Saturday, March 22, 2014

Steven Daigle In My Playroom--well, sort of....

My Playroom--March, 2014
I came home from work the other day rather tired and cranky.  I yanked open the door and found I had a package.  As soon as I was inside, I opened the mailing envelope.  Steven Daigle fell into my lap. My mood improved.

Treasure Island Media had sent me a copy of Cum Whore.  And one signed by Jack Allen.

 In January, I had been surprised at finding one of my posts re-printed on the Treasure Island Media blog in their “Cum Sloppy Stories” section.  Rob, of The Breeder's Journal spoke up and said he’d had several of his posts reprinted on their blog.  The company had sent him a video and, perhaps, some chocolate as a thank you.  I’d made a rather flippant comment along the line that while I wouldn’t mind a copy of Cum Whore, I would love some chocolate. 
Within days I’d heard from TIM and they would be happy to send me a copy of the video.  And here it was.  I have only watched the first few scenes so far.  Very hot.  I need to find time to watch the rest—however, a series of hot hookups have beaten out watching porn for most of this month.

Thank you Mitch and Julian of Treasure Island.  Not only does you company make great porn, you are men of your word.  Feel free to reprint to your heart’s content.  Or let me fuck Steven Daigle….and we'd all have something to blog about....