Sunday, October 25, 2015

In the Shadows of Steamworks

Toronto—September, 2015

I awoke feeling amazingly refreshed for sleeping in a bathhouse.  I did nap in my car for an hour or two—then went off to find breakfast and an internet connection.  And it was a good thing I did.  Kevin had a family emergency.  I knew that it had to be serious for him to cancel.  I thought about just heading out of town—and then I decided “Fuck it.  It’s Saturday.  I’m going to Steamworks anyway.”

There are three public play areas at this Steamworks:  A slurp ramp and a fuck bench in the area towards the front of the complex; a public sling (and two fuck benches that are too cramped to really use) in the middle of the dressing room area and glory holes and booths at the back.  That night, I made use of them all…

I am in my leather:  chaps, dirty jock, boots and harness.  I am fresh meat and turning heads as I walk the corridors.  I want to ease into things.  I go to the gloryhole area.  I don’t go into any of the booths, but sit on a bench that is just inside the whole curtained off passageway.   I have two cocks thrust in my direction the moment I sit down.  One is downright tiny.  The other is big. The contrast of going from one to the other is hot.  No one is eager to get off, so they eventually take off…the man with the big dick, pulling me up off the bench and fingering my ass crack—asking if I want to get fucked.

I decline.

I get my dick out of the pouch as I work my way down the dark corridor in front of the booths.  It brushes the thigh of a man I pass.  He grabs it, sizes it up and is on his knees.  The first head of a night to be filled with countless mouths exploring my cock—and he’s great—wet and clingy and knows how to cover his teeth.  When he takes me deep, he contracts his throat in a way that squeezes most of my length.  He stands up and asks if I get fucked.

I say no.

Still in the GH area, I eat the ass of a shaved head daddy.  I’m sure I can taste a load or two in him.  He asks if I fuck.  I tell him yes and he gives me his room number.  I never see him again—nor does he ever answer his door.

I suck one more cock—and get another proposition to bend over for him. Really?

I am so ready to fuck.  I head to the public sling.  A beautifully sculpted young Latino is in it.  And no one is even touching him.  I set my water bottle down and kneel between his upraised legs.  He’s all but hairless—naturally—save for his pubes and ass crack.  I lean in.  My tongue connects with his hole.  He jolts the sling chains.  They rattle.  He groans in the back of his throat.  And says just what I want to hear:  “Daddy, fuck me raw.”  I stand up when his hole is good and wet.  My cock, drooling, rests on his balls.  I bounce it there once, then begin the slow process of getting it up his hot hole.  It takes time, but he’s as determined as I am.  When my pubes are smashed against his ass, he takes a deep breath and flowers open.

I fuck him.  Long and slow.  The moment I begin, a crowd begins to form.  There are hands all over his worked out chest, his hips, my ass, my balls.  I pick up the tempo.  The chains rattle.  Cocks are now slapping on his chest.  One is in his hand.  He jerks a load out of it—cum shooting across those gym built pecs.  I smear some up with my left hand and re-lube my cock.  This makes a couple of twinks gasp—and work their own dicks harder.

I only stop fucking when the Latino, breathless, asks for a break.


I mount the steps to the slurp ramp.  It seems like there are more men here than anywhere.  There are three or four men on the top platform getting their dicks serviced.  I find an empty hole between two gym rats and stick my cock through the hole.  It takes a moment, but then I get a series of mouths on it—some good, some adequate.  I notice the young man getting his dick sucked next to me is also getting his ass fingered by a man standing behind us.  Soon it is his dick, not his finger, in the young man.  The young guy forgets about his dick, and grinds his cute young butt back on the guy fucking him.

I pull out of the mouth sucking me—the first one who is a little toothy.  The boy getting fucked sees my dick.  He grabs it and strokes it—as the man behind him grunts and shoots up the ass he’s been fucking.  The boy pulls off him, and turns his butt towards me.  I am instantly on my knees and licking up the semen dripping from his hole.

“Fuck, that’s hot!” says the man who just shot.

It is.  It’s a truly fabulous butt, dripping a huge load.  I lick it clean and stick my cock in his cum lined ass.  I fuck him hard.  You can hear my churning of the cum throughout the room.  I fuck the bent over boy until he gasps and shoots a load all over the floor.  I pull out and clean up all the cum I’ve pulled out of his butt with my fucking—and his own cum off his dick.

The first guy up his ass is still here—still watching—still hard.  “You are such a pig,” he tells me.
I nod, taking a long swig from my water bottle.


I fuck a hot Asian on the fuck bench near the slurp ramp.  He insists on a condom—and I’m fine with that so I can get my big dick in his petite butt.

I go to the sling.  A mixed race guy is in it—blindfolded.  He is taking all cock.  I wait my turn.  I’m the only one to rim before I fuck him.  Cum and ass juice cover my tongue.  I fuck him—trading off with several other men.  No one shoots.  The blindfolded man finally calls for a break.

I go back to the slurp ramp.  I consider washing my cock, but bet someone will like the ass juice on it.  I find him.  A big bear of man—with a St Nicholas beard.  He cleans my cock with abandon.  He looks up at me and says “You’ve been busy.”

I nod.  He goes back to sucking me.

Soon he climbs up the steps and joins me.  “Would you fuck me, too?” 

I nod and bend him over the railing.  I eat out his butt.  Loaded?  I can’t quite tell…

I fuck him.

And the most exotic man I’ve seen in a long while is suddenly at our side.  He’s from somewhere in South America.  He could easily be in a Kristen Bjorn movie.  Tall, maybe 30, cinnamon colored, with a thick, uncut cock with a wicked curve to it.  He’s ripped and carries his white towel over his shoulder.  He asks, in heavily accented English, if he could fuck the same ass with me.

St. Nick is over joyed.

We go back and forth until our bottom shoots.

The exotic one claps me on the shoulder and asks me back to his room.  His hand trails down my back and he ends up trying to finger my ass.  “Come with me, we’ll just suck each other off…”  And his finger wiggles into my butt…

(to be continued…)


  1. No! You can't stop there! You fucker... ;-)

    1. At least I got to the last part of it tonight...