up.  He swallows my cock, getting the last of my stream in his mouth.  I am now rock hard. My boy of the moment falls into cock sucking mode.  He swabs my broad cock head with his rough tongue.  It feels great.  He has two thirds of me deep in his throat.  I hold the back of his head and fuck my cock into him.  He takes me to the root.  I hold.  And then let him pull off.

He grins up at me.  “Damn that’s good.”
I pull him up.  I work his hard seven incher the rest of the way out of his wet jock.  I kneel and just get my mouth around him before he begins to piss.  It’s not a lot, but it whets my appetite for more.  I swallow it down, loving the feeling of his cock spewing into my mouth.

“Would you fuck me?” he asks as I stand back up.
I don’t answer.  I just turn him around, so he can lean on the bar stool.  I kneel behind him.  His ass is as furry as his chest, and rather flat.  I pull his cheeks apart and spend long minutes eating his hole.  A one point, I stand and am able to give one short blast of piss right onto it.  I lick it off, stroking and lubing my cock. 

I enter him.  He takes me easily into his talented ass.  He squeezes down as I hold still.  Then he orders me to fuck him hard.  I do.  A regular comes by and starts to piss on the cubs back.  The liquid sluices down his spine and covers my cock on each back stroke.  I fuck some of the piss into the cub.  Another man joins the first pisser and we get even more piss.  It’s splashing over us, guttering into his ass crack.
“Fuck,” I mutter. 

Moments like this is exactly why I come here.
I fuck the cub until I’m on the edge.  Then stop.  I taste his piss covered hole.  We kiss.  We separate and find new partners.

An hour into the event, I sit on the bench, hidden by a screen from the bar.  I don’t know how many guys have sucked my dick.  I have sucked a little and drunk less.  This party seems to be a good mix of regulars and new people.  Maybe 60 people are sucking and pissing.  Next to me, a younger guy I have not seen before, who has a cute round butt, is bent over sucking the cock of one of the regular tops.  The top reaches across the young man and spreads the sucker’s ass cheeks open with his thick hands.  I fall to my knees on the wet floor and begin eating the proffered hole.   His ass is sweet, with just the merest hint of soap.  From behind me an arc of piss hits the ass crack where my face is buried.  I have to slurp it down or drown.  Whoever is pissing has a huge bladder full—it goes on and on.  The boy is moaning, the top is telling the pisser to feed me and I can barely keep up with the massive flow.  I poke some of the piss into the boy with my tongue, but mostly drink it down after it’s flowed over his ass crack.  Suddenly, the boy between us spasms—he is shooting all over the floor.  All the attention is too much for him.  He thanks us and goes to sit at the bar.

Across the room I see David.  My cock literally jumps.  I had met David back at MAL in DC a couple of years ago.  He lives there, but still has family in Chicago, so he often comes here for the Jewish holidays.  Today he is wearing his Neoprene singlet.  His thick, cut cock is jutting out of the hole in front, his bubble butt from the hole in the rear.  He is one of the most handsome men I’ve ever fucked—with sharp, strong features, dark curly hair and a short beard.  I think back to the time I whored him out atSteamworks.  He was a total magnet for cock and cum.  I had rarely felched more out of a man.  He is working that magic now.  He holds onto the bar and lets a Daddy fuck him.  David’s head is turned towards me—he knows I’m watching.  He smirks at me—then his look changes to one of pure lust as the cock behind him picks up speed.  Guys get in the way so I can’t see anymore, but I sit and wait for him.  Soon he arrives.  He greets me with a kiss and says “You’d better eat my ass before I lose it all.”  I hunker down as he turns it towards me.  It’s gleaming with fresh cum.  I lick him clean, stand up and turn him towards me to kiss.  I snowball the load into his mouth.  David kisses me hungrily.  “Fuck me.”  He pulls away and holds onto the screen, arching his back and thrusting that perfect ass towards me.  I enter—and fuck him hard.  When I stop, he cleans my cock, not wanting to miss any remnants of the other man’s load that are now on my cock.  He goes off to get another beer.  I know I will be back up that ass before long.
I find Ryan and tell him David is here and the he needs to fuck him.

Another hour of wetness has gone by.  David and I are talking behind the screen.  Ryan arrives behind David and reaches out, touching David’s wet hole.  David arches back, not caring who is admiring his ass.  Ryan pushes in.  I bend David to suck me.  Ryan is fucking him hard, impaling David on my cock with each thrust.  Ryan gets that look on his face I’ve come to know—he has to stop or he’ll cum.  He stops just in time.  I turn David to clean his cock.  After he has licked the juice off of him, David stands up.

“Oh, yeah,” I venture.  “You two should know each other.  This is my friend Ryan.  Ryan—David.  Ryan and I talked about you on the way into town, hoping you might be here.”  We continue talking as if the fuck had never interrupted us.
Another hour has gone by.  I am fucking David again.  With the remnants of the crowd watching me do it.  Most have shot and gone.  Ryan arrives.

“Take my buddy.”
David turns his back to Ryan.  Ryan kneels and eats David’s hole.  It’s seen a lot of cock since Ryan last saw him.  I can only imagine how good it must taste.  Ryan must think so, too.  He rises up and fucks David incredibly hard.  I hold on to David, his arms around my neck.  I can feel the battering he’s taking.  Ryan slows and saves his load.  He ambles away.  I turn David so he can support himself on the bench.  I enter his used hole.  I fuck right where Ryan was moments ago.

David tells me how good it feels.   “Now piss me.”
I slow and hold in place.  Then I make tiny thrusts.  My piss spurts out going deep into David.  I thrust a little more, still spewing the hot liquid.  I am fucking it deep into his gut.  He is moaning, taking the biggest, hottest load of his night.  When I have no more piss to offer, I fuck a little more, but I know I won’t be able to shoot a cum load.  David pulls off me, cleans my cock and gives me an incredibly sensuous kiss. He tells me he will likely see me next month and goes to find his clothes.

I drink a little more, but know I won’t likely get off after all the hours of play.  I don’t want any other ass after that last piss fuck with David.
Ryan finds me and we pack up and head home.  Soon we are at his house, arms and legs wrapped around each other in his bed.  It feels good to have someone I care about in my arms once again. We are asleep in no time at all.
David's ass---lifted from his profile.


  1. Great recap! David does have a perfect ass and knows how to use it. I still have to write up my story about the November piss party yet and how David met us there again. Always a hot time when we go out in search of sex! Thanks for taking me along! Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

    1. I love our joint sex adventures! And happy Thanksgiving to you, too. (My goal is to write up November before the December party! I guess I better keep writing!!)