Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be Prepared!

St. Louis—February, 2015

It was Thursday night and I was in a hotel in a suburb of St. Louis.  It was a new hotel for my convention.  I was used to being downtown.  I wondered if it would help or hinder hook ups.   I got my answer fast.  There were very few men online on a Thursday evening and all the men I’d spoken with in advance of my travel, who had told me how excited they were about my coming to town, were nowhere to be seen.

When I saw how things were shaking out, I called the front desk and ordered a cab.  I would spend my first night in town at the baths.  It was my plan to arrive there just after dinner.  I have had good luck in the past finding the guys who work out there after work—and then need to get off before going home to the Boy Friend.

I missed them all.  My cab didn’t come.  The cute desk clerk, who would have been a fine substitute, kept calling.  Over an hour later my cab arrived.  I told him where to go.  The driver feigned ignorance of any such place on the street I had told him.  I gave him the exact street number—“Oh, yeah, it’s like a health club…” he mumbled and took me right to the door.

I am stripping at my locker.  I put my boots back on.  My jock.  My leather wrist band is snapped in place. My towel slung over my shoulder.  I look in the mirror.  My cock is mounding in the pouch of the jock nicely in anticipation.  I make the tour.

No one is here. 

Well, that’s not quite true.  A couple of men are lounging in out of the way rooms.  No one is in either the steam room or the sauna.  I sit in the sauna for a bit.  When I feel thawed out, I go to the communal play area.  The sling room is empty.  Just as empty are the two booths with a gloryhole between them.  But on the raised double bed mattress of faux leather a man of about my age is writhing as he watches the television screens mounted on the wall opposite.  I go into the room.  He’s used the gym here—nicely pumped up.  His legs are in the air; his very average cock is rock hard as he strokes it.  I walk in.  He looks at me slightly sheepishly.  I bend and replace his hand with my mouth.  He likes this.  I don’t spend long on his shaft, I work down to his nuts.  Then lower.  I want to taste that firm, worked out ass.  I pull back to get a good look at it before I dive in. 

A diamond is winking at me in his asshole.  It catches the light from the TV screen and glitters up at me.

I am caught by surprise—I am not quite prepared for faux gems in situ. 

I lick around it.  It is soon revealed that it is embedded in the base of a black butt plug.   I work the plug out and into his hole a few times.  He stops me.  He doesn’t want to shoot yet. 

I circle the building again.  Even the few open doors are now shut. 

Sauna.  Relax.  Wait.

I go back to the man in the play area.  He’s there, with a much bigger black toy sticking out of his ass.  When he sees me, he flips over onto all fours.  I work the toy into him—hoping I will soon replace it with my cock. 

But I make him shoot into the towel he’s been lying on. 

“You were good,” he tells me as he collects his things and toddles off to the showers.

I relax and stroke to the porn.  (It’s good and it’s bare—Raw Fuck Club, I think.)

Then in he walks.  The boy I am pretty sure is going to be mine for the night.

He has an average build with quite a lot of unruly dark hair on his head.  He is likely 15 years younger than I am.  There is an occasional tattoo on the shoulder, on the hip, and a tramp stamp.  He’s naked but for his towel and a harness.

“Hello, Sir…”

I pat the mattress next to me and take my hand away from my cock.

He jumps up on the mattress and gives me some really skilled head.  I relax.  This is it.

I pull the boy around so I can eat his ass.

Whoa.  He’s totally unprepared to be rimmed, much less fucked.  I send him to the shower.

He comes back all apologies.  “I wasn’t expecting anyone here tonight who’d fuck me.” 

I tell him I understand, but neither of us wants to chance a dirty fuck .  I can at least lick his ass now, and do. 

I make him suck another man of about my age as I rim him.  The older guy asks if he can fuck the boy.  We explain the lack of prep. 

Next a ripped, young Black stud arrives.  He wants to fuck him, too.  He gets some head as I continue to rim the boy.  The stud considers fucking him anyway, but then decides not to.

An older Black man arrives.  “You letting guys fuck your boy?”

I make the boy tell him about lack of prep. 

This is four dicks he could have had seed him tonight.

This time the boy and I take turns on the older Black man’s cock.  I end up with a mouth full of cum.  I reverse felch it into the boy.  This makes him shoot all over the mattress.

He thanks me for being understanding and takes off.

I stroke.

A very large man arrives.  I let him go down on me.  A cute, short Hispanic man stands in the shadows and strokes as he watches us.  My sucker is fine.  Until I catch a whiff of his breath. 

It’s bad enough to make me go wash my cock.  One more unprepared man; I mean, a simple mint…

The Hispanic has followed me into the bathroom.

“My room?” he asks.

I nod and follow.

There is no other talk.

He sits on his bed.  My cock is in his small mouth.  This is not going to work—he’s scraping me.

I make him stand up and suck him.  He turns around and presents me with his ass.  I get up and get him on all fours.  I tongue his hole for a moment, but there is so little room in this cramped space.  I push in. 

Instantly I know he’s not prepared either.  But it’s too late.

I fuck.

I will myself to shoot.

I am almost there.

The Hispanic’s ass contracts as he unloads on his rumpled sheet.

It’s enough to milk my cock into loading him.

Oh, where is a boy scout when you need one?


  1. Unfortunately, I know all too well what you mean about bad breath... And in group play, I don't want to state the obvious to the entire room, so I usually try to bury his head into a pillow or the wall while I fuck so I don't catch a whiff. Ha!

    1. I have buried more than one head in a pillow for just that reason. Is that pastrami sandwich SO important before you head to the motel sex party?