Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fuck the Competition

Upstate New York—January, 2014

 I had two more exploits in New York that more than made up for my being blue balled for a week.  This is the saga of the first one.
Last year, I had heard about an old style cinema that showed porn and where men played openly.  I couldn’t make it to the city where it was located.  I used my last day off to get there this year.  It is located in a big university town.  I was pleased the parking lot was full as I arrived.

When I walked in the bored attendant asked if I wanted Cinema One or Two.  I quickly looked around to find what was playing.  Was one of the theatres gay and one straight?  He sighed loudly and pointed to a marquee obscured by a plastic potted plant.  Both theatres seemed to play very similar, big breasted straight porn.  I asked if there was a combo discount.
“No,” he answered as if explaining it to a backward child.  “If you want both, you buy one and then the other.”

I looked around to see if there was more traffic to one or the other.  The lobby was deserted.
“One,” I replied.

“Good choice.”  Was that sarcasm, or letting me know I chose the one where the action is?  Maybe he was just a fan of breast fucking.
I took my proffered ticket and headed to the left.  I pissed in a deserted men’s room and wondered if I’d made a fruitless journey.  I sighed and pushed through the double doors, where a hand scrawled sign read ‘One.’


It’s dim, not dark.  I stand in the aisle for moment.   It was once a grand theatre.  At some point it had been split in half, making it long and narrow.  Crumbling plaster seems to be everywhere.  The screen is still big and illuminates the ancient seating.  My eyes adjust.  I see five men are lined up against the back wall to my left.  All but one has their dick out.  There is another man on the floor going from dick to dick.  My cock jumps.  I’m in the right place.
I watch the men play.  I don’t get my dick out.  I want to take a moment and look around.  I head down towards the front of the seating.  A man from the back wall follows me.  I choose a row behind a seated man who is leaning back in his seat.  There is a woman on the floor giving him head.  I sit.  The woman stands.  No, it’s a man in full drag. 

The man who followed me pushes past me and sits against the wall.  I’m closer to the main aisle.  He watches me intently as I unbutton my pants.  I just let the mound of my jock speak for itself.  I stay covered.  This prompts him to get his cock out.  Eventually, he sidles over, keeping low, as if people might miss the really average porn playing.
“Can I suck it?”

I nod.
He sucks my dick with enthusiasm, if not great technique.  A Bear-ish guy sits down next to me to watch.  He takes his cock out. The cocksucker squeezes past me and sucks the Bear, too.  This is too much for the cocksucker.  He cums on the sticky floor.  I look at the Bear.  I take a turn on his dick and get a first load down my throat.  The Bear leans over and whispers, “I would have let you fuck me with that.”  I shrug.  He pulls on a downy jacket and takes off.

I move down to the front row.  I leave a seat open so someone can sit next to me.  The drag queen is suddenly behind me.  She looks at my cock, then gets busy sucking a guy who’s unzipped next to her. 
A distinguished looking older man sits next to me.  We exchange looks, then blow jobs.  I get him off without him ever getting fully hard.

No one else comes down to the front, so I go back to the back wall.  It’s a brand new crop of men.  There is a man servicing two men on the other side of the aisle.  Two more stand and watch.  I stand alone on the left side, leaning on the back wall.  My crotch is full and mounded.  A man in a leather jacket detaches himself from the group and comes over.  He reaches out and kneads my cock through the fabric.  He unbuttons my pants.  I haven’t put my cock back in my jock, so it flops out.  He hefts it and bends down to take it in his mouth.  I finally have a great sucker.  He works me to the point where I have to pull out of his mouth and calm down.  I can see that sucking me has made him hard.  I unzip his pants.  I kneel on the grimy floor.  I take him in in one gulp.  He begins to fuck my face.  He shoots in thick ropy strands.  I clean him up.  He thanks me and zips up, and leaves.
I move around and sit in the back row.

There is a lull in the action.
The door pushes open.  A young man comes in.  He takes off his winter coat, leaving him in a sweatpants and sweatshirt with the home university’s logo on his chest.  He sits in the back row on the other side.  He must be a regular.  Guys all but line up to get sucked off by him.

I’ve always like some competition. 
A Dad is already in the young man’s mouth.  One of the guy’s watching moves over to me and uses my mouth.  Load 4 of the day.

I suck another, but he doesn’t want to shoot. 
A different (and hotter) looking Daddy is in the young man’s mouth.  The sucker seems to have to work on this one.  I go over to his side, in the aisle behind him.  I hunker down in the far corner.  The Daddy wants to try the new guy.  He comes over and sticks his wet dick in my mouth.  I work hard, with a lot of extra tongue on his flared head.  I’m rewarded.  Load 5.

I start to get up, but a big burly guy in his early 40’s pushes me back down.  I look up—the light from the flickering movie is glinting off his shaved head.  He’s hot and he knows it.  I suck him with renewed vigor.  He must like what I’m doing, for me pulls me up and manhandles me away from the others.  “I can’t cum with them watching,” he tells me in a low voice.  He sits down front.  I kneel in front of him.  I’m in service mode now.  I don’t even get my cock out.  His cock is dripping from my first round with it.  I swallow it down.  He holds me in place with thick hands on the back of my neck.  I can’t do what I need to do.  No matter.  He’s shooting into my mouth.  Load 6.
My cock is screaming for release.

I go back up to the young cocksucker.  He has a thick cock in his mouth.  I wait my turn.  The thick cocked guy wants to share.  He pulls out and pushes the boy’s head onto me.  I can see why the guys lined up.  He’s great.  I push his mouth back onto Thick Dick.  We rotate again.  “You should fuck him,” Thick Dick tells me.  I look down at the young man.  His answer is to stand up and strip off the sweatpants and sweatshirt.  He’s now in just a red jock and running shoes.  He moves around and bends over, taking Thick Dick into his mouth and presenting his rounded ass to me.  I kneel behind him and surprise him with my mouth.  His hole doesn’t stand a chance against my hard driving tongue.  He flowers open.  Some spectator reaches down and tries to stick a finger into the hole I’m eating out.  I grunt and push him away.
“Fuck him raw,” I hear from a voice on the other side of me.  I stand up and slap my cock against his now wet crack.  I give him a second to tell me to latex up.  His only response is to reach behind himself and line my raw cock up with his hole.  I push.  And again.  And I’m in.  I push until my pubes grind against his smooth ass.    He bucks back.  He forgets about sucking Thick Dick, concentrating on the dick in his ass.  I turn him slightly so he can support himself against the back seats.  He pumps back on me.  Guys are stroking his naked back and ass.  I am plowing hard.  The sound of my hips slapping against his bubble butt fill the theatre. 

I announce I’m close.  I want him to say the words.
“You want this load in your ass?”

“Fuck yes.  Fill me up.”
I don’t need any more encouragement.  I shoot deep into him.  I hold on to his hips, refusing to let him go.  Of course, I do.  Eventually.

“Do you come here most Sundays?”  he wants to know.
I tell him I’m from out of state.  He nods sadly and reaches down to grab his pants.  His ass is in the air again.  I kneel and spread his firm, full cheeks.  The light is dim back here, but I like to think I see a thin strand of my cum oozing out of his pucker.

Blue balled no more. 


  1. Wow! Very hot scene....love bookstore experiences like that. I think I would have had a great time in there myself!

    1. I had not played in a movie theatre in years. The guys there were determined to have fun. And a side note--there were two other cross dressers...I was surprised. Two of them stood/sat and posed. One was extremely busy. More than once I watched men dive under that skirt....

  2. I swear you deserve The Pulitzer Prize.

    1. Really? "And the Pulitzer Prize for Porn goes to..." I can only hope my life can be an inspiration to other, um, sluts.....

  3. This reminded me of the glory days back in the late 70′s in the Adonis Theater which stood at 839 Eighth Avenue in the Times Square district before it got fucking "Disneyfied." This grand old theater was a sexual amusement part. Men would literally avoid the seats under the balcony’s edge at busy times for fear of being showered with cum from above. It's nice to know places like this still exist out there although the playing of straight porn is a head scratcher.

    1. I've heard of the Adonis--I never made it to New York while it was operating. I think the straight porn is merely a small town answer for all those men who wouldn't walk into a gay theatre.