Monday, October 26, 2015

In the Shadows of Steamworks--Part II

Toronto—September, 2015 

(Continued from the last post)

And the most exotic man I’ve seen in a long while is suddenly at our side.  He’s from somewhere in South America.  He could easily be in a Kristen Bjorn movie.  Tall, cinnamon colored, with a thick, uncut cock with a wicked curve to it.  He’s ripped and carries his white towel over his shoulder.  He asks, in heavily accented English, if he could fuck this larger man with me.

St. Nick is over joyed.

We go back and forth until our bottom shoots.

The exotic one claps me on the shoulder and asks me back to his room.  His hand trails down my back and he ends up trying to finger my ass.  “Come with me, we’ll just suck each other off…”  And his finger wiggles into my butt…

What kind of signals am I giving off tonight?  This is the fourth guy who wants to fuck me.  Is my ass that cute in chaps?  I think it’s rather flat… 

I move away from his probing and he leads the way to his room.  Did I say he is gorgeous?  Fuck.  Walking just a step behind him is a treat.  He still has the towel thrown over his shoulder and I can’t take my eyes off the black fur of his ass.  He could be anywhere from 27 to 37.  His skin tone is a rich cinnamon brown.  He is hairy below the waist, but there is the merest dusting of black hair on his chest and arms.  Oh, wait, he stops at his door, turns and kisses me and I can’t help but notice the heavy five o’clock shadow on his chiseled facial features.

We go in.  “I am called Rodrigo,” he tells me and throws himself down on the bed.  He pivots round until his handsome face is hanging off the edge of the bed.  “Now fuck my throat with your big white cock.”

I don’t need to be asked twice.  Neither of us have washed, even toweled our dicks off, since fucking the man jointly at the slurp ramp.  And neither of us care.  We like the flavor of ass cum on our cocks.  Rodrigo is jerking his large, curved dick wildly as I fuck into his face.  He can’t quite take me all.  I get about six inches down his throat. 

He finally comes up for air, and I lie down on the bed next to him.  We fall into a sixty-nine position.  I am having the same issue with his big brown dick—I can’t get the last bit into my mouth—the curve makes it just too thick.  I keep pulling back so just the uncircumcised head is in my mouth.  I am all about getting my tongue under the massive amounts of loose skin so I can lap at his shiny, red cock head. 

We are both drooling pre-cum.  I pull off his cock and we kiss.  Tongues fighting for who’s in charge.  One moment I let him have his way with my mouth.  The next I spit into his and he says things I can’t understand—but I’m pretty sure he’s calling me a pig.  And reveling in it.  The spitting certainly makes his cock drool more.  I tongue it off the big head and make him taste it.

As we swap the viscid pre-cum back and forth, his middle finger finds its way back to my ass.  I grunt—and pull away.  Even if I got fucked, there is no way I could take this thick, curved scimitar of a dick.  I try to explain, but he stops me with a kiss and says “If I can’t fuck you, you will please to fuck me.”

Oh, fuck yes.  Please.  I really had come just for oral…

“Let me eat your ass first.”

He is now all about giving himself to me.  He gets on all fours and I get on the floor.  In seconds, my tongue is deep in him and his hairy cheeks are plastered against my face.  The sweat and my saliva all but seal me to his squirming ass.

“You are making me hot.  Your tongue is deep in me.”

I come up for air.  He turns and kisses me again.  Tasting his hole.  Our dicks are faucets now.  I mop them up with my hand and swipe it down his wet ass crack and go back to rimming.

“I want to ride your tongue.” 

Fuck is he reading my mind?  I so want him sitting on my face.  I lie down and he stands, straddling my chest.  Slowly, like a fucking stripper, he lowers his ass to my face.  He grinds the wet crack down on me.  He’s in control—and loving it.  He feeds it to me.  I can hear him jerking.  And babbling.  And then he’s off my face and sliding himself down onto my dick.  Oh, God, I twist my nuts so I don’t shoot as I watch this handsome man impale himself on my cock.  His face contorts—and he stops—but only for a moment.  Then he’s bouncing on my cock and beating his own.

“Oh, fucker, you are destroying my hole.”  But he’s doing it himself.  He is riding me mercilessly.  “I don’t get fucked like this.  Your dick is magic. I love your white cock.  Destroy my hole, you white fucker…”  On and on.

I am loving the color contrast in our skin tones myself.  I am pretty sure I will be seeding him at any moment.  I even feel my cock head grow larger in preperation.

Rodrigo feels it, too.   He pulls himself off me and lands straddling my chest with a sharp “Open your mouth!”  And he shoots.  A rope of cum falls across my cheek, my nose, and my forehead.  Some even lands in my mouth.  Rodrigo waits a moment before he sticks his dick in my mouth to clean.  “Every drop,” he tells me.  When he pulls his cock out, he leans down and licks up all the spunk that missed my mouth.  I hope I know what’s coming.  And it does—a deep kiss as we swallow his load together.

For some reason, my own orgasm has receded.  I say a reluctant goodbye and search for a hole to unload in.

The blindfolded mixed race guy is still in the sling.  I fuck him for a moment but he’s now high—there is no connection at all, he barely knows I’m in the room.

I go to the slurp ramp.  On the fuck bench in the alcove there is a white ass jutting up in the shadows.  I don’t care what he looks like.  I simply ask if he takes loads.

“Hell, yes.”

So I give him one.  A large one, I’m sure.


  1. Hot! Sounds like a great time...and a gorgeous guy. You know I am attracted to the brown skinned uncut types here! ;) We will have to do the bathouse sometime soon and share some ass again.

    1. Thanks! This guy was SO your'd have loved him. We'd have had great fun putting him in the middle of things....

  2. FP- i love this two part story! especially since i await the day as a reader if and when you do btm!!! i love when you get you your ass rimmed! keep gifting us with your erotic adventures of your sexual timeline

    1. I am glad you liked it... Now, more history about FP, than you likely wanted to hear...

      As to my ever bottoming...well, I have but not for years and years. When I first came out, I was sure I wanted to get fucked. I told this to the first man to share my bed. He took one look at my hard cock, told me I was crazy and promptly sat on my dick. I was more than happy to be "on top."

      Actually, with the hap-hazard clean out practices in the Midwest in the late 1970’s, I learned I wasn't crazy about fucking, but I knew I was a good cock sucker. I was fine with that.

      The fifth man I slept with became my partner for 30 years. Of course, we tried everything. He hated getting fucked--and, while I liked the idea of it--I hated the reality of it. I did fuck men when my partner and I had three-ways. I grew to love it. And it was my partner who encouraged me to find men who truly wanted the size I had to offer. So I did…