Thursday, April 30, 2015

End of CLAW--and an excuse for pictures...

My Playroom—April, 2015

I packed up early on Sunday morning.  Marco and I helped Roger get things into his car and waved him on his way.  I packed.  Marco and I showered together.  I got on the road as he napped for another hour in the room.  I got onto the tollway and made it past one rest area.  By the next one I had to pull in—and nap.  I fell asleep to a swirl of naked flesh in the back of my head.  With one man in particular…

I woke up an hour later feeling much more rested.  I drove on.

Once I was home, I had to do some research.  I had told David, quite truthfully, that I had recognized him, but not his name and I hadn’t seen much of his work.  I don’t watch much mainstream porn.  So I surfed a little.  I found lots of pics that certainly reminded me of that night.  My dick thumped that tattoo...

I watched some scenes.  For some one fairly new in the industry, he’d done a lot of work.  And I hadn’t been misled when he was performing for us—in each scene I found, he really was the one you ended up watching. 

I also found an email address.  I wrote him a short note, telling him who I was (there is also a picture of me on that gmail account) and told him about the blog.  I asked if I could use his name—as he was working that night—or would he prefer I say ‘the hot porn star.’  I told him I would abide by his decision.  He graciously wrote back, almost instantly, telling me to call him by name.  And to send him the link when I published.

Which is exactly what I did.

And I’m glad to say he liked it…

Writing the piece was about all I could manage.  I was in bed just about the time the sun went down.

But what a great weekend…


  1. So did you ever find our what he has tattooed in Hebrew on his chest? Or is it in Yiddish?

    1. I did. It's Hebrew--loosely translates as Free Will. Though he chose to spell it with no vowels. I didn't ask why...

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences at CLAW again this year. It is always great to read about the many hot men that you play with and David is no exception.

    1. I wish your schedule was free enough to attend one year. I think you'd really like it...but until then, I am happy to report back.

      I will be doing the same this month with IML.