Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tyler Loosens His Limits

My Playroom—August, 2015

I have written about him before—in the entry I called ‘Blindfolded’—where we had a threeway with a muscle guy we both know.  I like him.  He’s a little older than I, but in good shape and neither of us look our real age.  He approached me about a one on one.  “I want to add more kink to my play.  I know you think I’m nothing but a vanilla softy.  But remember, I rim.”

I reminded him that I thought rimming was a basic skill.  But he signed off Adam4Adam before I could get out of him what kinks made him curious.

And I didn’t hear until he arrived at the playroom.  “I really want to try some watersports.”

I sighed and told him I would drink up, but that I really would have preferred to have been hydrating for a full hour before he got here.

We played on the fuck bench.  We fucked in the sling.  And I had nothing in my bladder for him—certainly nothing as clear as I would like it for a first time.

“May I rim you?” Tyler asked.

“Of course.  Where?”

“The sling to start.”

I got up into it.  “Okay.  I know you love eating my hole.  So here’s a tiny kink to add.  I like the taste of my hole, too.  Make sure you kiss me.  And you can lick my pits—and kiss me after you them wet.”
I watched the light bulb go off over his head, as he knelt.  Baby steps…

I look up into the mirror over the sling.  I watch Tyler kissing my ass cheeks, slowly getting nearer and nearer my hole.  He knows to tease me—so close but no tongue on it yet.  Then he does something that surprises me—he spits on my hole and pushes it in.  Well, well—someone has been paying attention the rimming I gave him….

And up he comes, his damp face finds mine.  We kiss.  Deep and long.  I can barely taste myself, but it’s there.

He returns to his knees.  He’s the most excited I’ve ever seen him down there.  I watch him in the mirror.  He goes deep and I grunt my appreciation.  He brings his tongue up to my mouth.  Now there’s the taste that turns me on—my sweaty-from-a hard-fuck-ass-crack.  And again he surprises me.  He spits in my mouth.  That taste of me again. And my cock drools.  He notices the precum on his way back down, swabs it up with his tongue and sticks it in my hole. 

Fuck, he is a damn fine pupil.

He is really turned on now.  His tongue is working my hole.  My balls.  My hole.  My ass cheeks.  And then he’s back to my mouth.

I raise my arms and hold on to the chains over my head.  He knows what I want—and I can see the indecision on his face.  But he moves to the side of the sling and licks at my arm pit.

“Oh!” he mumbles into the hairiness there.  He likes the taste of the fresh sweat.  He goes from tentative to rabid pit licker.  He rears up and feeds me the acrid taste on his tongue. 

Finer than poppers.  Both our heads are spinning.  He leans across me and does the left arm, too.  And my mouth again.  And back to the right—he can’t get enough.  My under arms are now sopping with his saliva and my own secretions.

Another barrier crossed.

He sinks back to his knees and won’t stop eating my ass until I tell him he has me so turned on I have to have his ass.

So we fuck.  But the Magnum keeps me from cumming.

We use the rimseat…me under first.  But he replaces me.  He whimpers at how deep his tongue sticks into my hole…

We go back to fucking in the sling.

And this time, I fuck the cum out of him.


“Oh, wow…”  Tyler’s head is still spinning.  “I loved that.  Not just the fucking—you always do that.  The other.  My mouth.  Your mouth.  I mean…”  He stops in confusion.  “That was so simple.  And so hot.”

I lean down and kiss him in agreement.


  1. It's always good to find an awesome teacher.

    1. I like to think that's something I do pretty matter the age of the pupil....