Sunday, March 30, 2014

Putting It In

Memphis—February, 2014

After spending hours online finding someone to fuck the day before, the next night I lined up a guy in no time at all.  He was young, showing a round mound of ass that filled the frame of his main picture.  His cock pic was dark, but I didn’t much care.  A body pic was also dark but showed a trim young man.  There was no face pic at all. 
He told me he wanted to be fucked hard.  I told him that I wasn’t available until 11pm.  He didn’t care.  I told him I fucked raw.  He typed back one letter:   “K.”  He knocked at my door at 10:59pm, the moment I was done with business…

I open the door.  Damn, he’s hot.  I won the lottery.  He’s under 30 years old and Latino—something his pics had not revealed being so poorly lit.  His jet black hair is buzzed short.  He removes his leather jacket.  I can see his worked out chest under the red t-shirt. His ass fills his faded jeans.  And he’s nervous.  I’m naked but for a jock and white socks.  I gesture to one of the chairs by the hotel window to pile his clothes.  As he strips, I turn down the spread on one of the two beds in the room.  I fold it neatly at the foot.  It then promptly slips to a wrinkled mass on the floor. 

Luis, he tells me, steps toward me, still in his designer underwear.  He comes over to me slowly. I go in for a kiss.  He evades that by slipping to the floor and grabbing the pouch of my jock.  He pulls out my lengthening cock.  He smiles up at me and takes it in his mouth.  “Get it good and wet,” I tell him. 
I pull him up by his armpits.  His cock is tenting his underwear.  I kneel and pull them down in one swift movement.  I take his slightly larger than average cock into my mouth.  I work the foreskin back with my lips and tongue.   He pulls abruptly out of my mouth.  He’s horned and ready and afraid of shooting.  I push him gently towards the bed without getting up.  He bends over it, feet still on the floor.  His ass is inches from my face.  I bury my face in it.  He’s smooth—except for right around his hole.  My tongue pushes into him.  He squirms back on it.  He tastes of soap and a slight sheen of sweat.  I continue to push deeper, eating him out.  “Agh…agh…” he grunts in rhythm with each thrust of my tongue. 

I have to enter him.  I stand up.  My cock is lined up perfectly.  Luis beats me to it.  He reaches back and lines me up with his spit shined pucker.  I push forward.  “ARGH!” He grabs a pillow and buries his head into the middle of it.   I am lost in sensation.  He’s super tight.  I have to go slowly.  I press forward ever so slowly.  By the time I’m all the way in, he’s whimpering.  I ask if he’s ok.  He lifts his head and just nods.  I pull slightly out.  Push in.  A little farther out.  In.  Still farther.  In. 
Now I’m fucking him with long strokes.  His hand goes to his cock.  He starts to jerk.  I slap at his wrist, grab it and hold it behind his back.  He’s not getting off in the first few strokes.  I fuck until I need to catch my breath. 

I pull out and lie on the bed.  “Ride me.”  Luis comes around and hovers above my wet dick head.  Once again he lines my cock up with his hole.  He slowly sits down.  I watch his face.  It’s all concentration.  And raw desire.  He starts to ride me.  His hands are too busy supporting himself to touch his bobbing cock.  Soon he’s impaling himself, deep, with a squishy, wet, smacking sound on every thrust.  He’s panting.  I’m panting.  Luis collapses forward onto my chest.  I hold him for a moment before we move.
I roll him off me.  I get up, grab his legs.  I pull him around so he’s on his back, his legs on my shoulders as I stand on the floor.  Once again he reaches down and inserts my cock into his now gaping hole.  I no longer need to fuck slowly.  I’m at full speed as soon as I’m in.  Luis’ hand reaches for his cock again.  I let him jack.  I’m actually close. 

Luis grunts out his orgasm.  I fuck his cum out of him, thrusting deep each time he spurts.  After 5 or 6 spurts—with his ass clenching on my cock—I start to seed him.  I spurt just as many times.  I bend forward, keep my cock in place, and let Luis’s cum coat my chest. 
I thrust one last time.  Luis reaches down and helps pull me out.  He races to the bathroom.  I know he’s trying to shit me out.  But my seed is too deep.  There is no need to flush as he leaves the bathroom.  He dresses, smiles tentatively at me and takes my load home with him.


  1. Ha! I've always wanted to plant a load so deep that it only passes out at the most inopportune moment... Hopefully in public...

    1. I certainly did with him--and he helped. It was rather like that "buyers remorse" after we were done.....