Monday, April 27, 2015

CLAW Day Three: Asylum Turns Up the Heat

Cleveland--April, 2015

Saturday became a lazier day.  Marco, my friend with the muscle ass arrived.  I’d wanted to set up a fisting match for Roger and Marco.  So they fisted each other and I did them both.  It was a nice, relaxing afternoon and it kept my dick in my pants--saving it for the second Asylum party.

Marco, who had played most of Friday night at the main hotel, chose to sleep, hot tub and see who he could get to come to the room.  Roger and I dressed and left for the warehouse.

There’s a different vibe in the air.  We wait in line at least 15 minutes to get into the upper floor playspace.  It’s Saturday night—guys are pumped and anxious to get up the stairs.  We finally give them our tickets, strip down and head into the play area.

Men are much more restless and loud.  Roger finds a man he’s met the previous time.  He follows him to the sling on the platform and starts to get his hole stretched.

Two for One
I need to piss.  There is an older pig groveling on the wet floor.  “It may be a little strong,” I tell him.  I aim the pale yellow stream at his crotch and work it up his body.  He bobs his head down to get it in his mouth.  It must be good, for he swallows the rest of the stream.

I notice three men at the side by side fuckbenches.  The man astride the bench is a hot bear with a shaved head.  I am drawn right to the ass I see there. 

“Fuck my boyfriend,” says the attractive man who has his dick in the bear’s mouth.  It’s not to me, but to a shorter guy who also has a shaved head.   A cock, just slightly smaller than mine, is shoved into the glistening hole of the Bear.  He grunts around his Boyfriend’s dick.  The BF pulls out of his mouth and steps towards me.  He hunkers down and proceeds to give me some of the best head I’ve had at CLAW.  He pulls off me, looks in my eyes and says “Now this needs to go in my partner’s ass.”

I’m willing.  And tell him so.  But neither of us wants to interrupt the blow job or the royal fucking the current man is delivering.  Soon enough it’s my turn.  I surprise both by rimming the well fucked hole.  I revel in the matted hair that has picked up a lot of precum already tonight.  The bear groans again.  The BF must be back in his mouth from the sound of it.  I stand up and insert:  slowly, with a smooth glide in.  It’s a nice hole—and is very wet for so early in the evening.  I fuck.  The BF leans towards me.  Our mouths meet.  We make out as the Bear services both our dicks.

I am fucking a very young man in one of the slings.  A crowd has gathered behind me, watching a hot, hot man with truly artistic tattoos get fucked astride the hanging beer keg.  When my boy calls a break, I turn and watch the Mediterranean hunk take dick.  They finish and the hunk swaggers by me.  He hefts my cock in passing with a “Nice cock, Sir” and leaves.

I turn to my bud with ginger hair and vast amount of tats.  “Nice,” I smile.

“One of the porn stars,” Ginger Tats informs me.

I shrug and get GT into the sling.

While I’m fucking him, I can look directly into the piss area.  I watch a tall man with a biker look saunter into the tiled area.  He empties his bladder all over the prettiest boy there, and the next minute is drinking the piss of an older guy.  Just as fast, he’s out of my sightline.  I make a mental note and keep on fucking.

Living Up to my ScreenName
I need a break.  I’ve pulled out of the mouth of the Black guy with the swimmer’s build who I have played with so much this weekend.  His teeth keep grazing the flare in my cock head.  I get into his ass, but soon ask for a break.

I wander into Flex proper.  The sling room is crowded with guys on their knees giving head.  I skip it.  I walk to the new sling installation.  The slings are empty, but on the mattress, up on the top of the structure, the biker guy is riding a cock.  I stand transfixed.  He has a rather Amish beard which is totally hot on his angular face.  He has a half harness that shows off generous amounts of muscle and tattoo.  I can’t see it now, but I know there is a generous ass poking out of well-cut chaps.  I stand discreetly to the side and stroke.

Biker is hot—sweaty hot.  About to overheat kind of hot.  He tells the young man whose cock he’s riding that he needs to take a break.  He exits the area by passing me.  We smile.  Our eyes connect.  We know…

I let him go back to the warehouse.  I follow in a moment.  Yup, there he is watching a guy demoing a fucking machine.  I pass.  Making sure he sees me.  I go to the deserted piss area.  I haul out my dick.  Biker is right there in the door way.

I grin.  Biker’s cock is every bit as hard as mine.  I reach for it.  I piss on it, letting piss coat its full length.  He groans in the back of his throat.  I am on my knees and sucking him clean. 

I come up for air and we kiss.   I piss his cock again.  I clean it and bring all my piss up to his mouth for the kiss.  When we pull apart, he kneels.  I give him several quick spurts into his mouth.  I save a little piss in reserve—I know where I want it.       

“Lean against the wall.”  He does, his ass jutting out.  I empty the rest of my bladder down his ass crack.  Instantly I am there rimming and wringing the moisture out of the hair in the valley created by his butt cheeks.  I push some into his hole.  The Biker is squirming now.  So am I.  I can taste the precum of the previous man.

“You want to fuck me?”

“Fuck, yes.”  I slide into him right there to make my point.  I give him a few strokes and then we go up to the sling on the platform. 

I rim.  I fuck.  I eat his pits.  He is as scent and fluid driven as I am.

I am just building to a terrific, chain rattling fuck, when the monitor for the room asks us to clear the platform as the porn performers are about to perform. 

We go down to a vacant sling on the main floor.  I am just building again, when the young piss guy I know from previous years comes over.  He jerks and watches us fuck.

I fuck Biker hard.  It does the trick for the boy—“Can I shoot on your ass?”

Biker grunts a yes.  I pull out and let the boy unload all over the Biker’s ass crack.

“Now watch me fuck it home.”  The Biker’s eyes shine as my cock pushes the load into him.  The piss boy stands, eyes wide and swallowing rapidly.  I push it all in.  I fuck in the slippery load.  I eventually bring my dripping dick up to his mouth.  Biker cleans it.  I go back to his ass and felch two mouthfuls of cum and happily swallow it down.  The third is snowballed into his mouth as we begin a deep kiss…

The Biker and I have stopped, simply because neither of us want to cum yet.  I can still taste him all over my beard.  I watch the porn performance going on.  They have moved the two fuck benches near the fucking machine.  A massive Black man has a younger man on each bench.  He is going back and forth from ass to ass.  One of them is the man who spoke to me earlier.  The performers seem to feel the mood of the room tonight and there is a great sexual tension in the air.  I stand and idly fist my dick as I watch the Mediterranean hunk get plowed.  He’s one of those performers you can’t take your eyes off of.  He loves what he’s doing.  And it communicates to the audience.  I’m sure the other bottom is a handsome man, but I can’t remember anything much about him.  I remember the hunk’s body language letting us know just how deep he is getting plowed.   

“Do you know his name?” I ask the guy next to me.

“David Benjamin.”

I am about to say thank you but the lights focused on the benches go out.  David, the hunk, is grabbed by the Black top and led to the sling on the platform.  They pass me.  David grabs me.  “Fuck me when he’s done.”

He doesn’t have to ask twice. 

David gets in the sling.  I help stirrup him up and move to the back side.  My cock beats his perfectly sculpted chest.  I watch the black tool disappear back into him.  My cock is in David’s mouth. 

Another big dicked man joins us on the platform. 

The Black performer leaves.  I move around.  I dip down and lick the slightly swollen hole.  I could get lost there, but I know that’s not what the crowd wants to see.  I stand up and slide into David. 
I fuck.  He’s good.  Even after all the abuse his ass has taken, he is clamping down occasionally on my dick.

I fuck some more—the other guy is in David’s mouth.  I ask if he wants a turn.

We shift around.  The guy enters David, rather roughly.  He fucks him for just a few strokes—and David explodes all over those chiseled abs.

The performance is done…

Quite a bit later, I find the first couple I played with back in area where we first met.  The Bear is still taking cock.  The BF sucking dick, getting them ready for his partner’s ass.  It seems so right that I should get off with them.  I ask.  He’d love my load.

I give it to him, holding onto the Boyfriend for support…


  1. That's SOOO hot that you got to fuck David Benjamin. He's one hot stud. If I had been the one fucking him, I wouldn't have been able to hold off from dumping my load in him.

    1. Getting older--and playing more--has really increased my self-control. Yet again, I was thankful for the great genes I inherited that have helped me meet some incredible men. I consider myself very fortunate indeed that David wanted some of what I could offer. And he was very gracious in our email exchange afterward…when I mentioned the blog…

  2. Looks like it was a "blast" of a weekend and you had fun! We'll have to go next year!

    -Jack & Joey

    1. You two would have SO much fun...CLAW is my favorite of the leather weekends I have attended.