Sunday, October 4, 2015

Power Failure

Near Home—August, 2105

It was the Saturday, the night after the house party with no real bottoms.  I’d gone home on Friday without getting off.  I was more than ready for good sex on Saturday night. 

There was not a nibble to be had online.  Off I went to the bookstore…pretty sure I’d find at least one guy to fuck and unload in…

And here he is.  He’s just walked into the straight theatre where, up to this minute, I’ve been the only occupant.  Young, blond and thin.  He sits in the back row and can’t take his eyes off me.  He kneads the mini mound in his jeans.  I make a show of stroking my cock.  You can feel the tension between us.  I am sure he’s about to get up and kneel in front of me.

The door opens and a man of about my age walks in.  He looks at the young one, unzips and pulls out his cock.  He stands in front of the kid, hands on hips, silently demanding a blow job.  And the kid leans to his right to see me around the man, then leans forward and takes the new guy’s dick into his mouth.

I sigh.   But I’m willing to wait my turn.  And for all I know, I might get an ass full of cum to fuck in. 

The daddy is now face fucking the kid.  I decide to join them.  I am thinking he’ll welcome two dicks.   The moment I stand up, the movie sputters and dies and the lights go out.  An emergency light comes on over the door, throwing an eerie light over the three of us.  The daddy stops face fucking for a moment.  We can hear the female clerk in the store telling others to go outside until the lights come back on.  Daddy puts his dick back in the college kid’s mouth in an effort to hurry up and cum.  The clerk is now knocking on our door, telling us we need to leave.  The daddy zips up, grabs the kid by the arm and takes him out of the room.  I take longer to do up my pants.  When I make it to the parking lot, I’m just in time to see them drive away together.

I wait around for a little.  Our whole block is out.  No line crew in sight.

Thirty minutes later, I’m across town in the bookstore I usually only use if I’m meeting someone and need a public space.  I rarely find foot traffic coming in here.  It also has two theatres—straight and gay.  There is also a third room that contains three booths with no doors--one showing straight, one showing gay and one showing trans porn. 

No one is in either theatre, but I find guys in the booth area.  On a couch outside the door of the gay booth sits a man I recognize—a daddy I have often traded blow jobs with at the other place.  He is watching a rather scruffy man jerking to the porn.

I walk past them and peer in the empty trans booth.  They make no effort to cover up.  I take my dick out and stroke, watching the trans porn for a moment.  As soon as I’m hard it is in the daddy’s mouth.  He stops jacking to give all his attention to me.  He swallows as much of me as he can, and does some fancy things with his tongue.

He stops.  “Suck me, guy, like you always do.”

I kneel.  He’s drooling pre-cum like crazy.  I swallow his smaller cock easily.  The sound brings the scruffy guy out of the booth.  I make sure he sees me take all the cock in front of me. 

“Suck him, too.”  The daddy pulls me off himself and pushes my head toward the scruffy guy’s crotch.  Scruffy pulls back his hand and shoves a thick uncut beauty into my mouth.  I have to really work to cover my teeth.   Daddy slides off the couch and takes me into his mouth.

And then the traffic starts.  

A hot Black Daddy saunters by, watches and leaves.

A Business type stops for a moment.  His face wrinkles into a sneer at the cocksuckers littering up the hallway.

And a Biker, tats and all, unzips his worn denims and strokes to what we are doing.

I take the Scruffy Guy’s load.  He shoots noisily—loud enough for the Dad to stop sucking me and watch the other man shudder and shake as I swallow it down.

The next thing I know, I have been moved by the Dad into the Gay booth.  I am on my knees.  And the doorway is blocked by the Black guy, the Dad and the Business Suit.  The Biker is behind them, still stroking.  I am sucking the Dad.  The Black guy beats his big cock on the nape of my neck.  I turn to take him into my mouth, but he pulls up and away.  I do connect with his balls.  I lick them—hairy and smelly from a day in tight underwear.

My head is pulled away.  The Business guy has decided a mouth is a mouth.  The sneer is off his face.  It’s blind lust now.  He wants his dick sucked.  This minute.  I hesitate, but the Dad pushes me down on him.  This makes the Biker push past the Black guy, so he’s in the booth with me.  I suck the Business guy with every trick I know.   I am buried into his bush, my nose smashed into his open fly.

The Biker pulls me off.  He is only semi-hard, but he gets it in my mouth.  I suck him.  But he never gets fully up.  He soon pulls out of my mouth and strokes himself relentlessly as I go back to the Dad.
Bingo.  Load number two.  Thick and ropy.  I slurp noisily.  I am only afraid, the Businessman won’t put his dick into a mouth that has cum in it.

Yeah, right.  He all but shoves his cock into me and I start swallowing load number three. 

“Take it.   Swallow me all down.”  He holds me in place, thinking I’ll pull off and spit it out.
This is too much for the Black guy.  He shoots across my shaved head. 

When the Businessman lets me go, I make a show of wiping my head and licking my fingers…but my only audience is the Biker.  The others have turned away to pull themselves together.

The Biker sits down in front of the gay porn.  I stand up, thinking I know what he needs.  He’s a cocksucker not trade.  I offer him my swollen dick.

“I…I don’t do that,” he mumbles.  “But cum on my dick.”

I stroke lightly.  In moments, I shoot out geysers of cum, coating his semi-hard cock.  As the first spurt hits, it stiffens.  By the time the last spurt hits, he’s cumming himself, onto his hairy belly.


The clerk smiles at me as I leave.

“Thanks,” he tells me.  “I got permission to stay open later with all of you here from that power failure.  I wish they’d have one more often.”

I smile at him and have to agree.


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    1. My pleasure. It was a hot night---and NOTHING like what I went searching for....