Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quickie--Be Prepared, Part Two

St. Louis—February, 2015

After my night at the baths, I took Friday night off from the hunt.  By Saturday I was ready for more.  An intriguingly hot man was in my local area.  We talked.  He told me he would be ready to sit on my cock when I got back to my room at 9:00pm when I returned to my hotel room from the conference I was attending. 

Of course, he was not online when I got home.

At 9:30pm he sent me a text saying he was just leaving his mother’s house. 

At 10:00pm he was just starting his clean out.

At 10:30pm he was on his way.

A knock.

I look at the time on my computer as I start up the porn.  10:45pm.

I answer the door.

Fuck.  He is so much better looking than his good looking pics.  He tosses his leather jacket onto the bed that is still made.  We kiss, deeply, before we even say hello.  His arms are spectacular—and my weakness.  He is wearing an unseasonable tank top that clings to his full pecs.  There is a nice bulge in his jeans but I am drawn to the jutting ass that fills every inch of denim in the seat. 

I open and drop my jeans.  My shirt is unbuttoned already.  Rich falls to the floor and works my cock out of the jock.  His mouth is all over my head and shaft.  He works his cock out of his own jeans.  He hooks the waistband of his briefs under his ball sack.  He strokes as he sucks me.

He pulls off me and looks up from his position on his knees in front of me.  “You like my mouth?”

I nod.  And slap my wet cock against his cheek.

“Wait until you feel my ass.”

“I need to taste that hole…”

Rich stands up and shucks off his jeans and briefs.  His ass cheeks are full and show off a great tan line even in February.  I step out of my jeans and throw them on top of his on the made up bed.  Our shirts follow.  I steer him to the other bed and onto the cool white sheets.  He gets right on all fours and buries his face in the pillow.

I bury my face in his hairless ass.  I love how the full ass cheeks feel on my face and beard.  He’s moaning into the pillow.  I am using my beard—my chin moving up and down his ass crack.
I can’t wait.  I spit in my palm and cover my dick with my spittle.  I press the head up against his pucker.  It slides in—with just the slightest pressure.  He wants it.  Needs it.  And takes it to the hilt.

“Now that’s a dick!” Rich grunts out.

I fuck him happily, with my balls slapping against that full round ass.

I pull out—wanting to taste his ass again.

Disaster.  He is spectacularly dirty.  He makes the men at the baths look spotless.

“Guess I rushed clean out,” he mumbles.

We wash.  Tons of soap and hot washcloths.

“I’m fine with your hot mouth,” I tell him.

I stretch back out on the bed.  Rich crawls between my splayed legs.  He licks my cock.  Suddenly he moves forward and sits on my cock again. 

“What…?” I start to say. 

He is riding me, stroking his cock.

His ass strokes my cock maybe five or six times.

He shoots all over my chest.

He is up and out of there before I can even clean up for a second time. 

No mention of getting me off. 

It all takes less than 25 minutes.


  1. Okay, there's all sorts of bad going on there but I can't shake the thought of a cock so nice that it makes a bottom get off in a few strokes while riding it. Damn, boy!

    1. I'll be happy to go with "so nice it gets him off" vs "hurry up before he stops me from making more of a mess!"