Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Side By Side

Upstate New York—January, 2014

I had the apartment to myself.  My house mates had gone home for Saturday night and all day Sunday.  I had been talking online to a hot looking Puerto Rican from the City who was spending time here with his family.  He had no place to play—but suddenly I did.  I picked him up at his house and brought him to mine.  The king sized bed was finally going to get a work out.  I knew he really wanted to be an oral sub, but had hinted that that might turn him on to more.  I didn’t mind.  I was thrilled to finally be having sex at home. 
He looked older than his pictures, but that wasn’t a problem for me.  His dark black hair was rather shaggy.  He’d been a dancer once and still had the svelteness (and the bubble butt) I love with those men. He stripped and knelt by the side of the bed.  His hands went instinctively behind his back.  I was still dressed, but undid my fly.  He got me hard just breathing on my pouched cock.  I got it out and fucked his face.  He was good.  He could take me to the root with no teeth.

I fucked his face. 
I fucked his mouth with him on his back and his head over the edge of the bed with his wrists pinned to the bed.  This position made his uncut cock stand up and drip.  I rolled him over and tongued his ass.  He groaned.  Then, as if a switch had been thrown he asked for a break.  He talked.  And talked.  It became obvious that he’d had no one to listen to him at his grandparent’s.  We talked about theatre, dance, New York City and the death of his lover ages and ages ago.  And there was no way to get back to sex after all that.  I took him home.

I was blue balled, but I was ok with it.  I knew I had a play date the next day.
I’d chatted with a couple online who lived up on Lake Erie.  Our ‘into’ lists on BBRT matched exactly.  We chatted some more.  Just enough to know they were for real—but not so much I thought they were just getting off on just the idea of it.   We’d set a date—this Sunday.  I drove through winter squalls to meet them.  The house was out in the country, but I found it with no problem.

It was a large, modern farmhouse.  I was met at the door by the younger of the men.  Manuel was maybe 40, from somewhere in Central America and was the slightly more vanilla half of the couple.  He was extremely handsome.  He could have been in any Kristen Bjorn video.  I brought in my bag and Manuel took me down to the play room.  He went off to finish his clean out.  I stripped while I waited for Mark.  It was a really nice space.  A square room with all four walls mirrored.  I looked up.  A mirror was on the ceiling, too. There was a sling, a shelf of sizable toys, and a padded bench about the size of a twin bed built into a one wall.  Mark was down in no time, fresh from the shower—his skin still damp underneath the terrycloth robe.  He was slightly older than his partner.  Dark hair, with just a touch of grey, was cut short.  His body had spent a lot of time at the gym.  He was almost as tall as me.  He hugged me as he walked in, saying “This is going to be fun.  I almost always have to be the top.”

His tongue is instantly in my mouth.  He shrugs out of the robe, without ever stopping the exploration of my mouth with his tongue.  His hands stroke my ass.  My hands find his hairy butt.  He moans into my mouth.  I pull out of the kiss.  “Let me eat your ass.”  Mark grins and gets on all fours on the padded bench.  I kneel, pull apart his cheeks and start a hard tongue fucking.

“Eat me out, stud,”   Mark groans.
The door opens.  Manuel walks in wearing nothing but a towel.  He stops dead, looking at the scene in front of him.  His towel drops and he scrambles up on the bench right next to his partner, his ass presented to me to do the same to him.  I move over and begin eating the new hole.  The partners kiss as I alternate on their asses, leaving them wet and dripping. 

I need to fuck.
I stand up and enter Manuel.  He is tight.  I push in.  He groans into Mark’s mouth.  Mark holds him while I start to fuck.  Eventually Mark cranes around and watches my cock plow his lover.  He leans in and licks my shaft as it disappears into Manuel.  “Fuck my brown ass boy.”  I do.  Mark’s eyes never leave my shaft.  I pull out.  He cleans my cock.  I push him off me, and back into position.  I enter Mark.  Rougher and harder.  He loves it.  He is telling me how hard to fuck him and how deep he wants it.  It’s Manuel’s turn to straighten up and watch.  It makes his cock harden for the first time since he’s come into the room.

I pull out and re-enter Manuel. 
I fuck them side by side and back and forth.  When I stop, I go back to eating out their well fucked asses.  Mark kisses me repeatedly, wanting to taste the ass juices in my mouth.  “Lie down,” he suggests.  I get my head right by the edge of the bench.  Manuel is the first to sit on my face—he stands at the end of the bench and grinds his brown ass onto my extended tongue.  I can’t see, but I can hear the lovers making out while I eat out his ass.  Manuel pulls off my face.  Mark leans down to kiss me.  He calls me a dirty fucker, then grinds his wet ass onto my face.  I hear the partners kissing again.

“I need to be fucked.”  It’s Manuel voice.  Mark stands up.  My eyes take a moment to adjust to some light again.  I get up and Manuel kneels.  His ass is perfect, begging for my cock.  I push Mark’s face into Manuel’s butt.  He eats him noisily.  I pull him up.  We kiss.  I kneel and it is my turn to lick and spit onto his hot hole.  My cock is dripping.  I swab the lube over my cock head as I eat him out.  I’m ready.  I stand and slap the wet cock head against him.  Manuel is now jerking as I push into his pucker.  Mark grabs my hips from behind and pushes me into his partner. 
“Arggh.”  Manuel is convulsing.  I see his load all over the bench.  “Please…stop”

I pull out.  I scoop up his cum and smear it on my dick.  I push Mark down, so his feet are still on the floor, while he holds onto the quivering Manuel.  I push my sperm covered cock roughly into Mark.  I tell Manuel exactly what I’m doing with his cum.  He grunts what I take to be approval.  Mark calls me a sick bastard, but I can see the sweetest smile on his face in the mirror in front of us.  I churn the cum into a froth.  I churn until I have to stop and taste it…

Manuel is gone. 

“Is he really alright with us continuing?” I ask.
Mark gets up off the floor, where he’s been cleaning the last of Manuel’s cum off my cock.  “For an hour or so, yeah.  He doesn’t like watching me be fisted.”

We move to the sling.  I fuck Mark for quite a while.
I use a progression of toys to open him up.

My hand slips in easily.
“We should wind this up.” Mark tells me. 

I fuck him again.  I will myself to cum.  And suddenly I’m there.  I breed him.  Deep.  I can tell I haven’t cum for several days, for cum drips from his hole.  I offer him a taste on my fingers. 
Mark stands up, my fingers still in his mouth.  I move behind him as he jerks, watching himself in the mirror.  My other hand works his nipples, my spent and oozing cock is pressed against the matted hair of his ass.

He shoots halfway across the room


  1. Fuck! That's a so hot. Men like you are hard to come by. My last partner and I would have loved you do this to both of us .

    1. I do love to play with couples--but couples who have thought it out, set limits and who trust each other.

  2. I've never had as good a time as you playing with a couple. The vibe is always your session though, sounds fucktastic!

    1. These two had incorporated a third many times---as Mark had such a huge bottom side, something Manuel couldn't help him with. I think it's the three things I mentioned in the answer above that do it. New couples can be hard. I make sure that I spend equal time with partners when we are all in the room together. I never show favoritism...though it's hard not to be attracted to one more than another.