Friday, April 24, 2015

CLAW Day One: Tight

Cleveland—April, 2015

I open the door to my room at the Hampton Inn, the overflow hotel at CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend).  It’s huge.  It’s a suite.  I had forgotten.  It was the only room to be had as I’d had to make my reservations rather late. There is a sitting room that can easily take the sling and rimseat and keep the bedroom for sleep.  Or not.

Today I’m on my own.  By Friday night I will have Roger with me—the fisting top who gave me his hole for his first fist.  I unpack the car—two suitcases (one of leather, the other filled with the rimseat and toys), the sling bag, the poles, the tea maker.  Leather men don’t travel light.

I went off to the main hotel to register before they close for the night.  It's just own the road from mine.. 

“What color lanyard, Sir, for you badge?”

I looked down at the table where they were bunched in groups—mostly black, a few green, a few blue, a few red…

“It better be yellow.”

The cashier grinned and fastened the deep yellow lanyard to the name badge.

It’s always a slow start on Thursday night, but I like to be there from the beginning.  I didn’t have the room set up yet, so I spent no time online looking for a bottom.  I had clicked on the BBRT party section.  Three men were looking for loads.  I chose the one where two partners were both available.  I found the elevator and went up.  The room number was tucked into a back corner—but they had thoughtfully put a sign out in the main hall:  Cum Dump and with an arrow pointing to where to turn.

It’s tight.  There is just enough room at the end of the bed to fuck him.  They have set up a sling, but the beautiful young ass is on the corner on the bed, on all fours, with a hood covering his head to make it totally anonymous.  His older partner sits at the desk.  He nods to me and tells me to go ahead.  Another man I recognize is there too.  He has stripped down to as jock.  I just take off my leather jacket and tuck it under a chair that is wedged between the wall and the bed.  I open my jeans and kneel, sticking my tongue into the proffered hole.

“Has he taken any loads?” the other man asks.

“A few,” the partner answers. 

If he has, they are deep in his gut.  I can’t taste them.  The other man thoughtfully spreads the Boy’s ass cheeks apart so my tongue can go deeper.  The Boy grunts into the bed clothes.  My cock erects.  I stand up.  The Boy is maybe 30, likely Hispanic, with a deep bronz skin tone.  His bubble butt is full and inviting.  The picture I had seen of his front showed beautiful abs.

I slap my cock against his hole.  The Boy grunts.

“Put it in,” says my helper.

I do.

He’s tight.

The Boy gasps.

“Fuck him hard,” hisses the helper.

I fuck, my hips making slapping sounds on the full butt.

The partner never even looks at me.

The door opens.  A 30-something Cub in a hoodie comes in.  He opens his fly and strokes as he watches me fuck.  I make way for him by pulling out and sitting on the wedged in place chair.  The Cub bends to taste the hole.  He must like what I’ve done in there, for he kneels and rims him a long time.  Eventually he sticks his rather average cock in the boy’s ass.

We share him—back and forth.

“Can we use the sling?”  the Cub asks.

The partner nods, and finally pays attention to what we are doing to his boy, and not look for more cock.  I let the Cub use him first.  The change in position does it for the Cub.  He fills the Boy with seed.

I let the helper clean the dick of the Cub.   The helper and I share a moment of mutual felching, our two tongues taking turns on poking into the cummy ass.

I fuck in the newly seeded hole.

With it now frothing, it inspires the helper’s erection.  He takes a turn on the Boy in the sling as I stroke.

“I’m available,” the partner tells me, “if you want.”

“I came for the both of you,” I tell him.  We fuck noisily on the bed as the other two use the sling.

When it’s my turn again in the Boy, the helper whispers to me that the Boy loved hearing his partner used.

A Black man of about 30 comes in.  “I saw the sign and had to see,” he says as he sticks his cock in the spermed hole.  He adds more in no time.

A hot daddy has arrived.  The helper is fluffing him to readiness.

We change back to the bed.  On all fours, the cum oozes out of his ass.  I bend, catching it on my tongue before it hits the bedspread.  I know I’m ready.  I stick my cock in, making sure that the Daddy who’s being fellated sees it all.

I cream a nice four day load into him.

“Come felch some of this,” I tell the helper.

He does—and takes a mouthful of our mixed seed to the Boy’s mouth. 

The Daddy steps up and sinks his cock into the remains of my cum…

And I go home to bed.


  1. Hmm... My cock twitched at the mention of a hoodie cub.

    1. I know you have a...I was going to type "soft spot" for a cub...but I think it's more like a rock hard club for cubs...

  2. Awesome. I remember the days! Good story and good site. Dick

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I love to share my stories--and it is a great way for me to remember the men I meet...