Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"He Loves Men Who Swallow"

Near Home—February, 2015

It was one of those nights where everyone I touched shot a load.  I even accidentally got a bottom off in my mouth just as I was about to turn him around and fuck him.  I had 5 loads down my gullet in less than 70 minutes of play. 

{Oh—a woman is involved in what follows.  Skip this entry if that puts you off.}

I am swigging my bottled water, sitting against the wall in the straight theatre at the Adult Bookstore.  I’m alone now.  The last man who shot in my mouth has zipped up and left.  I stroke rather lazily to the porn.  Suddenly the door bangs open.  And again.  A stream of five men come through the door and sit down.  It can only mean a straight couple has arrived.

And in they walk.  The man is in his late 40’s or early fifties with a handsome, chiseled face.  He is short and big boned.  His neck is thick.  His arm is around his wife/girlfriend who has been brave enough to let her hair start to grey around the edges.  It’s cut short and boyish.  She is big busted–dressed in a tight blouse, her coat already off.  You can tell she knows she has something for the men in the way she walks—leading with her chest.  The moment they sit, he motions to her to take off the blouse.  The flesh strains against the black brassiere that is revealed.  It stays on.  The husband—I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the flash of a wedding band now—stands up and unzips.  I can’t see his cock but I can hear her give him noisy head.  He is kneading her breasts.  She mewls in pleasure around his cock.

All the men are now openly jerking.  They stay in their seats.  They don’t crowd the couple.  That’s a change.  They are waiting for an invite just like they should.

The husband turns to us.  His fat, wet dick is sticking out of his beige corduroys.  It glistens in the light of the big television screen.  “She’ll blow any of you.  Who wants some head?”  He looks right at me, but the man to my right gets up and takes a decent sized cock over to her.  During his speech she has freed her breasts from the brassiere.  The new man has free access to work them as she sucks his cock.

The Husband crosses to me.  “She’d love that big dick of yours.  You want it sucked?”

I shrug.  To the amazement of the room, the Husband falls to his knees and starts sucking me.  Across the way, the woman moves the guy in front of her slightly to the side so she can see her husband at work on my big dick.  And he’s good.  I like his style of sucking.  A lot. 

“You have to let her try this dick, guy.  Come on.”  He stands up and waves me over to his wife.  I get up, my cock swaying, as I cross the room.

“Ooh, that is a big one,” she says as it approaches, totally ignoring the man she was fellating before.  “Did my man get it all wet for me?”

I let her guide it into her mouth as the man she was sucking kneels and rubs her crotch through the folds of her slacks.  She is doing her best on my dick, but after her husband’s silky tongue, her smaller mouth is all teeth.  But I’m the center of attention so I put up with it.

The Husband is across the room with another guy.  The man he approaches declines any head, but he lets the Husband feel his erection.  The Husband all but hauls him up and over by his hard cock.  I am replaced.  I knead her ample breast as the new dick is sucked and the Husband goes back down on me.  He is good.  And I love the scene—all the men jerking off to us, my dick being passed around.  I am thinking I may give the husband a load.

The first man finds the button on the woman’s waist band and tries to undo it.  Bam.  She’s done.  “We have to go.”  She stands up. 

The Husband stands, confused, not seeing what has happened.  “I really want to cum,” he all but whispers to her. 

But I hear it.  I sink to my knees.  My mouth finds his fat cock head.  I take him all the way down in an easy gulp.  He grunts.

And spews.

“Argh!” he grunts out.

“Take his load, honey,” his wife says with real delight.  “He loves men who swallow.”

The Husband is so deep in my throat I can’t taste his load.  I finally do (bitter) as he starts pulling out, the moment it’s too tender.  I hold his balls tight and make him stand still so I can milk every drop.

He thanks me.

She thanks me.

They take off.

The room empties.

All but the first man in her mouth, the one who tried to open her pants.

We look at each other. 

I shrug.  He smiles wryly.

We take turns on each other’s cocks—until both sets of balls are significantly lighter.

Seven loads.  

It might be a personal best.

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