Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Post IML

My Playroom

I think am still recovering from IML. 

I know that I came home and didn’t want to play.  At all.  I’d had such great and varied sex that my cock was content.  I was on line occasionally, but the guys who contacted couldn’t hold a candle to Marco.  I just wasn’t interested.

After six days I did head out to the bookstore on a Saturday night.  It was a very mixed bag.  I was excited about a new fist pig coming back to the house, but he had to cancel.

And then there’s work.  Readers who have been reading these posts for some time know that my summers get very busy.  If the last few years are any guide, I won’t have much time to hook up.  The good news is I have a computer filled with notes of the hook ups I had in March, April and May. 

Many with photographs....  


  1. Some guys have all the luck!

    1. That was a day that Bryce would agree with you.

  2. I think I'd be recovering for a whole year. Goddamn, stud. Always love living through your experiences at CLAW and IML vicariously, as much as it makes me feel totally inept, inadequate, and a total rookie.

    1. Hardly a rookie....though I will admit to fucking for a few more decades than I think you have been.

      More guys should try the leather weekends. You certainly don't have to do the 'volume' that I do to have a terrific time....