Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Agony and the Ecstasy

In the Middle of Nowhere—February, 2015

I came home from St. Louis totally sated.  I didn’t need any fun until the next weekend.

I looked at the flashing on the screen—a message had arrived on the vanilla hook up site. I clicked it open.  It was from an elderly man who occasionally hires me as a companion.   I hoped he might want something; I could use the cash right now.  But not exactly.

“I have a group of guys coming over.  They would love your big dick.”

I’m a sucker for a group of guys.  I said yes.  He gave me details and I drove north into the country, nowhere near anything.

I find his house easily.  Three cars are in the drive—a good sign.  I go around to the front door of the farmhouse and knock.   I am shouted in.  I open the door and step in out of the cold, wintry twilight.  Inside are four men in various states of undress.  The host sits in his recliner, the farthest away from the door.  His flannel shirt is open.  His pants are on.

On the couch by the door sits a hot young man in his mid 30’s naked but for a shirt.   It’s a dress shirt and he has rolled the sleeves ever so carefully halfway up his thick arms.   He is introduced as being bi—a man who likes men to suck his big cock.  And it is big—every inch as long as mine and thicker. He nods to me and keeps on stroking.  A young man in his 20’s is also on the couch.  He is totally naked and was obviously getting head as I walked in.  He has a tiny, but very hard cock and a body that is rather soft and covered in tats—including a very prominent bio-hazard tat on one pec.  The man who was fellating him is on the floor, cross-legged in front of the young man and now looking up at me.  He is a guy about my age, rather thin and quite hairy.  He returns to sucking after our quick introduction.

I strip down.  The Big Dicked Guy watches as the youngest guy leans over and sucks me to hardness.   BDG strokes.  Eventually the host asks to suck him.  He stands up and goes to his host.  I watch the face of BDG.  A grimace.  The usual toothy blow job from the host.

This young guy is fun.  The guy on the floor is now licking my balls while the young man continues to suck my cock.  BDG sits back down, his cock half the size of when he got up.  I go get sucked by the host.  He’s actually a little better with me.  But there is just enough tooth action to make me have to think about hotter things.

The older guy is fucking the 20 something.  Raw.  The young one is on his back, his ass hanging off the couch.  It’s a crazy convoluted position as the couch is not the right height.  I pull out of the host’s mouth and try helping BDG get back to full erection.  I succeed when I lick his balls.

The fuck is over, and the older guy gives the host a suck of his cock.  I move over to the young man.  I slide in.  I can’t fuck with any authority at all.  But my partner is loving it and BDG can’t take his eyes off my big cock sliding into raw ass.

A sixth arrives—someone I know from the bookstore.  He never removes his clothes at all.

I pull out of the young ass. 

I have gone too deep.  I find my way to the bathroom to wash.

When I return, I find I have missed the cum shot.

Somehow, the young one has gotten off and the other older guy, who brought him it seems, is jerking off like crazy.  Once he shoots on the chest of the young man, we all suddenly have things to do, errands to run and people to see.  We are dressed and out the door in no time.

I am still swollen and want release.

I drive to the bookstore…

Near Home---February, 2015

It’s a sparse Friday night.  I have managed one blow job in the back corner of the straight theatre.  I can still taste his acrid cum in the back of my throat as go and I sit in the gay theatre. 

Alone.  No one.

And the porn is only adequate. 

Then the whole frustrating evening changes.  The door opens.  In walks a stranger.  Not a regular.  He looks at me.  I look at him, barely slowing the stroking of my cock.  I guess his age at hovering near 35.  Great shape—you can see the pecs under the heavy sweatshirt.  His jeans show off a plump butt, not much basket.  He’s blond with it cut short and tight. 

I hold his gaze.  There is the tiniest smile, before he moves to the chair next to mine, unzipping his pants as he walks.  He sits, pulls out a slightly above average cock and strokes it.  He doesn’t watch the screen, he watches me. 

I stroke.

I stand.

I kneel in front of him and take him easily to the root.

“Damn,” he says. 

I suck.

I stand and feed him my cock.

When I know he can take it, I face fuck him, holding onto his ears.

I know I’m doing something right.  His cock is pinker than ever.

I pull out.

“Please,” he grunts out, “let me sit on it.”

I sit back in my chair, my legs spread.  He stands in front of me.  I see the hairy ass descend.  He lines everything up perfectly.  I glide into the very core of his being.  All hot, wet and sticky.

He bounces.

After all the oddities of the night, I am not going to last long.

He pumps my cock and milks it.

I shoot.

A good five shot orgasm. 

I am gasping a little.

He just stays still, on my cock, but jerking his own.

I reach around and play with his balls.  My fingers stray down and play with his cummy hole.  My softening cock slips out.  My fingers catch all of my cum.  The blond tilts a little in my lap.  My fingers work my load back into him. 

He reaches down.  I put a third finger in him.  He presses my hand in.  I glide in to the wrist.  I’m a fisting him with my own cum as lube.

He is breathing fast. 

I inch into him slightly. 

With my hand still in his guts, he shoots all over the stained linoleum…


I leave for CLAW tomorrow.  As always, I will be reporting each day, writing up within 24 hours about my stay in Cleveland:   the men in the three leather hotels and the two huge play parties in a dungeon space.

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