Thursday, March 6, 2014


Upstate New York—January, 2014

I was on the prowl at an arcade or two pretty much every day for the next week.  The bookstores were so much closer to me than at my home in the wilds of Michigan.  My job required lots of planning, but very little physical time at work.  I had lots of time to explore.

And I found enough men to keep me occupied, but I had very little sex that was not routine.  The day after I bred the tattooed twenty-something in the arcade, I could find no one to play with at all—online or at two of the arcades.  The very next day I was back in the arcade in the town I was living in and I sucked off two older men within minutes of each other.  One had huge nipples he worked constantly as I sucked his rather rubbery cock to quick completion.  The second man was hung better than average, but there was nothing about the encounter that merits any more than this single sentence.
I took a couple of days off from the arcades at the end of the week.  I trolled online and found a man out of town who wanted to sub for me.  We’d meet in the middle of next week.  I found a college student who wanted the same thing.  We’d meet the day before.

On the next Sunday I was glad to be back checking what was behind the pink doors.  A younger business man, dressed as if he’d come straight from church, wanted a blow job.  He was done in a minute.  He shot so fast I did not even have time to get hard.  A movie was playing rather loudly next door.  I waited until the spent man left, then tried the knob.  It was open.  Once again I was met by the fully naked tattooed young man.  He greeted me.  He seemed very subdued.  Or perhaps he was just sober.  We fucked.  I bred him.  He refused ass to mouth.  And he didn’t shoot.  He seemed, well, rather guilty.  I never saw him again my remaining days in New York.
The next day I found and serviced a mechanic on his lunch hour.  It was hot.  I would write about it—but he was the same man I met last year—and the scene happened once again exactly as I wrote about it here.

The next day the sub college student was online, but refused to talk to me.  No play.
The day after that the out of town sub never got on line to tell me how to find him.  I sat with a cup of coffee and was determined to find some ass on line—some ass who could host.

Eventually, I succeeded. 
He actually wrote me first.  His ad stated it was a ‘couple looking,’ but his partner was not there.  He needed to be bred.  Now.  Before the BF got home.  He gave me his address by the fourth email.  It was out of town, but not as far as I’d been planning to drive for the no-show sub.  I swung by the house, grabbed my lube put on my cock ring and took off into the hinterlands…

It’s hill country.  So far all the country roads have been marked.  The snow is white and pristine out here, not grey and filthy like in the city.  All the evergreens look like they are auditioning to be on Christmas cards.
There’s the turn.  It’s slightly slippery.  My car does not care much for slick roads. And there’s his mail box.  The house is set far back from the road.  The narrow drive is plowed.  I park in front of his double wide trailer in the middle of nowhere.

A dog barks inside.  A big dog.  I hear his master tell him to stop.  The front door opens as I approach.  “Go to the back door.  There’s too much ice here.”
I clomp around to the back door.  He’s there—with the dog by the collar and the door open.   He’s in his mid-forties.  He’s taller and beefier than in his pics, but in a good way.  There is more muscle on his bare chest than I could see in those pictures of him on all fours.  He is wearing nothing but a pair of sweat pants.  He has a mix of tattoos on his arms and chest.

“Sit.”  That’s to the German Shepherd.  Not me.  “Come around this way.”  This is to me.  He leads me through something of a maze of clothes, boxes and Christmas decorations waiting to be packed away.  The bedroom is crowded, but there is enough room to strip to my jock and athletic socks.  My socks are soon covered with dog hair, but I don’t care.  I have a man kneeling in front me who is taking my cock to the root.  I remember from his profile pictures that his partner is hung.  He knows how to cover his teeth.  I fit so snugly in his throat.  He loves to hold me there to the point where he can’t breathe, then pull himself off of me fast.
“Get up on the bed.”

He rises, pulls off his sweat pants and gets on all fours.  I sink to my knees.  The bed’s tall.  I make him spread his legs a little until his hole is directly in front of my mouth.  I sink in deep.  He grunts.  I eat him out.  I leave lots of saliva to fuck in.  I stand up.  My cock sinks into him with no resistance.
“God, you are thick.  It feels—great.”

I hold deep in his guts.  Then do the slow pull out.  In to the root.   Out ever so slowly.
“Fuck me hard.  Rape my cunt.”

I pick up speed.  My balls slap on his ass.  The sound brings the dog to investigate.
“Get out of here,” he barks at the dog.

I lean over my man to make sure he feels every inch of my cock.  A wet nose is on my balls.  And it’s not his boyfriend’s.  “Hunter, go lie down.”  The dog stops licking my ass and ambles out of the room.
I pull out.  It’s time for the pig test.  I bring my cock around to his mouth.  There is a fractional hesitation, then he cleans it like a pro. 

“Flip over on your back.”
He does.  I pull his head over the edge of the bed and fuck his face.  I am just as deep in him this way as when I was up his ass.  I bend across him and idly play with his wet hole as I fuck his mouth.

“On your knees again.”  I’m on the other side of the bed for this fuck.  In a few moments I pull out.  My bag is right at my feet.  I see my egg headed dildo.  I pull out of his ass and fish the toy out of the bag.  I grease it up without his knowing what I’m doing.  It’s up him before he can see it.

“Just take it.”  The toy is plugging him fully.  I pull the base down.   There is just room to add my cock.
“FU-CKKK!”  He elongates the word into two syllables.  I cut him off by pushing his head down into the blanket we are fucking on.  He grunts.  He is loving being used.  His cock, though not hard, is drooling amazing amounts of precum.  I swipe some up and feed it to him.  I fuck with the toy in place.

Eventually, I pull out.  I work the toy out and toss it on his bed.  He’s in the zone now.  He grabs it and sticks it in his mouth as I plunge back into his hole.  I fuck him while he gets the toy so deep in his throat he makes gagging sounds.
We pause and chat about fucking with his Boyfriend sometime while I’m here.  I can tell it likely won’t happen.  This is all about his hole on the down low.

“Get on your back.”  I stand and fuck him, looking down at his face twisted into a mask of pleasure and pain.  There is a large black dildo on his bureau.  I reach over and grease it up, all the while continuing my fucking into his hole.  When it’s slick, I pull out and push the thick plastic cock into him.  He knows this toy well.  He relaxes and grinds down on it.
I toss it aside after a while and put my cock back into him.

“Can you breed me soon?”
I grunt some sort of affirmative.

“I don’t know how much longer he’ll be gone.”
I pick up the pace.  I pull out, taste his hole and plunge right back in.  A few jack rabbit strokes and I am shooting.  It’s intense.  I love the look on his face as he watches me convulse over him.  I flood his guts with several days of hot load.

A brief wash and I’m back out in the cold and snow. 
I sit in my car and realize I never asked his name.  I look up at his bedroom window. He’s not there, but Hunter is, watching me start my car and pull out onto the country road as the snow starts falling again.