Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Couple of Ass Eaters

Detroit—February, 2015

I was leaving in the morning on my second business trip of the month.  This one was to St. Louis.  The weather in Michigan was not great—there was a potential snow storm headed for Detroit—so I went in the night before my flight.  I was alone in an airport hotel.  And horned. 

And there, on BBRT, was a hot man looking for loads at an airport hotel.  I wrote him and told him I was across the street and would love to seed him sometime that night.  He opened my email.  And never wrote back.  Ah, yes…nothing is ever that easy…

I went to dinner.  I came home and hopped back online. There was a man I’d played with a few times, but not for years. And never alone.

“Hello,” he typed.  “Good seeing you on here.  In town?”

I explained my circumstances.

“I remember your big cock in my hole and eating that sweet ass of yours.  What time?”

I love it when it’s simple…

He’s on all fours—right on the edge of the big bed.  He’s a tall man, big boned and carrying a little extra weight.  His legs and ass are hairy.  There’s a tiny patch on his chest as well, and some end-of-the-day dark stubble on his cheeks and chin.  I’ve seen him top and know he has a nice sized cock.  Jacob keeps apologizing that it won’t stand up.

“I don’t care,” I tell him truthfully as I remove my tongue from his hairy ass crack.  “As long as you like what we’re doing.”

“Oh, yeah…Eat my hole out.”

I don’t need much encouragement to stick my tongue back into him.  It swirls deeply into his very essence. 

Jacob pulls away from me.  “Let me taste my ass.”  He spins around on the bed and grabs me into a kiss.  Our tongues push.  I let mine surrender to his oral onslaught.  He groans, deep in the back of his throat.  He pulls out of the kiss and resumes the position.  “Fuck me.”

My cock is wet—from his spit when he sucked me; from the lube I use to jack as I eat his ass; from my saliva that I have let drool onto my cock as I stand up.  My cock is fully engorged.  It feels heavy in the palm of my right hand as I line it up.

The moment he feels the bare head of my dick brush against his hole, he pushes back.  I let him.  He impales himself in one smooth thrust.  And with a groan that will wake the trucker next door.

“SHIT!!!  Yes!”

I’m home.  All the way in.  Pubes grinding against him.  I keep it slow.  Slower than Jacob wants.  I hold his hips in place.  I’m in charge now.  I fuck him—relentlessly slow.  It’s driving him crazy, but in a really good way.  He is milking my cock repeatedly with every stroke.

I build the rhythm.  He begins to whimper.  He’s whispering “fuck” as every stroke hits home.  I work up to full speed.  Now there is no space between the words in his litany of cursing. 

Just as swiftly, I stop and pull out.  I scramble up on the bed.  “Suck my dick.  Taste yourself.”  Jacob eagerly swallows my really wet cock straight down his throat.  He groans again. I pull out.  He keeps his mouth open.  I bend down and around to kiss him.



I have fucked him again and again.  Rimming his ass each time. 

“Now it’s your turn.  Let me eat you hole.”

I lie on my back, legs in the air, ass on the edge of the bed.  He’s on the floor.  He looks at my ass for a long time.  I feel the hot air from his breath.  Jacob’s tongue lightly flicks my tight pucker.  He stops and tosses me his poppers.  I take a hit.

Jacob drives his tongue into me.  My hole lets him in.  Wanting it.  Needing it.  It’s been so fucking long since anyone has rimmed me.  His tongue is fucking me.  Deeply.  Jacob can’t get enough of my ass.  He licks and spits.  He does everything to me that I love to do to an ass in my face.  Finally, he pulls back, stands up and leans in to kiss me.  His cock is now at full erection.  It slides right along my wet ass crack as his weight presses me down into the bed.  His erect cock rubbing on my throbbing dick. 

We kiss again.  Just as long.  As wet.  As deep.


Jacob is riding my cock.  I am sprawled on my back.  His ass is impaled with a downward shove by him and an upward thrust by me.  We pause only to let him popper up occasionally.  I hope there are no close neighbors.  Our bed is alive with squeaks and groans.  And neither of us are monitoring our vocal noise levels.  We are in full rut and don’t care.

In a graceful move, he lifts himself off my cock and sits down squarely on my face.  I can only just a grab a ragged breath of air before his ass cheeks seal it out.  His hole is now open.  And loaded.  If I didn’t know I hadn’t shot, I would swear he was feeding me cum out of his hole.  His ass has been working overtime—making an incredible amount of extra lube for me to gratefully swallow.  I have to stop stroking my dick.  I’m that close.  I concentrate on getting every last drop into my mouth.
He lets me up for air.

And to kiss me.  Jacob loves the ass juice as much as I do.  Then he settles down on my face again and cuts off my air.  Really cuts it off this time.  I work his hole until my lungs are screaming for oxygen.  I push him off, gasping for breath.

I roll onto him. 

Mount him.

And shoot my load into his overly wet hole.

Jacob lets my breathing calm down.  “Now,” he says rolling away from me.  “Live up to your screen name.  Felch and feed me.” 

He gets up on all fours.  My load is rolling out of his over-worked hole. 

But I catch the first river of cum with my tongue before it hits the sheets.


  1. Love it when you're in sync with another guy like that, with all the buttons that you like to push and that you like pushed all lining up...

    1. Absolutely! It was a good way to spend a snowy evening...