Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CLAW Day Four--A Farewell

Cleveland—April, 2014

With Joe missing the party and sleeping most of the night, he was able to get on the road even earlier than he wanted.  After he left I tried to sleep, but I really couldn’t.  I packed and was on the road myself with only a couple of hours sleep.  By the second rest area on the turnpike, I pulled in and slept for two hours in the front seat of my car.

I thought back about the weekend just before I fell asleep—a couple of moments I hadn’t recorded:

I stopped at one rest area on the way in to Cleveland on Thursday.  As I was coming out of the restroom, I did a true double take.  A male couple in their 40’s, dressed in 501’s, tight black t-shirts and boots breezed past me on their way to the urinals.  With their shaved heads and trimmed beards—well, we just looked at each other, grinned and I went on back to my car.  Hours later, as I was buying my tickets for the Recon parties, there they were.  The slightly taller one came over, thumped me on the chest and said, “I told my partner you were headed here.  Have fun…”  I never saw them in the huge crowds of men again.


At the third Recon party an older man, who was acting as the volunteer in charge, found me coming out of the piss area.  “I saw you last night fucking the guy in the army hat up there,” he said, gesturing towards the sling on the stage.  “I told the guys in charge they could save money on the porn stars and ask you guys to perform.”   If they can just convince Army Hat, I’ll be there…


Many of you know I lost my partner of 30 years, a few years ago.  CLAW can bring back a mix of feelings, for I was in Cleveland when my partner called, telling me he’d checked himself into the hospital and to come home.  He was dead a week later.   

It took five years before I was ready to sleep in the same bed with a man again.  The first was Ryan when we would crash at his house after the piss parties.  Marco, the muscle hole, was the second.  And now Joe.  We had a great weekend of intimacy—on a level that I hadn’t allowed myself to have for all this time.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed holding onto someone in the middle of the night.  Or talking about everything and nothing.  Or making each other laugh with stories of our incredibly checkered sexual careers.
I’m glad I didn’t rush it.  These three men have helped me heal more than they will likely ever know. 

I snapped this as Joe woke up from our nap before we hit the first Recon party.  Is there any wonder we were in bed, one way or another, all weekend?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CLAW Day Three -- The Third Recon Party

Cleveland—April, 2014

Tonight is the last Recon party.  I am pumped.  Joe is being very adult and going to bed early as he has to leave at the crack of dawn—conceivable just a couple of hours after we’d be coming home.  I shower, dress and kiss Joe good night.

I check in and strip out of my flight suit down to my leather.  The warehouse is busy.  Both crosses are being used.  The sound of floggers fills the space.  There is a fisting demo up on the stage in the sling.  There is a Master tying intricate knot patterns on a willing victim on the bondage table.  And not much fucking.  Yet.

A few guys are standing around, hands on each other’s crotches.  I see a blow job happening near the empty sling in the darkest area.  I go to the piss area.  There are no guys who want piss, but three men who are looking to give.  I have an incredible moment of drinking three rounds of recycled beer.  It makes my cock, as always, rock hard.

I go back to the sling.  I fuck the man in the rubber suit from the night before.  I fuck him with that piss induced erection.  And then the young man from yesterday’s gangbang walks in.  He is looking great in a leather harness edged in white piping.  His ebony skin really shows it off in the dim light.  He has a dark jock framing his ass.  The rubber guy is out of the sling and GangBang Boy jumps in.  I push my tongue into him.  He tastes every bit as good as he did the day before.  I eat, stand and fuck.  The men filter in, look, get out their dicks and take turns on him.  He keeps telling me this is what he came for—he can’t believe it is happening.  Many of the men are the same as the night before.  Ginger Tats takes a turn up GBB.  Then I fuck him some more.  The tall blond I seeded last night is back and in full top mode.  He loves fucking GBB.  The man who lives to clean cock fresh from hole has a field day with us all working over GBB.  It makes him so hard he finally fucks him himself.

I take a break.  Army Hat is back.  Tonight he is dressed in a jock and combat boots with a Marine dress coat open revealing a harness.  The white billed cap completes the ensemble.  He is definitely the hottest man in the room.  And barely plays.  I see him get a little head…but never get to watch him fuck, much less get near his ass.  

One of the men who fed me piss taps me on the shoulder.  “I found a guy with some piss for you.  You want it?” 

I nod and we go to the shower area.  I take a decent piss load from a nervous young man who has never fed before.  At first, he can’t stay soft enough in my mouth and can’t piss hard.  Then it all comes gushing out and down my throat.  By the time we are done, he is hooked.  He finds me twice more during the night.
“I’ve never seen anyone take so much piss without missing a drop,” says my first feeder.  “I have another load.”  He hauls out his thick dick and is pissing the moment he’s in my mouth.

I fuck GBB with my piss induced boner.  He loves it of course.  When we break, he stretches and tells me he wants to give me some piss, too.  And does.  Right there at the sling.

We let the hot Blond use the sling.  He’s fucking a twink who looks like he stumbled into the wrong party.  “You want to try this?” he asks me.  “He’s really tight.”

The Blond pulls out, I push in.  It’s too much.  The twink asks me to stop.  Only then do I see his load on his chest.  The man who has been cleaning cock performs clean up on the twink’s chest, too.

I piss on some rubber guys.

I fuck GBB in the sling on the stage.  This time I have no audience at all.  It’s a chain rattling fuck.  I feel like I’m on the verge of cumming—but I can’t quite get there.  GBB boy obliging gives me more piss as payment for the fuck.


It’s late.  I’ve been here for over three hours.  It’s been a very fragmented night. All my play has been in short little bursts as opposed to the huge scenes of the night before.

The first pisser is back at my shoulder.  He has another load.  The hot Blond is in the shower too.  I had no idea he was a piss hound.  We both get down on our knees.  I get the first moment of the piss load.  I yellowball it into the Blond’s mouth.  He moans and swallows.  The stream redirects and the Blond shares what he gets with me.  We go on and on, back and forth, as our feeder has enough piss in him for three men.  When he runs out, the Blond and I kiss deeply.  We stay huddled together for a long time.

I find GBB on a fuck bench.  I tongue him, thinking I’ll get off and go home.

But my cock finally rebels.  He refuses to stand up one more time.  GBB tells me he has had the best time and we leave the few men left in the warehouse.

I go home, strip and crawl into bed.  A muscle arm grabs me and pulls me close to him.  I am spooned by Joe for what little remains of the night. 

It’s better than shooting that load.

Monday, April 28, 2014

CLAW Day Three--"May I Cum, Master?"

Cleveland—April, 2014

I had a great connection with a Master and his slave during IML last year.  He contacted me early on to say that they would be at CLAW.  He had been there before, but not his slave.  The Master was thrilled I’d be in town, for he really wanted me to fuck both of them again.  When they are at home on the west coast, they almost always top other subs.  “We need a good fuck and you are the man to do it.”

I knock on their door at the main hotel.  The slave answers.  Naked. 

“Hello, Sir.  Come in.  Master is just finishing up.”

He is every bit as buff as when we last met.  He’s big--tall and broad, with a perfectly trim waist.  When he turns away I see the hot butt I ravaged 11 months ago.  His back, arms and chest are covered in an intricate tattoo pattern.  I look a little more at the total picture this time, which includes some men in bondage who are almost hidden by a twisting, spiny vine.  I hear his pierced ball sack jangle as he bends to kiss me then, then his wrists go instinctively behind his back and he kneels to take off my boots.

“Master told me to start without him.”

We are pressed for time.  They are going to the leather dinner I always avoid.  I am naked and in the slaves mouth as the Master steps out of the bathroom.  “Good to see you.”  I kiss him.  He hasn’t changed either.  He’s a foot shorter than the two of us, in his early 60’s with a bristly grey mustache.  He joins his slave on the floor, licking my balls.  They trade—the slave to my balls and the Master to my cock.  Master is the better cock sucker.  But I’m not here for a blow job.

“Up on the bed.  Side by side.”  They have two beds in the room—one for sleeping and one with a cover on it for play. They get up on the play bed, on all fours.  I kneel behind the muscle butt of the slave.  I dig my tongue in deep.   My fingers play with the Master’s crack.  When the slave is good and wet, I go eat the Master’s hairier ass.  I go back to the slave, then the Master, keeping a finger in the hole which doesn’t have my tongue.

I lube myself as I eat.  These guys don’t get fucked often.  I’m going to need it.  I push into the slave.  He takes it with some vocal histrionics.  I can’t make it all out as his mouth is buried in their play sheet.  After one hard thrust I hear it all.

“Thank you Sir!   Thank you Master for finding such a good fucker.”

I pull out.  And enter the Master.  I go in very slowly with him.  But he takes me like a champ.

“Kiss him,” I tell the slave.  He hungrily kisses his Master as I start to pull out.  I am soon up to full speed.  I pull out and re-enter the slave.

Back and forth.

“Roll over.”  I am just about to enter the slave.  He does.  I want to watch his eyes as I fuck him.  I’m not disappointed.  Desire and lust are both shining there.  Then he goes somewhere else—somewhere very good—as I bang at his prostate.

I do the same with the Master.  His gaze never leaves me.  His look just tells me how much he needs to let go and get fucked.

“Get on top of him,” I tell the slave.  “Kneel on either side so you can kiss him.”  They connect happily as I fuck the slave, then lift the legs of the master and fuck him while he is still underneath his slave.  This makes the Master hard.

“Sit on it.”  The slave pushes down on the Master’s cock.  A string of words of gratitude fall out of his mouth.  I have made a right choice.  I bend down to watch my private show of Master cock going into slave hole.  I tongue the disappearing shaft and the hole surrounding it.  This makes the Master moan.

The slave rolls off the Master.  I keep the Master on his back and begin fucking him.  The slave kneels by the Master’s head.  He’s jerking his cock like crazy.  The piercings jangle and clang.  “May I cum, Master?”

“Do you want him to?”  the Master grunts out to me.

I never stop fucking the Master.  I think about their fast approaching dinner.  “Yes.”

My hand is on the slave’s neck.  He reaches up, takes it off and slaps his own face with my hand.  I pick up the cue.  I cuff him noisily on the cheek.  Again.  Once more.  I hollow my hand to make it louder.  The last one really stings.

The slave grunts on cue, a strangled high sound—at odds with his massive body.  Very little ejaculate appears, but I swab up what there is and stick it on my dick.  The Master starts beating off.  He cums quickly and explosively on a deep thrust by me.  My mop it off the hair chest and feed it to the slave, making him suck my fingers.

And it’s over.  We talk about CLAW—asking how I like the Recon parties—and how we’ll have to do this again at IML.  I don’t get off, but I have no problem with that.  I’m headed to the last Recon party that night.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

CLAW Day Two--Second Recon Party

Cleveland—April, 2014

 Joe and I walk into the back entrance of the Flex Warehouse.  He goes on upstairs as I wait for Bob, my roommate from IML last year.  He lives in Cleveland and is coming to be a whore tonight.  He arrives, looking good with his trimmed beard and tanned good looks. We hand in our tickets and go up two flights of steel stairs.  You can feel the sexual heat tonight.  As we get out of our street clothes there is a definite feel of excitement and anticipation in the air.  We check our bags and we find Joe.  I perform a brief introduction and we all head to the darkest sling area to fuck.
The cubicle is packed with guys getting and giving head, but the sling is empty.  Bob gets into it.  I kneel and taste his ass, leaving gobs of spit in his hairy hole.  Joe is behind me, kneeling and giving head to a very handsome man.  I stand up and push into Bob.  He grunts and gets a cock put in his face.  I fuck slowly, long dicking him on every stroke.

I turn to Joe.  He’s bent over receiving a rough and fast fuck from the handsome man.  The top puts his arm around Joe’s throat and tightens.  Joe’s hand reaches to my shoulder to steady himself, but submits to the man who fucks him with stabbing thrusts.  I look back to Bob, he has a different dick in his mouth—the unmistakable PA of Ginger Tats.  I look to the tattooed man.  We grin at each other.  Pig brothers—always at the same trough.
The crowd surges.  I am still in Bob.  Joe is off in a corner making out with a sub in a full mask and fucking a man with a Mohawk.  To my left, Ginger Tats is taking a fuck from a man I can’t see.  He is holding onto and kissing a man in full rubber, who is also taking a fuck.  They kiss and moan into each other’s mouths.  I pick up the pace of my fuck, slamming into Bob. 

I let others fuck Bob:  GT, then an older guy who has cleans my cock each time I pull out of an ass, then a young Black kid.  I re-enter him after each of these men.  No one is looking to load—  it’s just the first half hour there.
I’m wrong.  There is a prolonged grunt of pleasure from the corner.  Joe has shot a load up the Mohawk guy.  The masked man suckles Joe’s dick clean. 

Bob takes a break to walk off having his legs in the air.  Mohawk jumps in.
“You want me to fuck in my boy’s load?” I ask him—and the room at large.  I taste his hole.  There is evidence of cum, but Joe shot it deep.  I put my cock into Mohawk to pull some out.  It’s a silky glide in. 

“God, you are big.” 
I just nod.

“Push it into my second hole.”
I push extra deep and do just that.  Mohawk’s eyes roll into the back of his head.  I fuck until he asks for a break.  I help him out and go looking for piss.

I find some.  The top who shared Bob would much rather have me drink from the tap than cover the cute man getting most of the loads showered over him.  I drink it down.  Forever.  He has an amazingly full bladder of sweet piss.  He’s impressed that I don’t waste any.  I stay on my haunches relishing the moment—and letting the Jungle Juice wear off.
A new top has arrived.  He’s tall, dark and wearing a leather army service cap.  Every man in the room wants to suck his cock.  I do, too.  But I wait to do it until he pulls out of Mohawk’s ass, his cock covered with the remnants of Joe’s cum.  He looks surprised, but pleased that I want it.   When I stand up, he hefts my cock appreciatively.

A Daddy brings a barely legal Latino boy into the room.  “Who wants to fuck him?”  He braces the boy up against the wall, making his ass jut out towards us.  The first man he chooses is one I can’t quite see.  The boy grunts loudly and whimpers as the man plows into him with no finesse.  The Daddy taps the first choice on the shoulder, as he says “Who’s next?”  He gestures to Army Cap.  Army gladly slips into the boy and gives him a great fuck.  The Daddy nods appreciatively.  Finally he says “All right, that’s enough.”
“You should let him have the biggest one,” Army says and points to me.  Daddy looks grudgingly at me and hefts my cock.  He thinks a long moment than says “Ok.”  I move around behind the boy.  The crowd is so thick I can barely get there.  I push in.  The boy groans and starts babbling.  I fuck him until Daddy decides the boy needs to be taken home.  They disappear, never to be seen again.

The room is now ablaze with finding a hole or a cock.  Everyone is busy.  Army grabs me by the cock.  He pushes back into the bent over Mohawk and guides my cock into his own ass.  I am stunned, but go with it.  I stand stock still and let Army do all the work:  fucking forward into Mohawk, impaling himself on me on each back stroke.  Eventually, I fuck Army hard enough that it drives him into Mohawk.  We only stop because we don’t want to come yet.

I give some piss to thin young man.  I cover his ass and cock, then lick it off.

I fuck Bob on the fuck bench that is on the stage.  He jerks himself hoping to get off and go home with the four loads he’s collected.  Others line up to fuck him.  We put on quite the show as the fuckers move from his ass to his mouth.
I lose track of how many other guys I fuck.

I occasionally catch sight of Joe.  He is constantly getting his dick sucked.
Army guy finds me.  “I want you to fuck me as I get off.”

I nod.  “Where?”
“A sling.  I want to see your face.”

The only one available is the sling on the stage.  I point.  He shrugs.  We mount the steps.  The chains rattle as he lies back into it.  It’s like the fire alarm has sounded.  Guys stop to watch us.  I kneel and eat his ass.  I don’t think anyone else has been up it.  My cock is rock hard.  I can’t quite believe my luck that this hot top wants me to fuck him. I use lots of lube and spit.  I enter him, slowly. 
“Fuck me, hard,” he grunts out as he man handles his own cock.  “Fuck me wide open.”  I accelerate into a chain rattling, hips slapping ass fuck.  It doesn’t take long until he shoots all over his hairy chest.  I lean over and lick it up.  He starts to get up.  I push him back down and reverse felch his load into his own hole.  He writhes and his hands beat on my shoulders.  When every last drop of  his load is up his open hole, I stand and help him up. 

“I just wanted you to go home with a load.”
He grins, hugs me and calls me a “dirty fucker” in the nicest possible tone.

His friend, a tall, built blond has been watching.  He grabs me as I go down the platform.  “You drink piss, right?”  When I say yes, he pushes me down right there.  He lets loose a huge flow down my throat.  When he finishes, he hauls me up by the armpits and kisses me to taste the salt brew.  “Do you want to breed me?” he asks as he pulls out of the kiss.
It’s late.  It’s time.  My cock has been feeling over worked.  I nod.  We troop back up to the sling. I lick his ass.  I stand to insert.  He has a tricky opening to negotiate.  But I make it in.  He’s so fucking tight, it’s over in a moment.  After all the holes I’ve been in, the tightest one draws the cum out of me in no time.  He grins, pleased with himself.  I help him up and we go down the steps.  Army Hat appears.  “You happy now?” he asks his friend.  The blond grins and pulls me into a wet kiss.  Then a third tongue shoves in.  The three of us remain like that for a long moment in the small hours of the morning.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

CLAW Day Two--Afternoon Gangbang

Cleveland—April, 2014

He had written me out of the blue.  I’d posted my travel plans on BBRT.  This young man commented on how much he liked my pictures.  And my cock.  And would I be interested in coming to his gangbang on Friday afternoon?
I said yes.  Snuggling in bed with Joe, this morning, I told him of my plans for the day.  He looked at the pictures on the young man’s profile.  The curve of his ebony ass got Joe hard.  “Ask him if I can come too.” 

We asked.  He said yes.  We went over to the main hotel at 5:30pm to fuck him.
The elevator doors opened on the appropriate floor. There is Ginger Tats, from last night, wearing nothing but a pair of underwear that out lined his plump cock.  “Are you guys going to room xxx?” he asked.

We said yes.  We found the room and knocked.  A lithe young man in athletic socks and a Nasty Pig jock opened the door.  His curly black hair is cropped close.  His smile is dazzling.  Swimmers build is used too frequently.  He had it for real.  His mouth fell open as three of us trooped in together. 

Our boy is a great kisser.  As Joe and I strip, we watch him kiss Ginger Tats until GT’s large cock head pokes out of the leg band of his shorts.  I get out of my clothes faster than Joe.  I kneel behind the boy who has bent over to suck GT’s cock.  My tongue goes right into his hole.  I pull those firm, black cheeks apart and make him moan around the cock in his mouth.  GT eventually pulls him off his cock and turns him around.  I stand up so he can take my erect dick in his mouth.  GT pushes into his ass.  Joe comes over, kneels and licks my balls as the boy sucks the shaft.
Soon, I’m up him.  He is tight, his ass gripping my invading cock.  He becomes a whore every time he hits the poppers.  GT and Joe kiss and suck each other as I push the boy onto the bed—never leaving his hole. I pummel his ass.

GT takes another turn.  The boy is standing, but bent over, holding onto me.  GT suddenly grunts and shoots.  “Milk him good,” I tell him.  “Get every last drop.”  I can tell from the pleasure/pain on GT’s face, that the boy is doing just that.  GT pulls out slowly.  The boy swings around and cleans his cock.
Then it’s up on the bed.  He’s read my profile.  He knows I want to tongue his hole now that it has a load.  He’s on all fours—his head cocked around, looking over his shoulder at me.  I take a huge hit of Jungle Juice and dive it.  My tongue instantly connects with load.  I slurp noisily as I swallow it down.

My tongue works tirelessly. The boy is loving this attention every bit as much as our cocks in his ass.  I strain into him, searching for the last drop of jizz.  I stand up.  I kiss Joe, letting him taste the cum.
“Now fuck him.”

Joe grins and sticks his cock into the slick hole.  He fucks him hard. The sound of his hips slapping against the bubble butt seems to turn GT on—he never goes soft. 
We all rotate again.  This time the boy sits on our cocks as we sprawl on the bed.  I’m first—the boy rides me moaning.  He pulls off.  Joe is sitting, waiting to be next.  GT slides around behind Joe, lifts him up and pushes into his ass.  The boy still happily sits on Joe.  I watch, jerking my cummy cock at the sandwich of ass fucking in front of me.

When the weight gets too much, they all separate.  GT pulls himself to the edge of the bed.  The boy sits again, facing GT.  I kneel and start licking GT’s balls.   And the shaft as it disappears into the crack of that ebony butt.  GT is talking trash about my filthy tongue.  He loves it.  He loves it so much, he shoots a second load.
This time the boy sits on my face, letting gravity feed me.

Reluctantly I get him off me.  I have him kneel on the bed, right at the edge.  Joe is in his mouth.  GT watches as I enter him.  It doesn’t take long.  I shoot, clutching his back.

We all lie down.  Cuddling.  Stroking.  Talking of this and that. 

There is a knock.
I let in two more men.  The boy springs to life and starts helping them strip as the three of us get dressed.

Friday, April 25, 2014

CLAW Day One--First Recon Party

Cleveland—April, 2014

We arrive at the playspace just after midnight.  I park the car across the street.  I grab my bag, open it and pull out the leash. 

“You still want this.?”  I ask. 
Joe nods.  “It will be hot to go in that way.”

I smile and attach it to the choke collar I had placed around his neck in our bedroom.  He is looking particularly hot tonight—jeans and boots with a wife beater over a yellow and black lace up jock.  I have on the Air Force flight suit to cover my chaps, harness and pouching yellow jock.
The party has been going on for an hour.  In previous years, the first hour of these events is not about play, it’s about guys standing around nervously, swigging their drink and maybe copping a feel.  We sign in, go up the stairs and strip down to our play clothes.  The cute coat check boy is happy to take our things.  I stuff lube and my new bottle of poppers into my waist band.  I grab his leash and lead Joe into the playspace.

We can hear a man moaning the moment we go through the curtained door.  Men are milling around in the center of the room.  Down the left side of the space are various booths.  The walls are of chicken wire so you can see in.  The first has a cross.  The sounds are coming from the second where a portly man in on the bondage table and has an entire forest of clothes pins attached to his scrotum, thighs, nipples and the tip of his cock.  In various booths there are slings, fuckbenches, and bleachers.  A watersports area and shower, along with brand new restrooms are at the end.  The right side of the room has a cross and then a sling on a raised platform which is where the porn guys will perform.
“This way.”  I lead Joe to the fuckbench closest to the piss area.  A man I recognize from previous years is getting the few guys who can manage piss play to cover him. I get Joe on the bench.  His ass juts out invitingly.  I kneel.  Two out of shape men arrive at the door to our booth.  They grope themselves as I begin to rim the sweet hole in front of me.  My cock lengthens, but I don’t fuck him.  Joe wants to wait a little.

The porn show starts.  Michael Brandon is working over a blindfolded sub.  We watch Michael use a riding crop on the man’s nipples, jutting ass and cock.  Soon the sub is put in the sling.  The room of 30 or so men are jerking as they watch him get fucked.  A muscle Daddy finds me and drops to his knees.  Joe watches as the guy takes me to the root.  A man in yellow designer shorts is standing behind Joe, grinding a semi hard cock and a pair of saline injected balls against Joe’s inviting ass.  Michael Brandon invites guys up to jerk off on the man in the sling.  I far prefer the man giving me head.  Especially when he stands up, spins around and inserts my raw cock into his warm hole.  I fuck in time with Michael.  Guys are evenly distributed between those watching the show on the stage and those watching the fucking next to them.  (Point of pride….I’m every bit as hung as Michael…)
Joe is hauled into the sling room by Yellow Shorts.  I fuck my guy a little more, than we both go to find Joe.  Joe is slinged and Yellow Shorts is grinding against him.  He steps out of the way when he sees my hard cock.   I kneel and taste Joe’s hole again.  I moan in the back of my throat.  I tongue him deeply, but not for long.  I want to kick this group into gear.  I stand up and say rather loudly “You want this raw cock up your ass?”

It’s all it takes for the crowd to surge into our cubicle.  I enter Joe’s wet hole and show off—pulling out in long strokes and plowing deep.  This turns on the guy I’ve been fucking.  He tells me “That looks so hot.”  He gets really hard and takes a turn topping. He pulls out and takes his wet cock to Joe’s shoulder.  Joe leans over to clean his cock—and the man fires a load onto Joe’s shoulder.  I mop it up and announce to the room that I am fucking the cum into my boy.  I do just that.
A ginger haired, heavily tatted man with a pa (who I recognize from the gangbang I threw for Jayson Park two years ago) bends over next to us as a man needs a hole right now.  We fuck in time to the music blaring.  The man cums deep in the Ginger Tats’ hole. 

“Here.” Ginger Tats has me step back.  He enters Joe, then bends over.  “Taste his load.”  Ah, he remembers me, too.  I eat the load out of his hole as he fucks Joe.  I stand and slide into his cum filled chute.  Ginger Tats stands still and I fuck him hard enough he’s still thrusting into the ass in front of him.
I pull out.  Ginger Tats pulls out.  I fuck my cum covered cock into Joe.  Ginger Tats and I kiss.

I man steps around.  He is average looking.  Until you look at his thick cock.  He asks permission to fuck.  I nod, as I push Ginger Tats to the floor.  He fucks Joe a long time.  I fuck Ginger Tats, with him bent over and holding onto Joe.  The man up Joe cums.  Silently.  I only know from a slight wrinkling of his brow.  And the jizz dripping to the floor.  I stop fucking and bend to clean his dripping cock.  I share a sloppy kiss with Ginger Tats and kneel to felch.

Why I am here.
I fuck the remains of the load deep into Joe.

Another spectator with a long thin cock looks eager.  I nod.  He slips up Joe and talks in low tones to him .  I bend Ginger Tats over, this time with him hanging onto the wire wall.  Joe is being caressed by many jerkers as the thin cocked man fucks him.  I plow Ginger Tats rather noisily.
I look over repeatedly. 

The fucker is holding perfectly still.  I glance at Joe’s face—he’s feeling every shot of the man’s explosion.  I wait. The man begins fucking in his own, copious load.  Then pulls out.  He had been watching.  He asks for me to clean him up.  I do.  Eagerly. I reverse felch the remains into Joe.
And suddenly there is no one in our room.

It’s after 2 and everyone has gone home.
Joe is beat.  We get dressed, get out of there and get  him some food.

I don’t get off—but it’s every bit as good to feel him in bed beside me for what remains of the night.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

CLAW Day One--A Surprise Arrival

Cleveland—April, 2014

 I was at my office desk when my phone dinged.  A text.  I sighed.  I wanted to get out of there and get the suitcases in the car and get on the road to Cleveland.  CLAW was calling my name.  It was Joe—the scent pig from St. Louis.  “All systems are go,” he wrote.  “I will arrive in Cleveland after you.  Which hotel?”
I had to pause.  I had seen Joe again in St. Louis this February.  We played in my expensive hotel room there—a meeting I have yet to write up.  We’d talked, as we lay together on the huge bed at the Westin, rather idly about doing CLAW together as I stroked his sweaty bicep. 

And now, here he was driving up to do it.  It is a nine hour drive for him.  Damn.
I told him the Howard Johnson—one of the overflow hotels, but exclusively leather.


So he’s here.  I’ve registered.  And we have our tickets to the first of the Recon/reflex parties.
Joe is in the shower as I type this. 

The running water reminds me of when we first met, about six years ago.
Here’s his picture. 

Imagine this man in a jock, kneeling in the middle of the bar at the Chicago piss party begging for piss.  I gave him some…

Enough.  I need to shower and get into my chaps. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Muscle Hole

Columbus, OH—February, 2014

I mentioned him briefly.  He was the boy I got off in after the terrific fisting session I had in the middle of December at Steamworks in Chicago.  I think I just called him the Hairy One.  And he is, below the waist.  He conceivably has the hairiest ass I have ever fucked---the kind of long silky hair I want to braid with my tongue. 
We wrote each other after that meet.  He typed:  I want more of what I briefly had the experience of at Steamworks... and more. I want to feel your hand inside my hole. When is good with you?”

February was my month of traveling for work.  I had just been in Memphis for too many days.  And now I was gearing up for the next trip to St Louis.  But I wanted more, too.  So I went to his home in Columbus on my one free weekend.
His playroom was in the basement.  He had a sling attached to the rafters.  I’d brought the rimseat, for I needed that hairy ass on my face.  It was cool down there.  No, it was cold.  But we warmed it up fast…

I am kneeling in front of that hairy, hairy ass.  I sit back on my heels and just look at Marco in the sling.  His ass is giving off heat; he is, after all, fresh from the shower.  The hair is still slightly damp.  The drops glisten in the light from the single bulb lighting the scene.  Music fills the room.  One of those discs of music to fuck by.  I linger another moment. Looking.  Enjoying the anticipation.
I dive in.  The hair clings to my face.  Marco groans.  He has clamped his ass shut.  My tongue pries him open.  He flowers open when he’s ready.  My tongue plunges deep into him.  My cock erects at the taste and heat of his hole.  Marco reaches down and pulls his cheeks apart even more.  I go deeper yet. 

I feel totally at home, my face plastered against his butt.  I stay there a long time.
Eventually, I rear up and fuck him.  Again he shows his muscle control.  He clamps down on my cock until it’s the tightest hole I’ve ever fucked.  Then he relaxes his anal grip and lets me slide into him. I fuck two or three strokes and he clamps again. 

“Jesus,” I bark.  It feels incredible.  His silky canal is grasping at every millimeter of my cock.  He relaxes again.  I fuck him hard.  His cock never ceases to drool into an ever growing puddle of pre-cum.  I finally mop it up with my right hand and spread it over my cock then push back into his hole.
“That’s so hot…” he mutters under his breath.  Then he closes his eyes and concentrates on milking my dick.

I pause in my assault of his ass.  I grab the egg-headed dildo out of my bag.  I give it a quick lube work it into Marco.  His eyes are still closed, so he’s not sure what I have added.  I push it down and work my cock in along the top of it.  Suddenly, Marco is very full.  He moans.  I love how tight I have made him.  He tries to tighten down on me, but the toy prevents him.  I double fuck him until I have to stop—thinking I might get off.
We try the rimseat.  I love how wet his hole is on my face, but the floor, even with the towel I brought for me to lie on, is too cold.

We go back to the sling.  I pull out the largest toy I own.  Marco takes it easily.  I add a finger around the thick edges of it, continuing the stretch.  Then a second one.
“I want that hand.”

I give him my cock instead.  I fuck him hard as I pull on a pair of black, nitrile gloves.  The J-lube is right there.  I grease up—my cock still pumping into him.  I pause and work my left hand fingers into his hole, wrapping them around my cock.  I pull my cock out and my fist is all but sucked into his ass.  He clamps down on my wrist.  I pull out slightly and open my fingers.  I push back in.   I pull out and repeat with my right hand. 
Slowly.  And deliberately.  His hole is flexing and telling me when to slow, when to go deeper. 

His ass is amazingly talented.
I go back to my cock.  His hole is just as tight as when I started.  Then he opens it and I add all four fingers of my left hand.  I pull out my left hand fingers and add my right. 

Back to the left. 
Then I pull out my cock and let my left hand slip into him.

I am now alternating hands.  Accelerating the speed.
I slow.  My left hand is still in him.  I work the right in alongside with it.  My fingers intertwine deep in his guts. 

We pause.  Marco tells me he has had several full body orgasms.
When we go back, it’s all about depth.  I am seated.  My right hand just crawls up him, ever so slowly.  Feeling for each turn of his canal.  I am halfway to the elbow.  I end with the side of my face on his stomach, feeling my hand work ever deeper into his gut.  He touches my ear—holding me in place.  We are as connected as two people can be.  His body shudders out another ass induced orgasm.

I am back to my cock.  And a hand.  After all the ass play, Marco can still grip my cock and wrist.  I work my hand out.  I think I’m blowing my load.  He clamps down.  I shoot into his constricting hole…

We shower together after.  Having someone wash my back is almost as good as the sex.

We sleep together in his massive king sized bed.  We don’t need all that room…

On Sunday, we add his toys into the play.  Those toys dwarf any of mine.

And we do it all over again…

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Prepping for CLAW

I am packing:




The shirt in the picture



And a lot of extra towels.

CLAW is this coming weekend.

Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend brings together some of the hottest men in the Midwest and, now, the rest of the world.  It is one of my favorite places to play.

Once again I will be doing daily reports from the front--whether I’m playing in the hotel or at the incredible Recon/Reflex parties held in the Flex Warehouse.

Hopefully, I might meet a reader or two at the Vendor Mart

Or in the sling…

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Piss Fuck

Detroit—February, 2014

I’d been home from Memphis for almost a week.  With the flurry of activity there (and the late nights) I had not even tried to hook up when I got home.  Which meant that I was now horny as fuck. 
But I had to go visit my Dad at his senior living facility—not look for a hook up.  The visit was mildly depressing.  The Alzheimer’s seemed to be progressing faster now—or maybe I was noticing more changes with being gone for over week.  And it was Valentine’s Day.  A day my late partner and I used to laugh at...but no more.

I left Dad and drove to a fast food parking lot.  I hauled out my computer.  I would be damned if I was going to be alone tonight.  I connected on the free wireless and logged onto BBRT.

My mood shifted.  The profile right under mine was a piss pig who’d been talking to me for months.  We’d never had the same times available to play.  I asked if he was looking for now.  It took him mere seconds to answer “yes.” Three exchanges later we were set—we’d play at his place in an hour so we could both tank up.

I found his home easily.  A little elfin man in a towel opened the door.  Mark was around my age.  His head was shaved.  His thin body was fit and hard.  The floor in front of the couch was covered with large white garbage bags and some plastic sheeting under those.  I got out of my clothes quickly.  His towel dropped.  He stroked himself to a semi hard as he watched me push and pull my balls and cock through my cock ring.  My bladder was full.  I pulled on the yellow jock.  I stuck my small lube bottle into the waistband.  Then the poppers.  I had to piss…

“You want this?” I ask him unnecessarily, grasping my swelling pouch.

He nods.

“Get on your knees.”

He does, right in the middle of the covered carpet.  I pull my cock out.  I am swelling with just the thought of pissing on this man—who’s wanted it for half a year.  I stand right in front of him.  His mouth opens.  He tries to take me in his mouth.  I pull it away.  Piss spurts—hitting him on the chin.  He opens his mouth again—craning forward, looking like a hungry baby bird.  I redirect it up to his mouth.  He gurgles in delight as he swallows me down.  Now I let the stream hit his nipples and bring it down to his swollen red cock.  He is beating his dick like mad.  I love the wet sound his hand makes as I cover his cock with the hot stream.

I will myself to stop the flow.  “All fours.” I bark out.  He falls forward.  I move around behind him.  I get down on my knees, reach forward and spread his cheeks apart.  I lean in—my tongue finds his hole.  He grunts into the bottle of poppers he has plastered to his nose.  I eat him out.  My cock is incredibly hard.  I straighten up and have my cock right against his hole.  It spurts more piss, coating his ass crack.  I am right back to eating and slurping the pale liquid from his hairy cleft.  I reach down, and one handed, grab the lube from my jock, flip open the cap and get a couple of drops on my rampant cock.  I plunge into him. 

“Oh, fuck.  Yes.”

He’s hot.  I want to just fucking pound him, but I start slowly.  I really do want to feel every inch of his ass clinging to my cock as I pull out.  I sink back in.  Inch by inch.  I can’t help myself.  I just rev it up and slam into his ass.

He’s breathless when I stop.  I help him up and we both grab water bottles.  “I need to piss,” he mutters more to himself than me.  I take another swig of water then kneel in front of him.  “You want to…” he says and trails off.

“Feed it to me.”

Mark puts the head of his soft cock in my mouth.  I can see the concentration on his face as I take a deep breath of my own poppers.  I get the cap on just in time.  His stream of piss starts slowly and builds.  I swallow.  At first easily.  Then it’s flowing in a rush, so much so I can barely keep up with the monumental flow.  He tastes great.  He’s hydrated and it’s a sweet, pale stream that is cascading down my throat.  I swallow and swallow.  His stream slows and sputters out.  I stand up.  I lean in for a kiss and yellowball a mouth full of piss into his mouth.  Mark groans like he’s just shot a load.

We spend a long time taking turns rimming each other.  Back and forth.  Then as a 69.

As soon as I need to piss again, I stop licking his wet ass and pull Mark up so he’s on all fours.  I push easily into his puffy hole.  He groans again and takes a hit of poppers.  I fuck for a moment.  Mid stroke, I stop.  I hold a moment then begin a very slow fuck.  And start to piss.  I don’t think he can feel it at first.

Then:  “Oh, my God.  Fuck me full of piss.”  I start to slam into him harder.  His ass is filling fast.  The temperature is soaring.  “That feels incredible.  Fuck that piss into me.”  I am still spurting piss into his hole.  Every back stroke pulls a little out of him.  “I feel so full.  Shit, that’s hot.” 

I fuck him hard.   

I stop for a moment and let my cock marinate in the piss.  I pull it out and bring it around to his mouth.  His eyes tell the tale—I have done one of those things he’s only dreamed about.  His mouth is all over my cock.  I pull it out and take it back to his dripping hole.  I push in.  Piss squirts out on me.  I am ready to load him up.

“You want some cum now?”

“Fuck, yes.  Knock me up.”

I slow and then speed up to a punishing fuck.  My wet hips slap his wetter butt cheeks.   The sound turns us both on.  He’s playing with his soft cock.  

I gasp.

And shoot.

I grind my load deep into his overflowing ass.

I pull out.
Spent and wet. 

And happy…

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Memphis—February, 2014

My last night in Memphis was with another out of towner.  Guys in Memphis must not have sex on week nights.  The guy who contacted me didn’t beat around the bush.  He said something about wanting me in him—a size he swore he’d never had.  I gave him the late night hour I could play.  It didn’t faze him at all.  He was knocking at my door on the stroke of 11:00pm.

I watch him strip.  I am already naked, but for athletic socks and a metal cock ring.  He’s under 40, with sandy hair that sticks out every which way—like we’ve already had vigorous sex.  He’s visiting Memphis from New England.  His sun starved body is as white as my own.  But there’s a lot more of it.  He’s not fat, but he is beginning to carry more weight than he likely wants.  His full, hairless ass is spot lit from the light I’ve left on in the bathroom as he steps out of his jeans.  When he turns toward me, he’s hard with a dollop of precum on his piss slit.  He fingers it off and brings it up to his mouth. 

I smile.

He grins and gets on his knees in front of me.  He takes me to the root in one easy gulp.  He’s obviously a cocksucker.  And a good one.  He grunts in pleasure as I start to fuck his face.  I do one particularly deep thrust.  He gags.  I pull back, but the sound has made his cock drip steadily.  I fuck his face some more.  Every four strokes or so I go deep.  I bring up long strands of the thick spittle from deep in his throat.  When I have one that clings to my cock, I tell him to get up on the bed on all fours.

“Just go easy on my ass.  I don’t get fucked very often.”

As soon as he’s in place, I run my sopping cock down the crack of his ass.  With it good and wet—I kneel and make it wetter.  I poke the thick spittle into him.  He’s huffing poppers now.  Some nasty, cheap brand by the smell of it.  I prod him a little more with my tongue.

I’m up and working my cock against his hole.  There is not nearly the resistance I expect.  I can work my big head in fairly easily.  Suddenly, his canal opens and I go in with a rush.  My pubes are brushing against his smooth ass cheeks.  He grunts, as do I.  I hold until he takes another massive hit of poppers.  I begin to fuck him in earnest. 

It’s not even six minutes before his ass is clamping down on my cock.  He’s shooting, I just know it.  I will myself to cum---but it’s far too soon.  I slow—and pull out of him. 

“Sorry.  I made a mess.”  He rolls onto his back.  There is a huge load on the sheet under him.  “You didn’t have to stop.”

“Really?”  My hand scoops up most of his load.  I apply it to my dick.

‘Let me ride you,” he suggests.  I’m fine with him being in charge.  I lie down on the cool sheet.  He straddles me and lowers himself until we hit rock bottom again.  He starts impaling himself on my sperm covered dick.

I am enjoying him doing the work.  The slickness of his hole is great.  I am churning his sperm on every stroke.  “You want this Daddy load?”

He slows.  “I usually play safe when I bottom.”

“You were on BBRT…”

“I play bare when I top and slip on a raincoat when I bottom.  But I wanted to take you no matter what.”  His hand is all over the dick which has spurt so recently.  His ass tightens again.  In moments, he splatters another load across my chest.  “Damn,” he groans.  He slows—then raises himself so my cock falls out of his ass.  “I don’t think I can take any more.  His hole, what I can see of it, is covered in his now frothy cum. 

I roll out from under him.  “Get on all fours, again.”

“I don’t think…” he starts. 

I kneel and bury my face in his cummy hole.  My hand mops up the cum that is still clinging to my chest.  I wipe it down the crack of his ass.

“That’s so hot…” he starts, I am working my dick in my fist at top speed.  I’m sure he’s going to tell me at any minute that he’s done.  I swallow some of the churned cum.  It’s all that I need.  I stand up and shoot over his ass.  He reaches back, maybe afraid I’ll put it up his ass—or maybe he wants to taste it.  His dripping hand goes to his mouth.  He makes a contented sound in the back of his throat…

I am home in Michigan the next morning.

Memphis came through this year, I think, as I scrape my car free of snow. 

My cock is tired and happy.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Hot One

Memphis—February, 2014

My string of luck continued.  The next night, I corresponded with the hottest man of the trip.  His profile picture showed a thoroughly worked out chest with an extensive tribal design that started on his shoulder and swooped around and down his side and vaguely pointed at his crotch.  I could only assume it wrapped around his back as well.  His head was shaved.  His tanned face showed strong cheek bones accented by a thin, stylized goatee.  He gave his age as 38—and it could have been that or anything up to 45.  He looked like he would have fit right in with the models on any Raging Stallion video.
He “smiled” at me-with that stupid I-can’t-think-of-anything-to-say feature of most hook-up sites.

We talked.  He wanted to get fucked—but there was a caveat. 
“What?” I asked.

“My partner would like to come too.  Is that ok with you?”
“Of course.”  We set the time and I told him my room number.

They were late—but they did send me a text to say clean out had run long.  The knock on the door came just as I was tying my left boot.  I adjusted my swelling cock in my jock and looked through the spy hole.

It’s him.  You can’t disguise that body even with a heavy jacket.  He steps in with a ‘hi’ and a hug.  His partner comes around the corner.  He’s big.  Not sloppy, but hardly trim.  I guess about my age.  I assume that he buys the gym membership for his partner.  He certainly doesn’t have one for himself.  We shake hands. 

“I like to watch my boy get worked over,” the older man announces as he drops his pants.  So much for my fantasy of sharing his hole.  I turn to the hot one.  He’s already naked but for a blue jock.  He’s truly stunning.  He makes a beeline for the floor in front of me where he kneels and starts mouthing the pouch of my jock.
My cock is soon out and buried to the hilt.  The partner finishes stripping, kneading a mound of balls and cock flesh.  He flops down on the far side of the fuck bed.

My cock is hard and dripping.  I really want it up this hot hole.  I help the hot one up and lead him to the bed.  “Bend.”  He places his hands on the mattress, his feet spread apart.  I kneel and get the first taste of his hole. 

I burrow in.  He’s trimmed the hair in his ass crack, but not annoyingly.  I wet his pucker, pushing deep with each stroke of my tongue.  I leave him wet and dripping. 

I stand.
“Fuck him hard.”

I push in.  The hot one groans and tells me to pound his hole.  I start fucking.  Roughly.  Holding him down on the bed by the neck.  The boyfriend gets a glimmer of an erection.   I pound the hot one’s ass until the frame of the bed starts squeaking.
I pause.  “Up on all fours,” I tell him.  He gets his legs under him, ready for the next assault of his worked out butt.  I take it.  I own it for these few minutes.

Another moment of involvement from the partner:  I pull out of the hot one and he leans across to lick my cock.  “I love the taste of his ass,” he murmurs. 
But he does nothing else for the rest of the fuck but knead his petite cock.  And I don’t care. 

I have the hot one ride me.  He strips off the jock and tosses it on the floor before he settles down on my dick.  I want to look up and see that magnificent body impaling himself on the column of my cock.  I want to see his eyes roll back into his head as he bounces.  I want to see his decent sized cock flop in rhythm to the fuck.  See the muscles of his pecs tense.  Watch his face turn red as the poppers hit.  Feel the steady drip of precum falling on my flat stomach as he rides me.
But I can’t cum this way.

They were late.  It has to be short and sweet tonight.
“Back on all fours.”  But I’m fully on the bed, kneeling behind him.  The hot one’s head is buried in the pillow after a huge hit of poppers.  I enter him roughly.

“You want this load?”
He grunts an affirmative into the pillow.

But I want to hear the words.  I pull his head up.  “What did you say?”
“Breed me.  Please.”

“Breed him good,” I hear from the man on the side of the bed.
I pull all the out and sink it into him.


Three—I let fly.  My cum pumps deep.  I bark out my orgasm.  It’s loud.  My head hits the pillow beside his. 

I let my cock drain into his ass.  I don’t want to move.  But the Boyfriend is stirring and ready to dress and go.  They thank me profusely and leave.
Only then do I see it.  There is huge puddle of jizz that I fucked out of the hot one pooling on the expensive sheets…

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

His Master's Load

Memphis—February, 2014

The next day, I was online during my lunch break.  A man hit me up.  He loved the picture of my cock.  “I want you to fuck me,” he wrote.  I looked at his pictures.  They showed a well preserved man of about my age.  There was the requisite butt shot bent over a bed.  A dick shot in the bathroom mirror.  And a face shot.  His head was shaved.  He sported a tightly cropped goatee.  He smirked at the camera in a way that appealed to me.  I told him I was not able to play until late night—would he be available then?  “Yes,” he wrote back, “if my Master will let me.” 

“Are you allowed to play?” I asked.
“Yes,” he replied, “if I ask first."

“Please ask him.”
“Oh, I will.  He’s fucking me after dinner.”

“Okay,” I told him.  “Let’s do this.  If he’s ok with it, bring me his load in your ass.”
“That’s hot,” he typed back.  “I will be there at 11:00 fully loaded.”    

He’s late.  It’s 11:05. 

11:07  A knock.
I open the door.

“I’m sorry.  We had a marathon session.”  He comes in and takes off his jacket, tossing it on the sleeping bed.  He sits on the corner of it and starts removing his shoes.  “He fucked me for three hours straight.”
“Really…”  I remove my pants and add them to the pile of clothes collecting on the made bed.

“Yeah, my holes kind of sore.  Go easy.”
Brady is now naked.  He smiles and gets on all fours on the bed that is obviously prepped for play.  His ass is right on the edge of the bed.  He knows just what I want.  To sink my tongue in there…

I kneel behind him.  The sight of ass like that never ceases to arouse me.  The smell of sex still clings to him.  I lean forward, spreading his cheeks apart slightly.  His hole is puffy and used.  I look at it, then lean in until my tongue connects with his pucker.  He jumps like I gave him a shock.  My tongue goes into him.  Deep.  His hole is moist.  I can taste his Master’s load right there.  Salty and slightly bitter.  A smoker is my guess.  I moan in the back of my throat and go in again.  I’m deeper this time.  Brady pushes slightly and lets me have more cum on my tongue.  I stand up, lean over him and cock his head towards me.  I spit it right into his mouth.  He gasps and swallows.  I can see the ‘thank you’ in his eyes.
I eat more.  I keep it this time.  I swallow it hungrily.  My cock is hurting, it’s so hard.  I stand up and push just the head into his puffy hole.

“Argh!”  He bites down on his wrist, cutting off the sound. 
I don’t move.  I just let my dick head marinate in his Master’s load.

I inch in.  Inch after inch.  I hold after every one of those inches.  The heat from his ass is palpable.  I move again.  I’m buried to the hilt.  I hold.
Brady pants.  When his breath slows, he says two words.  “Fuck me.”

But I don’t.  I pull my cock out just as slowly as I went in.  The flared head brings a huge glob of semen.  I lean over him and lick it up.  I lick his hairless ass until there is no trace of jism.  My cock is drooling its own precum.  I smear it down his ass crack.
I hold my cock against his puffy, red hole.  Once again I work my rigid cock into him.  Almost as slowly.  But with a steady drive.  I hold, my cock hitting bottom.

“Please,” he whispers.  “Fuck me.  In his load.”
And I do…