Monday, March 16, 2015

Easy Convert

My Playroom—January, 2015

Myles was coming to the playroom.  I wrote about his “audition” at the bookstore to see if we clicked.  We did.  He wanted to get kinkier—and, frankly, more comfortable than being bent over a chair in the gay cinema.  Myles is around my age and perhaps 5’9 or 10.”  He’s trim—with a real waist, a true swimmer’s build.  His graying hair is slightly long and rather curly.

“Oh, jeez.”  Myles is huffing poppers and mumbling.  He’s astride the fuck bench.  I have been tongue probing his ass.  “Stick that big dick in me.  I want it…”

I stand up.  I start to piss—just a small pool at the top of his ass cheeks.  It creates a pale yellow cataract down his ass crack.  I kneel again and lick him clean. 

Myles babbles his pleasure.

I rise up and stick my cock in him.  I grab some of the graying hair and pull his head up.  “Look in the mirror.  Watch me fuck you.”

“Yessssssss…”  The word is a drawn out, rising and falling with the thrust of my cock entering him.  He can’t take his eyes off himself in the mirror that is directly in front of him.

It’s pig test time.  I pull out and bring it towards his mouth.  Not even an instant of hesitation.  He is cleaning it, licking it, crooning contentedly to himself as he bathes the cock that was just in his ass.  I pull it out of his mouth and shove it back in his butt.  He likes this, too, and tells me so.  This time when he huffs the poppers, you can hear nothing but my hips slapping his ass.

“Can I ride it?”

“Sure.”  I pull out and get on the bed.

Myles crawls between my splayed legs and cleans up my cock again without my asking.  Then, facing me, he positions himself on my cock.  I let him be in control.  He prods himself a couple of times with the head of my dick before he lets go and sinks all the way down on it.

“Yessssssss….” he sighs again.

“Look at yourself,” I tell him again.  I have the very large mirror of an old chest of drawers running almost the length of the double bed.  Better than any bathhouse. 

“Oh, yeah!”  Myles watches my cock pierce his ass.  He sees his contorted face after another hit of poppers.  He watches his thigh muscles strain as he bounces.  He shows off for himself.  He slams down on my dick.  He pulls off a little farther each time.  Until it’s finally too far and I fall out.  He focuses his attention away from the mirror and on me.  “That was incredible.  I’ve never watched myself get fucked.”

“Good,” I tell him.  “Time for me to taste your ass again.  Over there.”  I point to the rimseat in the corner.

“Yes, Sir!” he says with good humor—no sub leanings here.

I get under.  He lowers the seat and sits, rather gingerly, not sure if he is going to be comfortable with this.  The moment I press my tongue into his puffy, well-fucked hole he melts.  “God, you can go so deep.”

I grunt my assent.  I lick and spit.  His hole is super wet with large amounts of ass lube, pre-cum a little piss and my spit.  I eat him out until my jaw hurts.  Only then, do I tap the underside of his thighs to get him to stand up.


We are in the sling.  I’m fucking him.  Long deep strokes.  I am standing stock still and pulling the sling and his ass onto my rigid erection.  Then pushing him away and off of me.  Myles is looking into a mirror again.  This one is above him.  He can see himself being impaled.  He has gotten tremendously hard.  He is beating a nice piece of meat.  I pause the fucking and bend over and take the head of his cock into my mouth.

“Better not do that…” he cautions.

I nod, my tongue loaded with his pre-cum.  I kneel and stick it into his ass.

“Oh, yeah….I can see your tongue...”

Actually, it’s buried so deep in him, he can’t possibly, but I let it pass.

I rear up.  I am back up his wet hole.

I fuck him hard.  No fancy fucking now.  My hips are in rut—slamming against him.  I have to piss.  In one movement, I pull out and the piss erupts across his chest.  Myles open his mouth and the first blast actually reaches it.  The rest pools on his chest in a steamy pool.  I thrust my cock back up him.  And start fucking again.

Myles jerks…scooping up some of the piss to use on his cock.    “I’m cumming…”  And he does.  All over himself.   Mixing his cum with my piss.  “Feed me.  Please, let me taste you!”

I pull out, slip around the side of the sling and spray down his face.  Most of my cum landing on his extended tongue.  He swallows me down.


“Good?”  I ask, after we have mopped up a little, but still before a shower.

“Oh, yeah.  My first piss in the mouth.  That’s so hot.  And the first time I’ve seen myself get fucked.”

“And in three positions,” I remind him.

“Yeah,” he says, his eyes getting rather dreamy.   “I am going to have to buy me a rimseat.”

I nod. 


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