Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Final Arcade Fuck

Upstate New York—January, 2014

I had one last encounter in upstate New York before I came home.
A young man of 23 was a frequent correspondent on a vanilla hook up site.  He wanted to get together.  He was able to host, he assured me.  We set a date—only to have it cancelled when his parents didn’t go out of town.  We tried again when I had another day alone in the apartment.  This time he had to head out of town. 

Well, I stopped trying to connect.  But I still chatted with him from time to time.  At the end of my stay in New York, he brought up a meet again.  I pointed out we had no place to go—unless he’d consider going to the bookstore. 
"You mean the porn arcade?”

“Let’s do it.”

We set a time—2:00pm—in one hour.  The arcade was minutes away from my apartment.  If he didn’t show I could just cruise a little and go home.  I grabbed the lube and the condoms.  Yeah—he was cute enough I had agreed to go in covered…

 I am talking to the handsome snow plower—the man who had stroked my bare ass the first day I was in town. I tell him I am here on a fool’s errand. The plower nods sagely.  At the far end of the corridor, a tall, slim, slightly curly haired young man appears around the corner.  He steps tentatively in my direction and stops.  I meet his gaze and then walk toward him.
“Hey, you’re already here.”

I smile.  Jack is even better looking in person.  He’s my height.  His skin is every bit as pale as mine.  He reminds me of myself 30 years ago—but prettier.  He is wearing glasses that make him look both studious and rather hot.  We go around the corner.  We have our choice of booths—only one is in use.  He chooses one in the middle and goes in first.  I follow and shut the door.  He scores huge points by pulling me into a kiss.  We are all tongues and groaning deep in our throats. My hands are all over his fully clothed ass.  Well, here’s a difference between us—there’s a lot more meat on his butt.  We take off coats and dump them in the cleanest looking corner.  His jeans follow—mine just stay around my ankles.  We both open our shirts—he ditches his into the clothing pile.  He’s naked but for athletic socks.  I crank a couple of dollars into the machine.  Porn starts playing.
Jack sits and engulfs my cock.  He swallows me down, pulls off it and sighs—“Damn that’s a lot of dick.”  He swallows it down again.  He takes me with no teeth and lots of suction.  I fuck his face, nice and easy.  I pull him up to kiss again.  Deeper.  Longer.  More passionate.

I turn him around.  He puts a knee up on the bench.  I hunker down and look at his ass.  He’s incredible hairy below the waist.  My tongue parts the forest of hair and finds his hole.  Jack groans so loudly he covers his mouth with his hand…and then laughs.  It’s so fucking endearing I drive my tongue into him again.
“You are so deep,” Jack murmurs. 

I eat him for a long time.
“Stick it in.  Just the head.”  He turns to look at me over his shoulder.  “I want to feel it.”  I poke my dripping cock head against his pucker.  I have gotten him open enough that my head half disappears.  “That feels so big.” 

I think about pushing right on in.
But I can’t.  A deal is a deal.  I kneel again, lick his hole as I lube my cock and suit up.  I stand and slowly enter him.  Jack moans deep in his throat.  I push in until my pubes grind against his furry butt.  I hold for a second.  I begin to pump.

Jack is hard while I fuck him.  He beats his meat for most of the time I fuck.  He stops only when he thinks he might blow his load.  I pull out.
“Do you want to ride it?”

Jack nods.  His eyes look glazed.
I sit and he settles down on my cock.  He starts jerking again.  It feels great—well, as good as it can with a Magnum—with him riding me.  I feel his ass clench down.  He’s going to shoot.  Jack stands, aiming at the wall.  I spin him around and take his sizable cock into my mouth, just as it erupts.  I swallow him down as he shakes and gasps for air.  I suck him until he starts to deflate.

I rip off the condom.  “Where do you want my load?”  I’m hoping for his mouth, but he tells me his chest.  I spew a huge load all over his left pec.  It clings to the occasional hair on his chest. 
He leans in and kisses me.  He’s a sweet boy.  “That was…” he can’t find the words.   “…so… good.”   I kiss him again, then dig for a fast food napkin to clean him up.

Jack wrote me that night.  He told me how much he liked my cock in his ass.   “You treated me so respectfully,” he added, “I would let you go in bare the next time.”

I wonder if I’ll ever see him again.  I’ll hold him to that...
As I left New York the next day, I stopped at each of the bookstores in the chain.  No play--a fitting farewell to the area...

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