Monday, October 19, 2015

A Bookstore Full of Show-Offs

Near Home—August, 2015

There was one last foray into the bookstore in August.  I had a good time, but what I remember most from that night was this rather Felliniesque moment…

I am in the straight theatre.  It is business as usual for a weekend—well, for a weekend where women accompany their men.  In a far corner, there is a hetro couple showing off.   They are just looking for guys to watch and jerk as the man and woman go back and forth performing oral sex on each other.  And they have quite an audience of active strokers, as they are very attractive. 

One of the jackers is the good looking bi man I have written about before.  (Early in the summer we had had mutual oral sex--all while he told me about his girlfriend.  I got him off by fingering his wet hole as he told me how much his girlfriend would love my dick—the dick he was sucking between stories.)  He keeps eyeing the door, where I am standing.  At first I think he’s eyeing me.  I would be surprised if he were eyeing the older Dad type on the couch—balding with a big gut.  Or the anything but passable drag queen or cross dresser on the other end of the couch.  He is in go-go boots and a print dress from the Carnaby Street era.  He keeps brushing his wig, a cheap synthetic blond pageboy bob, off the thick stubble on his cheeks where it sticks if he moves his head even a fraction of an inch.

The door opens.  A pretty young woman comes in.  She glances around the room and sits between the two men on the couch.  She just fits between them.  The Dad is very aware of her.  He takes his dick out from his pants and strokes it, making a point of looking at the screen and not at her.  I decide the other man is a cross dresser, not a drag queen as his longer dick emerges from his now bunched up dress.  The woman pays them no attention at first.  Then she whispers to the Dad.  He turns.  He’s allowed to fondle her rather small breasts, which are in some sort of tube top—that soon is around her midriff.  She turns to the CD.  He’s allowed to touch them too.  Soon he tries his mouth on her left breast.  That seems to be with in her limits.  Dad tongues the other as the men stroke themselves.  The CD leaves a lipstick smear on her nipple.  He tries to finger her, but she stops him.  She goes under her short skirt herself for some hand manipulation.  Dad tries that, too, but she stops him as well—though her hand, shiny with her juices, comes out from under and strokes the Dad’s cock.  He grunts his pleasure as his mouth goes back to her breast.

I glance away towards the other performing couple, idly stroking my own cock.  Though that couple is closer, the Bi Guy is riveted to the action happening within inches of me.  His cock is rampant and looks huge from across the room.

I notice that the woman is aware of his gaze.  She holds it as the Dad and the CD are now openly stroked by her—one in each hand.  Dad comes fast—pulling away from her to shoot on the floor.
Bi Guy signals her.  She stops and goes directly to him.  Of course—she’s the girl friend.  He is getting turned on by watching her feel up the other men.  She instantly bends and takes her boyfriend in her mouth and is soon straddling and noisily fucking herself on his dick.  

Dad has gone.  I offer the CD my dick, but he seems to be truly straight.  He adjusts himself and, rather wobbly in his boots, saunters out of the room.

I wait until the Bi Guy shoots deep into his girl.  I want to eat it out of her—but they are ready to go before I can get across the room to ask.

I move to the other theatre.  I fuck the local man I usually meet here.  We gather a small crowd of gay men. It's our turn to show off.  My fuck bud finally stops me, his ass worn out.  I pull out and he shoots in my mouth.  I suck off three of the onlookers before I feed another my own load.

A good, if odd, night…


  1. Stud. that was SO hot, I am totally boned. THANK YOU!

    1. I'm glad you liked it. I found it hot and odd--pretty much in equal proportions.