Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cum In His Ass=Cum In My Mouth

Chicago—March, 2014

This picks up immediately after the piss party of the last post.

Ryan, Carlos and I left the piss party and got something to eat—opting for a drive-through as we reeked of piss.  (I never think I do until I step outside into the fresh air.)  Back at the motel we all showered.  I was last under the hot water and I heard a knock on the door as I stepped out dripping onto the bath mat.  It was Juan.  I poked my head out.  I had to bend a little as we kissed.  I was all heat and steam from the shower and he was cold from the March night air.  He wasted no time in stripping down to his jock as I toweled off a little more and put on a fresh jock.

“So how did you do?” I asked him.

“Well…” drawled Juan.  “I’ve been doing some fucking while you all were pissing…and I have at least seven loads up there for you.”

“Bend over.”

Juan bent over the corner of one of the double beds and I sunk to my knees on the old motel carpet…

My tongue finds his slightly puffy hole.  This second he tastes just of Juan, a taste I know so well.  Juan groans as I start to burrow deeper with my tongue.  He flowers open and gives the tiniest of pushes.  Cum drips onto my tongue.  My cock is aching from the four hours of play with no release.  Now it’s dripping.  I mop some up with my index finger and wipe it down Juan’s ass crack.  I push it in with my tongue to replace what I just swallowed.  I stand up, my cock swinging in front of me.  It brushes his ass.  Juan shivers in anticipation.

“Fuck me.  Push all that cum deeper in me.”

My cock head finds his hole.  My entire length glides into him.  I don’t bother to hold to let him get re-acquainted with my cock.  I can’t stop myself from pumping in the slippery canal of his ass. 

A knock at the door.  Ryan let’s in, in quick succession: 

Bryant—the boy I love to eat and fuck at the piss party who often is in red trunks.

Sam—a top from Juan’s stable who is new to me.

Rick—an older top with a thick, wide cock, who Juan introduced to me years ago.

While I’m fucking Juan, I watch Bryant and Carlos on the bed.  Bryant had promised he would show me his top-side, well he has been fucking Carlos with skill and a passion you can feel at the other end of the bed.  I gesture to Ryan, who comes around to Juan’s ass.  I pull out.  Ryan rims and felches him a little and is soon fucking him.  Juan cleans my cock.  Sam and Rick are now naked and take a turn up Juan as well.

The sex play becomes a blur for me for a time.  It’s just about hole—I have a lot of it.  Carlos, Bryant and Juan.  Someone is always up Juan, but Bryant and Carlos get plenty of fucking, too. 

Juan takes a break.  He looks and asks me “Do you want to…?”  He points to the rim seat.  I can feel my heart rate actually go up at the idea.  I crawl under.  Juan sits and the seat spreads his hole. Instantly a huge glob of the seven original loads falls into my mouth. I am jerking my dick faster and faster.  I feel a hand knock my fist away from it.  Someone sits on it and begins riding me.  For a minute I’m afraid that doing my two favorite things at the same time will be too much for me.  I master it, and settle back for the ride.  Juan’s hole is wide open and dripping.  I plunge my tongue into him deeper and deeper each time.  I clutch the waist of the man on my dick and figure out it has to be Bryant.  I pull him down harder and harder on my pulsing cock.

When we get up from the rimseat, we all switch partners—new holes, new cocks—the tops in rotation. 
I’d promised Bryant a sling fuck.  It feels like the time.  I get him up and eat his slick ass.  I fuck him hard enough to make the chains rattle.  I watch Juan now feed Ryan on the rimseat. 

When I let Bryant out of the sling, Carlos is finally ready to top.  He grabs Bryant and pushes him face down on the bed.  Carlos is up him in a flash.  Sam scrambles up on the bed and sticks his dick is Carlos’ mouth.  Rick lines up his dick with Carlos’ ass and slips into him on each backstroke.  With three men on him, Carlos convulses in pleasure and shoots a huge load into Bryant.  I know it’s big, for Bryant wiggles out from under Carlos the moment Carlos is done and takes me to the rim seat for me to clean him up.  For the second time I get under it and cum drips out of an open hole into my mouth.


About an hour later.  Guys are getting off.  Rick shoots in Juan doggy style.  As does Sam.  Watching them get off gives Carlos a second wind.  He pumps a load into Juan as well.  I fuck the cum out of Bryant—but I don’t let it go to waste.  I scoop it up and fuck it into Juan so Bryant’s cum is up him, too.

It’s my turn.  I’ve been fucking for hours at the piss party and now here.  With all the new loads in Juan’s hole, I can no longer keep from spewing my own into.  It comes in huge waves of gut shattering pleasure.  I collapse on Juan’s back and hold him.  Ryan is behind me, kneeling and looking at the cum leaking out of Juan’s hole.  I roll off the boy and let Ryan pound out his own load into Juan.

My boy arrived with seven.  H got five more delivered by cock and one extra fucked into him by me.

We all agreed it was a good night.


Ryan wrote up a blow by blow description of this group likely with more details.  It's here.  And if you are not reading Spreading My Legs, you really should be...


  1. That was such a hot night with all the great bottoms in the room. Juan has a great talented ass and love that he came all pre-loaded for us. Carlos body and ass is amazing too. Can't wait till we get to do this again.

    1. This would be a great guest list to celebrate my return after my summer of work...