Monday, June 30, 2014

Four Pigs--Toys, Fists and Cum

West Michigan—March, 2014

This picks up immediately after the last entry.

Joey asks for a break.  We take a moment or two to get a drink.  Chat.  Look at the porn playing on the big screen television.

Toys:  I start with two of my toys—a medium to large butt plug and a ribbed cone only a couple of my partners have taken.  They slide into Joey with ease.  As do my fists.  Repeatedly. 

I break out my speculum.  Something new for Joey.  I crank it slowly.  I finger the upper wall of his manhole.  I open it wide enough so I can fuck him with it in place.  Ryan fucks him, too.

I work through a set of Joey’s toys.  Each bigger than the next.  The final one is about the largest thing I’ve ever put up an ass.

When I pull it out, I do a series of punch fucks.

Jerking off:  The punch fucking gets me hard.  I work my right hand up him.  I add my cock.  Joey gasps and takes a hit.  I slide my cock between my fingers.  I move my fist over my rigid cock.  I am jerking off inside him. 

“You like that?” I ask.  “You like me jerking inside your manhole?”

Joey barely nods.  He’s lost in sensation.  Jack is jerking watching from the couch.  And I think Ryan has stopped touching himself—afraid he’ll explode.  I have to stop, too.  The mental fuck takes me right to the edge.

The gloves:  Another break is called.  Joey wants to be on his knees for a bit.  There is an air mattress upstairs.  We all troop up.  Joey gets on all fours.  He tells me he wants me to wear some special gloves, instead of the black nitrile ones I have been using.  Jack hands them to me.  They are huge, industrial gloves of thick rubber.  I grease them up and slide right in.

Soon both fists are up him.

I want to feel his hole.  I strip off the gloves.

I fist him bare handed.  Then fuck him.  Again.

I can’t go any longer.  I pull out, bend and take his ass lips into my mouth.  Joey pushes out and unfurls the entire rose bud in my mouth, groaning. 

I cram my cock back into his ass just in time to shoot.

As does Ryan.

And the dripping result….

 Of course, my face and tongue were right there…

As before, Ryan used two posts to cover this section.  You will find many more pictures and a play by play….

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