Thursday, March 5, 2015

Back to Bare Basics

Kalamazoo—January, 2015

He wrote me out of the blue.  We’d never spoken online before:  “Great dick.  You like to fuck bare?”


I looked at his opened pictures while waiting for his response.  Tall, (just a hair shorter than my 6 foot, three) thin, moderately hairy, no ass pic.  A waist thinner than mine.  Stated age was 33 and looked it.

The header flashed and I clicked back to the new message.  “You travel?”

“Yes.  Or I can host in my playroom.”

“Come here” and his address followed, with a time of 90 minutes from now.

Simple.  Direct.  And perfectly timed as I was out of the office for the month.  I mapped his address, threw my lube and a towel into a gym bag and went out into the cold and snowy day.

Roy is on the hard wood floor of his tiny bedroom.  A queen sized bed fills the space.  It’s covered in a worn blanket that is obvious a fuck cover.  A dresser is behind me and I am thrusting my cock down the throat of the man kneeling in the tight space between the two.  He has shucked his terry cloth bathrobe on the floor and is kneeling on it to protect his knees.  He is naked now and my hard dick, sticking out of my jeans and into his mouth, is giving him wood.  Big wood.  He’s stroking a good 8 inches down there.

Roy pulls off my cock and flops down on the bed.  “That’s a nice dick.”

“My pictures don’t lie,” I tell him as I get my pants and underwear off.  I toss them on my bag.  “You have a great cock yourself.”

He looks down at it, then back up at me.  “Guys always want me to top when they see it.  I just want to get fucked.”

I don’t answer I simply roll him over and stick my tongue in his ass.

“Argh…”  The sound is deep in the back of his throat.  I pull his thin, taut cheeks apart.  He is still damp from the shower, the water clinging to the hair in his ass crack.  I pull him up so he’s on all fours.  Now I can really attack his hole.  My tongue is going in deeper with each thrust.  I wipe my drooling cock head down his wet ass crack.  I poke my pre-cum into him.

I push my cock head against his loosened pucker, but he clamps it shut.  I do it again.  I get just my head past his tight sphincter. 

“Oh, God.  Go slow.”

But I don’t.  I pull it out and spit in it.  I work my head into him again.  This time he sighs in satisfaction.  I slowly push into him until half my dick is buried in his butt.  I pull it out and spit in his enlarged hole.

“Let me taste my ass.”  Without waiting for a reply, he spins around and deep throats my cock.  I stay on my knees, spit on my fingers and idly play with his hole as he licks every inch of my cock. 

“Leave lots of spit on it.”

He does as he’s told.  He turns, presenting his ass to me.  He looks over his shoulder.  “Now fuck me.”

I push in to the hilt.  He takes it like a man. A very happy man.  He is stroking his big dick really hard.  I am tempted to knock his hand away, but I don’t.  I concentrate on changing the tempo of my fucking.  Of making my dick push upwards on each stroke, and then on making it push downwards.  I build until my hips are really smacking the hell out of his upturned butt.

“Please…” he pants and pulls off of me.  He’s right there to clean my cock.  I let him go at it.  I actually stretch out on the bed and let him deep throat my cock. 

“Balls,” I tell him.  His busy tongue laps at them.  He doesn’t try to suck them off my body, just to make them wet and slippery.  “Now sit on my face.”  Roy leaves my sack alone and positions himself to lower his wet hole onto my waiting mouth.  “Don’t feel like you need to lean forward and suck me.  This is about you.”

He sits.  Heaven.  I rim and suck.  Part of me wants my rimseat so I can eat him longer, but part of me likes having his weight on my face.  I can really feel the hair of his crack grind against my lips and on the hair of my goatee.  I rim him until he decides he wants to ride me.  He gets up and turns so we can watch each other’s faces as he settles down on my cock.

“Oh, yeah,” Roy all but croons as he settles his wet chute on my dripping cock.  I let him do all the work.  He rides me until his legs start to cramp.

“On the edge of the bed,” I direct.  It’s my turn to kneel on the hardwood floor.  I grind my face into his hole.

I fuck him with him on all fours and me standing up.

I fuck him with him on his back and me standing up.  We both like this.  He likes beating his cock and I like to watch his eyes—as they tell me how my fucking feels.  For a moment I really want my sling.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had legs resting on my shoulders, pushing me out.  We are back to the bare basics, no fancy playroom furniture, just two sexual animals on a big bed.

“Aw, shit.”  I know he’s about to cum.  “My hole can’t take much more.”  I will myself to get off first. 

And I do.  I erupt deep into his bowels.  I lurch forward and catch myself—arms out to either side of him. 

“Don’t pull out,” pants Ray as he flogs his dick.  I hump into him twice—and he shoots his load all over himself. 

I bend down.  I want to taste his cum. 

But I’m good.  For a first time.

I kiss him instead.


He must have like it. 

We were back on the same bed, having an almost identical fuck during the last week of January.

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