Friday, March 13, 2015

Shadows in the Dark Room

Indianapolis—January, 2015

I was glowing from the morning fisting with Marco as I went south to my business appointment.  The meeting ran long.  It extended into dinner.  I had always guessed I would get a hotel, but now it was mandatory. 

But I was horned.  My cock would not relax.  I was in a tiny town.  If I stayed, I was never going to score off some hook up site.  The moment I was done with work—I jumped on the expressway and drove to the bigger of the two bathhouses in Indianapolis.  I could play for a few hours, sleep for a few more and hit the road with my balls lighter.

I am standing pressed against the hot, water-beaded wall of the steam room.  One man is on his knees, stroking the pouch of my distended jock.  One to my right is leaning in and flicking his tongue over my nipple.  A shadowy man on my left alternates between squeezing my left nipple and pushing the face of the man on the floor into my jock pouch.  I am watching a very young man riding a daddy cock.  The older man is stretched out on the upper seating area.  The young man is astride him.  Through the rising steam, I can just make out the thick, bare cock splitting in two his beautifully rounded butt.

I want some of that.  I move away from the three men who try to detain me.  As I get closer, the daddy grunts out his cum shot.  The boy is up and off him, grabbing his towel to cover his tiny dick as he leaves.  I never see him, or the daddy, again.  The entire steam room empties as if a signal has been given.  I sit on the lower level bench.  I spread my legs wide and lean against the upper seat and close my eyes.

The door swooshes open—sucking steam away from me.  The temp drops enough for the generator to kick in.  It is gushing out of the vent before me.  I adjust my leg so it is not getting the full of force of it.  Suddenly I am aware there is a man between my legs.  I think about opening my eyes to see who it is…but I just don’t care.  With great gentleness he gets my cock out of the pouch and swallows me down.

He sucks me for a long time.  He knows how to do it.  The door opens again.  He stops at the sound and scurries away, leaving my wet, red meat jutting straight out and drooling.


Eventually, I rinse under the shower and dry off in the sauna—interrupting two Hispanic guys from feeling each other up.  I make a tour of the rooms with opened doors:  ass up, ass up, shut but noisy, ass up, cock up, empty needing to be cleaned, ass up.  I like the look of all the butts in the air, but I don’t want to just choose one and close a door.  I want to play in a group tonight.  I go downstairs to the dark room.

I pass a television playing porn, then feel my way past the curtain and into the space.  I move around the entire circumference of the room—one hand on the wall.  It’s empty.  I sigh.  And sit.  I push back against the wall, close my eyes and wait.

Not for long.  Men come in from either entrance.  There is someone sitting next to me.  He reaches out.  I want to open my eyes, but it really wouldn’t do much good as it’s so dark.  The man next to me kneads my jock pouch.  Soon he’s slipping to the floor between my spread legs.  He’s not as good as the steam room sucker, but just fine.  I feel another man arrive.  I open my eyes.  A hulking shadow is there at my right leg.  I reach to where his towel should be.  I find a big, hard cock unencumbered by terry cloth.  My hand encircles it as the sucker picks up speed.  I jerk him slightly.  There is loose skin.  I lean forward and take the uncut dick deep into my throat.

It’s all it takes.  Three men having sex brings the whole bathhouse into the room.  Soon you can barely move.  Men are leaning against the wall being sucked by a row of men on their knees.  My cocksucker has pulled off me.  I share the uncut dick in my mouth with him, switching to the sweaty balls on the shadowy hulk.  A new mouth is on me.  He doesn’t stay for long; there are too many other cocks to sample.  I slither off the bench and move around behind the hulk.  I pull apart his butt cheeks and start licking his ass crack.  This causes him to grunt in appreciation and thrust his ass back at me.  The sucker is inconvenienced and moves away.  I rim the hulk for a long time.  Some guy figures out how I’m kneeling and finds a way to squirm his way to my cock down there.  I concentrate on the hairy ass on my tongue.  The hulk finally turns to me, pulls me to standing position.  He sucks my tongue the way the guy has been sucking my cock—like it’s the last one on earth.  I know he is reveling in the taste of his ass on my tongue—his cock leaves pre-cum all over my stomach.

When we break the kiss, he moves to a man leaning against the wall his ass thrust out.  My hulk spits in his hand and rubs it down the man’s crack and, I assume, into his hole.  He mounts him in one swift thrust of his uncut meat into the waiting receptacle.  I move closer.  For the first time the hulking guy reaches out and touches my bigger cock.

“You need to fuck this guy,” he whispers in my ear.  He pummels him a few more times and pulls out.  I move a little and slide into the wet ass.  Neither of us has seen who this guy is—he’s just the first man there offering his hole for us to fuck.

And we share hole for the next thirty minutes.  When we pull out of one man, another is right there, bent and ready for us to enter.  We fuck a lot.  After the fourth or fifth ass, the room has cleared a little.  I can hunker down now and taste the ass juice on the Hulk’s cock when he pulls out.  When he realizes it’s me he grabs my ears and holds me in place and face fucks me.  He pulls it out of my mouth abruptly.  I gasp for air, as he pulls me up and mashes his mouth against mine.

“You dirty fucker,” he hisses into my ear as we break the kiss.  “Now fuck this one with that big cock.”

I do just that.


We meet and up and repeat this about three times over the night.  I don’t find a room I want to play in.  The steam room and sauna are dead.  But the two of us make the dark area the place to be.
I notice a man who has been watching us most of the night.  I can’t tell much about him, but he’s been jerking to us fucking others for quite a while.  I pull him towards me.

“You looking to get fucked?”

He nods.

The hulk is back up one of the guys we’ve had before.  I lead the shy bottom over.  He leans up against the wall right next to the bottom getting plowed.  I slip up him.  It’s a great ass.  Responsive.  Warm.  Talented on the backstroke.  The Hulk and I match each other’s rhythm.  Soon the bottoms have turned and are holding on to each other chest to chest.   They kiss—our thrusts forcing their mouths against each other…


It’s late.  I’ve napped but now I really want to get off so I can sleep soundly.  I go back into the dark room. 

No one is there.

Wait, that’s not true.  The shy guy is.  I ask if he wants my load.  He agrees.

I don’t have to fuck him for long.   I unload a huge buildup of cum into his ass.


We talk.  I find out he’s from St. Louis.  My next trip.  I tell him about the orgy my friend throws for me each year when I’m there.  I promise I’ll ask if he can attend.

I fall asleep—my mind still full of the shadowy men in the dark room…and I’m asleep before I know it.


  1. HOT!! I love the darkroom sex in bathhouses. It is funny how it just takes one guy to start something in there and it seems as though the rest of the men in the bath gather in and soon everyone is playing. I am sure we would have had fun sharing holes in that room too!

    1. It was really fun--and you know I like being the catalyst that ignites the room. We would have ahad a great time together.