Monday, October 12, 2015

Round and Round the Rimseat

West Michigan—August, 2015

We were all more than ready to meet again.   Derrick, the tall bear who had emerged from my past, and his cute Cub of a partner, Jacob, had invited me back to their playroom.   It felt slightly like carrying coals to Newcastle, but I packed my rimseat, as it was the one thing they didn’t have in their well-stocked playspace…

We are all in our leathers.   Jacob is in chaps and codpiece.  They perfectly frame his hairy butt.  He is kneeling in front of Derrick, who sits on the sofa, his leather cod piece pushed to one side.  Jacob has Derrick’s cock deep in his mouth as I enter the room from where I have put on my chaps and harness.  I move right behind him.  He raises his butt slightly, so I can just manage to hunker down and work my tongue into his hairy hole.  He grunts and works with even more energy on swallowing his boyfriend deep into his throat.  My tongue makes his hole very wet.  I maneuver around, so my cock head grazes the sopping hole.  Jacob groans louder around the cock in his mouth. 

He pushes back against me, but Derrick has other ideas.  He pulls Jacob’s hips toward him, and then down, so with just a slight grunt, Jacob is sitting on Derrick’s cock.   That’s fine by me.  I crawl forward and start licking the base of Derrick’s cock as it fucks up into his Cub.  Now they both groan.  My tongue catches the juices seeping from Jacob’s well fucked mancunt.

“Let’s use his rimseat,” Derrick announces.  I get under it gladly.  Jacob takes the seat.  I immediately begin licking out his fucked hole. 

“So deep…” Jacob murmurs.   

My cock goes from hard to rigid.  This makes Derrick kneel between my legs and start lapping at it.  He can only get about half of it down his throat.  Soon, he stands up, and feeds his own dick to Jacob.  Jacob squirms on my tongue, now with both holes filled.  He grinds down on my face.

“Your hole wet, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then go sit on his big dick.”

Derrick steps back to let Jacob get up.  I watch the cute Cub begin to lower himself on my wet cock.  But my view is blacked out by Derrick taking a seat.  My tongue seeks out his equally hairy hole.  It’s my turn to grunt as Jacob bottoms out on my dick.  He clenches his muscles, sending an involuntary spasm through my entire body.  I let him ride and I work on getting Derrick’s hole wet.

I hope I know what will happen next.  And it does. 

“I’m going to ride his cock,” Derrick tells his boy.  “Sit back on the seat and let him clean your ass.”

They change.  My mouth is filled with Jacob’s ass lube and my own precum.  I suck and swallow as much as I can.  Derrick is taking his time on my dick.  When I feel my full length in him, I tongue Jacob even harder.  Derrick lets out a deep breath and begins a slow fuck of himself.  He feels totally different than his boy.  It’s slow, rhythmic, and not nearly as wet a fuck.  I let him be in charge.  He fucks himself, until his legs can’t take it anymore.  Than he gets up and feeds his dick to the Cub on the seat.

“Let me take your place.” 

Suddenly, I can see light again.  Jacob and Derrick are kissing as I get out from under.  I join briefly the battle of tongues, but Derrick is eager to get in place.  He tells me to sit on his face.  I do.  I watch Jacob ride his boyfriend’s dick as I squirm with the tonguing I’m getting from Derrick.  He loves eating hole every bit as much as I do. 

Soon we change up.  Jacob’s freshly fucked hole on Derrick’s face.   I’m down between Derrick’s legs, sucking the ass juice off his cock.  When I’m done, I stand up, spit on my dick and make Jacob taste all of us on my cock.

We rotate again.

And again—the two tops just as eager to use our mouths as our dicks.

Finally, it’s sling time.

Jacob is so turned on from the rimseat action, that the moment I start a hard driving fuck into his hole, he shoots.   Big.  All over his hairy chest and his hairier pubes.  Derrick scoops up the cum and spreads it on my cock.  He takes Jacob’s place in the sling and I slip into his ass with the best lube in the world.

We fuck hard. 

He shoots.

I lick at his cum frothed hole—and get my cock back inside him just in time for my own explosion.


  1. Hot post, man. Love your "the best lube in the world." comment. Nothing better than sliding into a hole and feeling someone else's load in there.

    1. There is nothing better...agreed. And in this case, Derrick smearing his Cub's load on my cock to put it in his ass, racheted it up another notch of hotness...